Fremont Delivery Center is now a Showroom too?

Fremont Delivery Center is now a Showroom too?

I took delivery on my Black P85+ on Tuesday, took the factory tour. Love this car!

One thing that really upset me when I showed up an hour early to get my car was that there were random people and their children in my car. No Tesla employee around...

I couldn't help myself, and quickly ran over to them and told them this was my car, and please remove yourselves...

I don't like the idea that anyone can walk in for a test ride, or to hear the Tesla pitch, and then walk over to an actual buyers car the day of delivery and scratch up the paint, and get fingerprints all over the vehicle.

tomkist | September 1, 2013

Fremont Showroom is appointment only, but both times when I've been there, there are randoms that stop in. Tesla tries to accommodate the drop-ins, and it's pretty clear that you aren't supposed to go through the glass doors to the car area, but some oblivious people are oblivious.

EESROCK | September 1, 2013

Wow, that would be upsetting. I hope you informed the manager.

Dreamknightmanga | September 1, 2013

Well I know Minnesota is now using their service station as temporary sales shop but they have test cars for people to drive by appt. I could see how some dumb people could help themselves.

cwmenne | September 1, 2013

I just picked up my MS yesterday after some service at the Minneapolis service center and there were some potential buyers there at the time. They are doing some great things to support and expand the Tesla brand at that location. What they do, which I appreciated greatly, is they put a simple piece of paper under the windshield wiper that said "customer owned vehicle, please do not touch". I would NOT be happy if I came to get my car and there were people crawling all over it.