From Fremont to Harris Ranch in a 60kwh, non stop. Anyone?

From Fremont to Harris Ranch in a 60kwh, non stop. Anyone?

If anyone did this, please let me know. Did you drive 'normal' speeds or like a grandma? How many miles left if you did do it?

celtrog | June 24, 2013

No way.....
I did it in an 85 and still stopped in Gilroy to be sure...
Why chance it?

RedShift | June 24, 2013

What's life without a bit of adventure?

keichhor | June 24, 2013

As I live in Fremont as well, I would stop for a quick 10+mins at Gilroy since it directly on route and then there is no need to drive like a grandma.

However I did drive to Gilroy and back at 70-75 miles per hour most of the way in my 60KWH MS and my average watts per hours was only 267. Is that normal or grandma speed?

keichhor | June 24, 2013

BTW, does anyone know if Tesla plans to open the SC in Fremont to the Tesla owners or keep it for employees use only?

celtrog | June 24, 2013

Not sure what you mean......
The SC is open to all Teslas.......
So is the In&Out burger next door

negarholger | June 24, 2013

That's grandma speed...
Try to drive the 152 with grandma speed, the trucks will run you over. I would not chance it because 152 has quite a bit of hills and you may use more energy then you think. And there are no escape points before Harris in case you are running short.
Do you think waiting nowhere for hours for a flatbed truck is excitement...

celtrog | June 24, 2013

Sorry I thought you meant Gilroy

keichhor | June 24, 2013

Oh sorry the Tesla Factory in Fremont has Super Chargers, but they are only available for employees currently.

dignmytesla | June 24, 2013

When are you taking this trip? I am planning a road trip from LA to Sacramento this week in a 60 and plan to stop by the Fremont plant on the way. Also, is there SC or any charging at the Fremont facility.

keichhor | June 24, 2013

If you are going to Sacramento from LA, you should not need to go thru Fremont? The I-5 from Harris Ranch to Folsom should work? Is that too far?

Brian H | June 25, 2013

Like a normal grandma? | June 25, 2013

You should be able to do it with a 60 KW. Here's my numbers from Mountain View (which is similar distance as Fremont to Gilroy). I used AC (about 80 degrees out), and didn't slow at all and was with traffic the entire way.

Mtn View to Gilroy - used 37 rated miles (actual distance 40.5 miles) at 288 Wh/mi.

Gilroy to Harris Ranch - used 121 rated miles (actual distance 111.9 miles), 309 Wh/mi.

So, I'd expect it would take 121+37 = 158 rated miles. If you have a 200 rated miles (max charge), it should get you their with 42 miles to spare. If you get to Gilroy and find you are using a lot more than 37 miles of range, then you might stop and get a quick 10 minute charge.

I've done this trip 3-4 times and stopped at Gilroy each time as I collect data and feel comfortable. At this point, I'll likley skip Gilroy on my next trip, as the range is fine.

RedShift | June 25, 2013


Great info. Will do!

It's not the time savings, it's whether it can be done.

I experienced similar power usage last time when I went to Monterey Bay via Gilroy.

RedShift | June 25, 2013


The chargers at Fremont are for service cars only, and they are busy. You can stop by and see if they are free, I am sure they can allow you to charge, if its a short time charge. There is an outlet by the main door of the service garage.

mbcaffe | June 27, 2013

I did factory pick up in January. they max charged it for me (197 miles rated range), made it to Harris Ranch with 25 miles left. Went from Fremont through Gilroy without stopping. max speed was 65-70 until I got closer to Harris Ranch. I did not note the Wh/mi.If you want to drive 80 mph stop at Gilroy supercharger for coffee

sidney_wang | June 27, 2013

I'm also wondering if I can make the Pleasanton to Harris Ranch trip in my 60. In my case, the direct route is Hwy580 to Hwy5. Has anyone done this route?

RedShift | June 27, 2013


You should have an easy time of it. It's virtually the same distance sans the 152E hills. Keeping at 70 will probably let you do this with 30-40 mile surplus, I would say.