Front Storage Container

Front Storage Container

I apologize if this has been previously discussed, but I amn searching for a container that can sit in the well between the driver and passanger that closes. I would like something in which to keep sunglasses, change and various other items. I'm not sure it needs to have a beverage holder or anything too fancy, just wondering who mayt have also sought out and found a satisfactory solution to the lack of closed stoarage space.

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rlpm | February 9, 2013

Please see this thread:

You can also try to search the public threads of these fora, for example, for "opportunity console".

Schlermie | February 9, 2013

Here are a couple others some folks have used:

There are a variety of others on Amazon as well. The width of the handbag trough near the armrest is 6" and it gradually gets wider as it extends toward the front of the car.

nickjhowe | February 9, 2013

Can't remember which thread it is in, but someone suggested the mini-tote from Michaels. It is in the bottom left picture below. I drilled the rivets out, removed the center part, and the main part fits perfectly under the cubby. I put my sunglasses, change the parking meters, pens, etc. in there. It is virtually invisible under the cubby.

Hills | February 9, 2013

@Nickjhowe: That looks good. Do you have a link for the product? Went on Michaels and can't find it.

patrick.meier | February 9, 2013

Hello Louis,

The best I have seen so far:

Brgds, Patrick

nickjhowe | February 9, 2013

@Hills - was never able to find it online. It was in both Michaels stores I went in.

nickjhowe | February 9, 2013

And it costs about $13.

Hills | February 9, 2013

You are talented, awesome, and value add to the forum. Thank you so much.

nickjhowe | February 9, 2013


nickjhowe | February 10, 2013

Found the details over at TMC. See this post.

Heres the tote:

Laryrob | February 10, 2013

it's nuts that something isnt standard yet!

Hills | February 10, 2013

Go to physical store? What a concept. Just came back from Michaels. Got 2 for $14. It certainly isn't high end material, but that may be a plus so not to attract break-in. Enough room for small stuff, and still leaves the center for my wife's bag when she drives the car. Happy.

Now, how did you drill the rivets out?

nickjhowe | February 10, 2013

@Hills - yes - physical store. How old school. :-)

I have a pillar drill. It was easy to put the tote under it and just drill them out. A hand held drill would probably be just as easy. It leaves holes, but with it tucked away under the cubby you can hardly see the (horrible) paisley interior, let alone the holes. If you wanted to be really neat you could always put some press-studs into the holes.

Hills | February 10, 2013

My, you are equipped too!
I was about to hand drill, then decided just to cut the handle off. Took a marker to blacken the small portion that has cardboard exposed. Now the center has 3 compartments. Shove the caddy under the cubby, all done. Black on Black, no one needs to know it is there. Thanks.

nickjhowe | February 10, 2013

Low tech is often the best and simplest solution!

mpottinger | February 10, 2013

I like the tote solution. It will allow me to quickly grab all of my junk when I want to move to another car for the day.

Brian H | February 11, 2013

CCI = Cheap Console Insert? ;) | June 8, 2014

What about cutting down those light-canvas wine-bottle totes that grocery and wine stores sell for $2 or so? It looks to be about the same size as the Michael's tote. (I don't take delivery for 10 more days, so I'm guessing here.)

I've got a handful of those wine totes, and they aren't black (green, red, etc.). but they have divided compartments that might work fine. Most of mine say "Trader Joes" on them...

Just a thought. I'll give it a try in 10 days myself! :)


akikiki | June 8, 2014

Search Amazon too. Try brand name "Brown Bag".
Comes in different colors.

nhirsch | June 9, 2014

Someone suggested a stroller organizer bag such as the Britax which doesn't have baby markings on it, two cup holders, etc.

nhirsch | June 9, 2014

Harbor Freight has inexpensive black tool bags. I looked at a small one that would work if you cut the handles off.

kawdennis | June 11, 2014

Thanks nickjhowe. I got one today, drilled it as you suggested Love it!

firerock | June 12, 2014

There's another after market center console solution.

RUNS KWH | June 12, 2014

I just took delivery of my S85 on Tuesday. I've been researching much of the forum (and web) for a console solution. My need is that both myself and my partner, on trips (and me commuting) like to have a cup holder for coffee (the existing one, while not perfect works... it's too far back for the arm).

However, we also like to have another cup holder for larger drinks (such as sodas in the slurpy size cups/etc. or for protein drinks (using the magic bullet blender cups). And none of these fit into the current holders. I think I found the solution (and will verify on Saturday when it's delivered). It's inexpensive ($35) and looks much better than all the soft bag options.

Here's the link on ebay:

What's nice about this is that - for the price - it almost looks OEM. It's hard plastic, will fade away with the interior and doesn't look like a missing piece from another car. I'm planning to put velcro on the bottom of it and just place in the center console area, sticking it to the carpet.

bevguy | June 12, 2014

inexpensive leak proof,, fits exactly, dark matte black so nearly invisible, easily removable
Get it at Amazon

High Road TrashStand Leakproof Car Litter Basket - XLarge
by Talus

2050project | June 14, 2014

@New_Yawka - Lower priced CCI 'Basic' version has no phone cubbie, like higher priced ones, but comes with storage box and cup holder if you just want storage: