Front End Shudder is "Normal Operation of the Model X"

Front End Shudder is "Normal Operation of the Model X"

Tdreamer, wish we had your service center (Just had my front half shafts replaced for the second time)!

What started out like a dream, with every concern solved with a smile at our service center (Bellevue, WA), has mostly turned into a series of talking points about "normal operation" which are more or less just excuses for things they can’t or don’t want to fix (flickering map screen, door and panel alignments, poorly fitted trim in multiple places, and worst of all, the front end shudder). It seems that everyone we talk to says the same thing to deflect complaints (do they hear them that frequently?).

Our 100D, with all the add-ons and pre-paid options, is in for its 1st annual service right now, with just over 14,000 miles. In addition to the annual service, I asked them to fix a grinding driver's door window (2nd time this is needed), and address the shudder which now happens, to one degree or another, every time we accelerate. In the early days of ownership this didn't happen at all. After a while we’d notice it when the suspension was raised up. Now, sadly, it just happens all the time.

In the beginning, we took test drive MXs out for 3 separate weekends (3 different cars), over about 6 months while trying to decide whether to purchase this vehicle . . . . . and we never experienced this shudder a single time in those cars. I can't imagine buying it if we had.

When I dropped the car off yesterday, I took a test drive with one of the service reps. Before we even left their parking lot, he started telling us how it was “normal operation" for the shudder to happen to some degree (seriously?).

Later I phoned the service manager and she said some degree of shudder is “within normal operation” for the MX. And today we're told they won't fix it because our shudder is "within the normal operation for the Model X.”

I mentioned to our rep that whenever we take friends out now, they’ll ask WTF is that (!) shudder, and then roll their eyes when I tell them that Tesla says its “normal.” But the service reps no longer seem to care.

So frustrating.

jjgunn | July 11, 2018

They might not get back to you right away.

That is NOT normal operation. I'm hopeful I have the half shafts with the new part number. June 2018 creation.

Tdreamer | July 11, 2018

@interbay, sorry to to hear about your experience with your local service center. As with any business, experiences can vary by location and by employee within location. If everyone at your service center is saying this is normal, then it would seem likely that messaging is being imposed by someone up the chain of command (at the service center, or perhaps regionally). My experience in the Watertown, MA service center has been very different.

In addition to reaching out to the national support team at the e-mail address @jjgunn shared in the previous post, another option would be to go to your account on the Tesla site, select Manage, and then scroll down to Support. There are two subject line options to route requests to support through the website. The one you would want to select is "Escalate this concern for executive review". No guarantees for quick action here (the e-mail route is hit and miss in terms of how quickly they respond too). But in theory it would route your issue to an escalations team and not the general support team.

I hope this helps, and I which Tesla would have a consistent message on this Tesla design flaw and their short and long term plans to keep Model X owners happy.

Silver2K | July 11, 2018

Escalate option goes to the service manager at the shop you took your MX and the regional manager.

inconel | July 11, 2018

Apparently Tesla now has a permanent fix for this issue.

jjgunn | July 11, 2018

I read a thread on TMC. Here's the OLD part numbers for the half-shafts per Tdreamer (via TMC). Assuming it's the same Tdreamer. :-)

HALF SHAFT - FRONT LEFT (1027111-00-B)
JACKSHAFT ASSY, FR (1030632-00-A)

Here's the thread.

avesraggiana | July 11, 2018

This is not very encouraging news. We are about to take delivery of our second Model X100D. We very much hope not to experience such problems with the car, and with our local service centre.

Tdreamer | July 12, 2018

@jjgunn - yup, same Tdreamer. And yes, reports are that Tesla has finally developed a revised set of parts that will be available "soon". I'm not sure I'd bet on them being a permanent fix just yet - I think only time and use in the fleet of real world X's out there will tell for sure. It's the first time we've actually seen written confirmation from Tesla (notes from a service invoice disclosing their existence and future availability). Very promising.

Tdreamer | July 12, 2018

@avesraggiana congrats in advance on Model X 2.0. Hope this one provides all smiles and maintains a safe distance from garage walls unlike the last one. I suspect the new one will most likely still have the old half shafts from the information the other owner shared from Tesla over on TMC. Assuming that's the case, if your new X eventually develops the shudder the new parts should be available and hopefully well field tested by then.

MXDude | February 17, 2019

This has happened to me again. I had the shafts replaced. The noise came back again and I took it to the SC where it didn't happen while the technician tested. However it returned in a week. I am taking it back to the SC again. I don't know if any new part is designed yet based on the recurrence.

dmm1240 | February 19, 2019

Front axle shudder is a common problem. Mine has it. I keep it to a minimum by setting the suspension on low and not punching it coming out of every redlight. It still has plenty of pickup without flooring it.

I did talk with a Tesla service rep about it recently. The problem is the half shafts tend to warp a little due to the angle between the wheels and the axle. I was told they could and would replace mine, but I'd be back in 3 months complaining about it again. What's needed is a real fix. I was also told that Tesla intends to refit the entire MX fleet with the new half shafts as soon as the part is ready.


Momentarily, but that was what I was told six months ago. It'll get here, but it is annoying until it does.