FOX News: A "Real Trucker's" Opinion About Tesla Semi.

FOX News: A "Real Trucker's" Opinion About Tesla Semi.

Fair and balanced?!? Is this stuff scripted? The reporter should at least attempt to hide her disdain for Tesla. I think this guy is an actor not a trucker.

Have a look and let me know what you think: | November 19, 2017

Mathew the truck driver and Fox. What a surprise revelation. Dopes.

jaroslawbednarz | November 19, 2017


RedShift | November 19, 2017

Trump supporters I am sure eat this sort of shit up gleefully.

500 miles of range is nothing? Do you not sleep, asshole? (Legally they are require to) You don’t ‘trust’ Musk? Who do you trust again?

Al1 | November 19, 2017

As long as Fox news and Mathew are driven by their anti environment agenda they will have their judgment ability impaired.

You tell them about the risk of jack knife and million miles guarantee and they answer they don't trust environmental agenda.

You tell them a truck has to stop after every 500 miles by law and they answer diesel truck can go 1500 miles on a single charge.

You tell them the truck will get refilled in 30 minutes while being loaded / unloaded and they answer it only takes 10 minutes to fill it with diesel.

You tell them the mega chargers will be off the grid installations run on electricity from the sun and they answer congress can't even repeal Obamacare let alone modernising the grid to handle extra load from electric trucks.

You tell them the cost per mile will be 20% less comparing to diesel and in convoi will be less the rail and they answer capitalism is beautiful and needs protection (???) and it is all about diesel trucks. (???)

Long story short you can't win the argument with these guys. But you can drive them out of business, because contrary to what he thinks and claims capitalism is all about driving inefficiency and obsolescence out of business. This is not about diesel trucks.

bish | November 19, 2017

That looked liked one of the spoofs from The Onion.

lilbean | November 19, 2017

This guy can't be a real truck driver. What truck driver wouldn't want to have a truck like a race car that passes all other trucks on the road and get to their destinations much faster? Who wouldn't want a truck that doesn't jackknife? This guy is a fake!

RedShift | November 19, 2017


Possible he is fake, although, it wouldn’t be hard to find an anti electric truck driver. I am sure Fox vetted him, got the one they thought would fit with ‘their general message’, and got on to the Jon which they efficiently do Day in and day out.

Even something as good as this gets “faint praise” in liberal outlets. For example, BBC. ‘Yeah they revealed their truck, and a really fast roadster, but will they do luxurious interiors? Will they be able to being out the Model 3?’ Etc.

And, then this. Overtly opposed, and pushing mostly fact free opinions.

You can complain. They will hide behind the ‘it’s that guy’s OPINION’ shit.

Al1 | November 19, 2017

And that's very bad. Because it is Fox news which invited this fake, then aired his fake comments and then thanked for those fake comments and said they he was always welcome to make more of those.

Tropopause | November 19, 2017

I hope Fox News invite him back after the industry has converted to electric semi trucks. I'd love to hear his opinion then!

carlk | November 19, 2017

Truck driving is called outdoor sweat shop by many. This guy is welcomed to continue do that to support the capitalist system he loves so much.

SamO | November 19, 2017

Fox = Onion

Mike83 | November 19, 2017

Anyone with an ounce of sense wouldn't waste a second on these fossil fuel sponsored rags. Entertainment is something to avoid in news. Follow the Money.

Should_I | November 19, 2017

What you people don't get is that YOU ARE JUST AS UNREASONABLE as he is, just in support of the other side.

4 months ago I had an Australian built "American" V8 sedan 6.2l engine that on my commute got 17.6mpg on 91octane fuel. I love the P85 that replaced it. Just about all my friends, family, coworkers thought it was a poor choice, no idea where the infrastructure is, no idea what the reliability is etc. By being REASONABLE and having conversations with people I have enlightened a lot of folks about how much infrastructure exists even here in northeast Wisconsin, how easy it is to charge. Practical points like instant heat and being HONEST about compromises, things like range reduction in cold temps.

Making the jump to electric is a big leap of faith when we are so accustomed to ICE, it is intimidating and the attitude YOU take wont convince anyone, quite the contrary all YOU are doing to proving how unreasonable you are and in doing so convince them your support for Tesla is not reasonable or rational.

Also if we are honest as with EVERY vehicle rated mileage is not the same as what the vast majority of us see. If terrain, headwinds, traffic, whatever causes a big reduction in rated vs. actual range, fuel stations are everywhere. We are decades out from Megachargers being common and this causes perfectly reasonable concern for drivers. Only infrastructure expansion will solve that concern.
The point Elon was making about things like holding highway speed on a 5% grade are the points that need to be made to change minds.

