Front camera, IR, radar and 'road awareness system'

Front camera, IR, radar and 'road awareness system'

The tech feasibility of a "smart car" is basically here now, with the development of rolling stock and infrastructure moving less fast. It would seem like a good idea to add components that are 'smart compatible', even if the software isn't there yet... and then get on the software!

I'd love front and rear cameras (both visible and IR) that could be mated with pattern recognition AI software. Let it scan for cops so you can drive.

TS | July 21, 2013

I agree . Some of these features you can vote on or add here :

Cameras with intelligent video analysis combined with radar can solve many safety warning and automation features ..

I think the 2024' Model S will be picking you up from the NightClub so you dont have to stay sober..
Its just a matter of approvals.. If its possible with a Prius, it should be easy add-on in a S.