Front windshield has heat rejection film

Front windshield has heat rejection film

I had my longtime window tinting installer do my Model S today and he mentioned that the front windshield of the S has a film built into it for heat rejection. Some high end cars such as the BMW 5 series, Mercedes S, Maybach, etc. also have this. Nice to know the Model S has it too.

BTW if you haven't had your rear and side windows tinted, I highly recommend it. It really cuts down on the heat in the summer (and no doubt helping range since the AC doesn't have to work as hard), and gives some more privacy to the folks in the back seat.

And if you need a recommendation for an installer who will come to your house or business to do the install in the San Diego or probably Orange County area, let me know. He's done five of my cars going back over ten years and they all turned out perfect.

fluxemag | March 31, 2013

Being from AZ, window tint is a "day 1" necessity. I usually just do 35% all the way around, but I might do 20% in the back 3 windows. I like choosing black interior because it makes the whole cabin darker. I've never done the back windows darker than the front, so I'm a little worried about how it will look, but 20% all the way around is likely to get a ticket. Going to do a strip across the visor as well.

kyleket | March 31, 2013

Not that I don't trust your installer, but can anyone else confirm that the Model S does indeed have the built-in film for heat reduction? I'd planned on doing just what you had - tinting sides and rear, with clear heat shield on front. Black interior for better hiding of dirt, stains, etc. Not so much for keeping cool.

nfsilver | March 31, 2013

Not sure if anyone has posted regarding side mirrors, but from Tesla:
Visible Light – Blocks 27%
UV – Blocks 61%
Infrared – Blocks 77%
Total Solar – Blocks 41%

shop | March 31, 2013

What are those specs for?

nfsilver | March 31, 2013

Hmm. Interesting. Those should have been the side windows.