Today the "charge while loading/unloading" is a pipe dream, hopefully we see companies begin planning, but this is going to be substantial likely underground infrastructure nobody has. This is a LOT of current required, more than is likely available in existing buildings and even if it is, not at the warehouse portion, and cables and such that need to be protected from backing up trucks meaning underground or overhead.

On the 1500mile range of diesels thing an OTR trucker might drive 400miles then stop for a nap just about anywhere instead of having to find a fuel station and connect for 30minutes. Charging will require adjustment of schedules, not earth shattering adjustments but it will be a hassle to get used to and will not be as easy as stopping as a fuel station every few days for 1500miles of fuel. IMO though once we get some in use and the performance and economics start proving themselves minds will be changed.

Now as you type your hate filled name calling reply just realize you are proving my point.

RedShift | November 19, 2017


Sure, play the ‘victim’. It’s our ATTITUDE people. Hear that? It’s ok to put fake fucking news as opinion, but you dare not show your ATTITUDE’ towards these humble, fake folks. We have to hug them as they push fake opinions. We have to send them flowers. May be then they will be kind enough to adapt cleaner, better technology.

Thanks should_i, for your invaluable opinion.

RedShift | November 19, 2017


As for name calling, keep ignoring the 2-3 posters who name call the MOST, probably in every post. Hypocrisy is a word unknown to you, probably.

SamO | November 19, 2017


When people are wrong, the only outlet is to complain that the people who are right are "being mean."

DOT rules be damned. If a high school dropout 60-year old mouth breather can't drive 18 straight hours on bennies and diet coke, then there's something wrong in the world.

RedShift | November 19, 2017

I understand mega chargers aren’t everywhere, just like superchargers weren’t, just 4 yeas ago. So? They could have mentioned how superchargers scaled so quickly? Should_i, could have said it’s not ‘decades’ to get to megachargers everywhere, probably more like 6-8 years. Even then, I give you that it wouldn’t be ‘everywhere’ but that’s like complaining there weren’t as many gas stations as grass lands for the horse buggies.

There is no admittance of a strong negative bias. No outrage as they keep pushing fake things like ‘I’d like to go 1500 miles without filling up’ (that’s as blatant as any decent human being will recognize).

Instead attitude is blamed instead.

Little wonder we have a leader like Trump, dutifully elected by these humble, unquestioning tribal people.

lilbean | November 19, 2017

I just think the Tesla Semi isn't for all truckers. Like the reveal mentioned, 80% of truck routes are under the miles that the range provides. A lot of truckers in SoCal drive like jerks. It will be interesting to see what happens when they are behind the wheel of a semi that goes fast. Will they try run me off the road more or less?

carlk | November 19, 2017

You'll be fine if you're in a Tesla. Those in slower BMW or Merc need to watch out though. ;)

RedShift | November 19, 2017


80% is great. For a start!

Yeah, I worry about that part too - a fully loaded semi tearing up the highway. And picking up small rocks much more than others, because of the faster acceleration, not to mention worrying lilbean in her X.

Al1 | November 19, 2017

No Tesla Semi's are not for everybody. Nor Tesla has capacity to build it for everyone at once.

SO | November 19, 2017

Well... at least there are nine times more downvotes than upvotes.

lilbean | November 19, 2017

@RedShift, I agree! 80% is great. Now if Tesla could just build a gravel hauler, I would be so happy! :-D

Tesla2018 | November 19, 2017

I think it would be easier to get the pope to do a same sex wedding than to convince a trucker to switch to electric.

RedShift | November 19, 2017


lilbean | November 19, 2017

I must have left you speechless, @RedShift! :)

SCCRENDO | November 19, 2017

Typical of Fauxnews. While this guy may be an experienced trucker his IQ is below that of an orangutan and his opinion carries the same value. That Elon has developed a semi that moves away from fossil fuels is the crux of the benefit. He doesn’t trust Tesla because it is a no name brand in the trucking industry rather than having any understanding of Tesla. I guess if you force an orangutan to eat apples rather than bananas you might get the same response. Tesla is not supported by the government although does benefit from tax breaks etc. But so does the fossil fuel industry. He does not believe there will be a charginging infrastructure because he hasn’t bothered to see the progression of the Tesla charging network. While it is good to listen to all arguments I have lost patience with listening to opinions from those with underdeveloped frontal lobes.

wipster | November 19, 2017

It's going to be the corporate truckers like Walmart, Amazon (this may be the catalyst), FedEx, UPS, et al that will adopt this en masse before you see any independent truckers make the investment. I can easily see them installing Megachargers at their locations and perhaps even working with Tesla to install them at truck stops or their largest direct customers.

One question I have yet to see answered is whether Tesla will be building the trailer (s) as well. It would be very advantageous to use regenerative braking on the trailer, not to mention safer, plus perhaps installing a solar roof on top... lot of flat area on top!

