Fremont Factory Tour

Fremont Factory Tour

I'm taking delivery of my Model S later this month at the factory in Fremont. A friend went in April and said it had just opened for tours at that point, and not much was going on. Has anyone been on the tour recently (the past few weeks)? I'm wondering if the tour has gotten more exciting and what I should expect.

CalDreamin | July 9, 2013

I did the factory tour on June 28. I enjoyed it. But, I'm an engineer, so stuff like that floats my boat ;-)

edfinn | July 9, 2013

I got my MS in NJ, but will be visiting Menlo Park soon. Are factory tours available generally (or to MS owners) or just to buyers picking up new cars there?

almostFitToEat | July 9, 2013

I live in Seattle, took delivery late last month and requested a tour (we're headed to the Bay area this month). Tour are "booked" solid and we are currently waitlisted. My advice is to book your tour asap. According to the email we received, tours are M-F at 11am or 3pm.

moorelin | July 9, 2013

Our MS arrived in Houston while we were in the Bay area 3 weeks ago. Tours can be prearranged, which we had done via the service center here, and it was very good. About an hour, and mostly about the stamping and assembly. Robots very cool, and the whole facility is quite impressive. Battery not included.

Tom | July 9, 2013

Tom and Kristi here - we picked up our MS85 on June 27 at the factory. We ended up with the 4:00 tour which involved a lot of employee shift changes so we did not get to see all the robots in action. We still thoroughly enjoyed the tour and getting to see all the aluminum sheets stamped into Tesla parts. To witness the beautiful Model S being built right here in California is truly awe inspiring!! Enjoy every minute of the Tesla experience!

wheatcraft | July 9, 2013

I took the factory tour on March 6 (a Wednesday), when I took delivery of my P85. The factory was in full operation and there was lots going on. I think what your friend saw in April was anomalous. They are churning out over 400 cars a month, so things are pretty busy! The factory shuts down on weekends so weekend tours are not the best.

herkimer | July 9, 2013

wheatcraft: I think you meant to say more than 400 cars per WEEK, at one point, there was reference to a goal of 100 cars per day, in a reported sign at the factory.

fuellss | July 9, 2013

We took the tour a few weeks ago, on Saturday. Absolutely no pics or video allowed or the tour stops and must return to lobby. The Rep said we were lucky that it was a Saturday as the factory was quiet compared to the weekdays when things are loud and full motion. There were 3 Reps walking with our group to answer questions about what we were seeing or anything that may come to mind at the time. Tho it was a skeleton crew, we saw the seats, welding, road tests, water tests, inspections..It great

kidjay | July 9, 2013

We took the factory June 25th after going through all the car pickup stuff. So our tour didn't start till 5:30pm, our appt was at 4:30p. The guy that did the tour ask if we wanted to walk the factory instead of the tram they had. By doing this, we were able to go to section were the tram couldn't go! We saw things that most people could not see and it was just my wife, my son, and myself! We didn't leave Fremont factory till 7:30pm. We spent that much time in the factory learning about the MS and going to almost every station on the ground level with robots in full operation and the factory on full throttle with the second shift of the day. The upstairs is off limit where they have the battery operation and some other secret stuff. By the way, they have monitors within the factory and it show how many MS they have produce that week so far. The week prior to us taking the tour. They pumped out 550 MS. The guy told us that was the most they have every done so far in 1 week!

wheatcraft | July 9, 2013

imherkimer: yes, thank you for the correction - 400+ per week is what I meant!

TeslaLandShark | July 9, 2013

wheatcraft: Sorry, i just flagged your last comment as "inappropriate" by accident. Fat fingered the keyboard. Again, sorry about that!

tobi_ger | July 9, 2013

You can undo that, check the link. :)

Mathew98 | July 9, 2013

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Brian H | July 9, 2013

Yes, there is!

Mathew98 | July 9, 2013

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lpackiaraj | April 8, 2014

We're driving down to San Fransisco next week in our Model S. How did you arrange a tour of the factory? | April 8, 2014

Call ownership. They don't run tours all the time, but if you can fit in with another group and they have room, they usually can accommodate you.

Bighorn | April 8, 2014

Get in touch with Tim McCann to get on the tour list. I asked with about two week's notice and because I didn't know how many guests I would bring, I was told there were no spots. When I asked if there might be a solo spot, I was given one.

siviaimrat | January 29, 2015

Would Tesla be able to accomdate a tour for a business organization at a university, if so who will I need to contact?

Blu Zap | January 29, 2015

Ha ha! Rejuvenating an old thread. You should contact the Tesla HQ in Palo Alto for that kind of event.

You should be able to reach them through their website.

octomeow | January 29, 2015

We did the tour in late December 2014 when we picked up our car from the factory. They must have arranged a special tour just for us as it was 7pm-ish in the evening.

Definitely an interesting tour, especially since I'm into industrial process and robots and what not. Highly recommended!

ml5166 | March 4, 2019

Hello, I would to place a factory tour.

thanks | March 4, 2019

@ml5166 - No one here can do that for you (we are mostly owners - no Tesla employees). See email link above. Also you have to be a Tesla owner.

reed_lewis | March 5, 2019

Actually, the correct email to send to now is Send them the date and times you would like to visit. But you need to be an owner, so send them your VIN number also.