Free unlimited supercharging gone on P3D

Free unlimited supercharging gone on P3D

I still have FUSC for my MX, But my P3D now says "pay per use supercharging"
I did not ask for nor receive the $5k refund
I have sent an email, but no response so far

Edit: My acct was down for a while
Then my P3D disappeared for a while
Now back on my acct, but still pay per use SC

Edit 4/23 PM:
My acct again shows FUSC for both cars

EVRider | April 23, 2019

When did you order your P3D?

jimglas | April 23, 2019

Upgraded to P3D- 8/18/18
Delivery 10/11/18

GHammer | April 23, 2019

Website glitch, mine says pay per use now but I'm not being charged.

jimglas | April 23, 2019

good to know
back to the past

jimglas | April 25, 2019

FUSC was back last night
Gone again this AM, back to "pay per use SC"

neilhamrin | April 25, 2019

Took awhile for mine to show up as unlimited on line, but it did. They need a little while to catch up was my experience.