SCCRENDO | November 19, 2017

They are using regenerative braking on the cab. Elon discussed it. Did not mention anything about the trailer.

wipster | November 19, 2017

When I saw that convoy of Tesla Semis, it reminded me of the highway scene from "Logan" where they were passed by the driverless trucks... I also thought of Tesla when I watched the movie. Deja vu all over again!

wipster | November 19, 2017

When I saw that convoy of Tesla Semis, it reminded me of the highway scene from "Logan" where they were passed by the driverless trucks... I also thought of Tesla when I watched the movie. Deja vu all over again!

psusi | November 19, 2017

I am very curious as to how Elon claimed to eliminate the risk of jackknife. Especially with all of the breaking located in the rig instead of the trailer.

NKYTA | November 19, 2017

@psusi, smart software, not dum diesel.

Al1 | November 19, 2017


I am not an engineer, but EM was explaining this due to the fact the semi having four electric motors.

Captain_Zap | November 19, 2017

I can't wait to see a Tesla BAMF gas truck.

funkpit | November 20, 2017

I'm pretty skeptical of the Tesla semi, but that was complete propaganda bs.

psusi | November 20, 2017

@NKYTA, so Pure Fscking Magic?

Tropopause | November 20, 2017

Trolls are popping up like weeds.

nyc124b | November 20, 2017

They don't like the electric truck because it won't make that awful engine brake noise!

lilbean | November 20, 2017

Oh, the dreaded downshifting! I despise those trucks.

RedShift | November 20, 2017

Well, you will miss the ability to cut in in front of them though. A Tesla semi driver could speed up as quickly as you, making you long for the slow diesels.

Tesla-David | November 20, 2017

Those of us who are long time MS/MX owners, know the best way to inform/change a skeptic is to give them a ride or let them drive a Tesla. I have no doubt that once truck drivers experience the acceleration/regenerative braking, etc. of the Tesla Semi, they will be converted. Watching truckers coming down steep grades worrying about whether their brakes will hold compared to just backing off on the accelerator and letting the regenerative braking slow them down, coupled with the ability to go up a 5 percent grade at 60 mph will have a positive impact IMHO.

Madatgascar | November 20, 2017

Once big distributors and government agencies (like port authorities) figure out they can advertise net zero carbon impact in their distribution systems (perhaps passing small cost premiums along to customers and taxpayers), there will be competitive pressure on truckers to get with the new program or be locked out of some potential business.

That, coupled with sports car acceleration, better uphill performance, and a spaceship cab, should get most red blooded American truckers interested in a Tesla semi.

AstonZagato | November 20, 2017

Wow. That is a shockingly poor standard of journalism. We hear about Fox News in the U.K. but I’ve never watched any of it. That was just a straight hatchet job. No attempt to balance views, challenge opinions, produce counter arguments.

TheCarCat22GAMING | November 20, 2017

If I could punch some of you in the face right about now, I would. That guy IS a real trucker. I'm in a trucking forum, everyone shares his opinion. It's true. The US doesn't have enough power as it is, and Tesla is funded by the government (which I'd assume you Tesla fans in a Tesla forum would know by now). A portion of your taxes go to them. This would be POSSIBLY suitable for local deliveries. No way this could go long haul. Ever. EVER. Boohoo, Amazon and Walmart bought some. They'll buy anything, they're 2 of the richest companies there is! They aren't putting them in long haul fleets, by the way. Now THAT won't happen.

TheCarCat22GAMING | November 20, 2017

Also, 500 miles is NOTHING for a trucker. These guys go 3200 miles a week. 30 minute fueling 6 times a week. 30 x 6 is 180. 3 hours charging a week. So much for "getting there faster"

Also, almost NO trucker will want to be able to go dangerously fast and not only that but up grades? WAY too dangerous. You know that forum I was talking about? Everyone; Even the ones who aren't out of training yet; Have had an experience when they were going too fast.

finman100 | November 20, 2017

Well. that's that, then. oh well. You tried Elon. It's over. Done. Best move on and forget the trucking thing. (sarcasm)

Wow. please enlighten us with more fox "news". Could people be any more stupid? I mean just plain stupid. give me a break.

SCCRENDO | November 20, 2017

Beware guys. This intellectual trucker does not like our opinion so he wants to punch us in the face. There you go big bully. Thanks for your opinion.

Tesla-David | November 20, 2017

This guy has serious anger issues and should just go away as his opinion is worth zilch.

SO | November 20, 2017

@TheCarCat22GAMING - you’re right!!!!!

That’s why Meijer, Walmart and Loblaw (among others) will never buy a Tesla semi. Oh wait.