Free SiriusXM 5/21 - 6/3/2013

Free SiriusXM 5/21 - 6/3/2013

I just got a notice in the mail about SiriusXM's Free Listening Event starting tomorrow. I'm pretty sure this is opened up to every XM radio in existence, although I guess there is a slight chance it is just for radios with past subscriptions. Only 60 channels available, excluding my beloved Broadway channel. I'll try it out just to see how well the satellite antenna works (I've seen complaints), but I'm pretty happy with Slacker for now.

If you like it, you can subscribe, cancel, and you'll probably get a flyer in the mail or by e-mail that offers something like siriusXM at $25 for 6 months, which works out to just over 4 bucks a month (more than 60 channels). They may even offer you this deal WHEN you call in to cancel. Regardless of what you do subscription-wise, make sure you mark on your calendar when to cancel, so that they don't automatically re-up you at the $13/month or whatever they're charging nowadays.

Enjoy (and don't tell'em I sent you)!

GettingOldFast | May 20, 2013

Bump. At least until tomorrow...

sanjosedriver | May 20, 2013

Does anyone know if XM NavTraffic works on the Model S? I love Google Maps, but miss seeing where the accidents are.

akikiki | May 20, 2013

GettingOldFast, Am I reading this right? Your subject says tomorrow 4/21-6/3

Is this thread and announcement a month old already?

Or did you mean 5/21, sir?

GettingOldFast | May 20, 2013

Oops! 5/21 is correct. I've changed the heading. Thanks for catching that.

GettingOldFast | May 20, 2013

Yup! It's working, even though I'm 3 hours away from 5/21 (on the West Coast).

Brian H | May 21, 2013

Anyone checked out Google's new "PLAY" service?

jat | May 21, 2013

@BrianH - I have been using Google Play on my phone (via Bluetooth) the whole time, though only recently using All Access.

Brian H | May 21, 2013

And? How does it complement/compare?

DouglasR | May 21, 2013

@Brian - The All Access service plays on a PC or Android phone, not an iPhone and certainly not an MS.

eddygorsuch | May 21, 2013

Google Play won't play on the Model S browser, for the same reason that you can't play videos in the car. HTML5 and flash are not supported.
Other than that, it's too soon for me for a good comparison - I've only had the car (and slacker) for a week, and All Access is also new. So far, they both seem to have a good selection of my strange music taste, with play maybe playing a little more variety in the radio station.