FSD hardware upgrade

FSD hardware upgrade

I sprung for the FSD package during the recent discount specifically because there was a promise of hardware upgrades. My computer is currently at HW 2.0 and there were upgrades to the cameras (RCCC vs RCCB) and other sensors. This should also enable features like the dashcam that need a hardware bump. Now that Tesla is shipping cars with HW 3.0, can we expect that now is the time for an upgrade?

Chris N | March 27, 2019

I'm in the same boat. I'm about to email customer support and ask them, but it'll be a week before they respond. I have a feeling that they're not even close to prepared for retrofits yet.

Another thing, I just checked my option codes and don't see the one for FSD (which would be APF2). Can anyone else confirm if they're missing or have the code?

reed_lewis | March 27, 2019

You will get nothing useful from support, because they do not know either. The decision has not been made or published. | March 27, 2019

While not totally clear, it appears dashcam and Sentry mode will not appear on HW2.0 cars with the HW3.0 AP upgrade. I'd love to be wrong on this (as I also have HW2.0). The retrofit sounds like it will only include the AP processor unit.

As for when then HW3.0 retrofits will be available, I doubt Tesla will do any for at least 6 months, and possibly a year. It really depends on when software is available to use it. There is also some development efforts to make a retrofit unit (which I expect will be different than those installed in new cars with different wiring harnesses). Tesla does have some financial incentive to do the retrofits, as once it is done to a car, Tesla can account for the FSD sale for that car (it's in a reserve account right now and is not considered a sale yet).

On the plus side, by the time retrofits kits are made, we might be on something like HW3.1 AP hardware as Tesla finds better ways to make it all work.

EVRider | March 27, 2019

Has it been confirmed that Tesla is actually shipping cars with HW3? I'm not talking about the vehicles being tested by employees.

diamonds2 | March 27, 2019

@Chris N:
My car is an MS100D (June 2017)
My option code is APPB (purchase agreement calls it: Enhanced Autopilot (cost $5000)

bishoppeak | March 27, 2019

I doubt we'll see a code, but the invoice for FSD is shown with documents on the account page.

diamonds2 | March 27, 2019

Option codes can be viewed using this tool:

You can find your link with the option codes by logging in to your "My Tesla" page on the Tesla Motors website, right clicking on the image of your car, and selecting "Copy Image Address".

PatientFool | March 28, 2019

@Teslatap what makes you think that dashcam and sentry mode wont be available on an AP2 car with HW3? Just curious.. the sensors? i wouldn't think cameras being a different color would make a material difference. | March 28, 2019

Somewhat reading between the lines of what Tesla and Elon has said. I believe (but don't know 100%) the HW2.0 uses cameras that are monochrome/red only, where HW2.5 uses color cameras. If true, a monochrome dashcam could be created, but it's not great. My guess is Tesla concluded a monochrome dashcam would just create more complaints than it's worth. It's also possible there are other hardware differences, such as how camera data is passed to the MCU in HW2.0 vs HW2.5. We do know HW2.5 processor is not drop in for HW2.0 due to at least one different connector. Let's hope I'm wrong :)

PatientFool | March 28, 2019

i was thinking that if you look at the current dashcam footage that model 3 owners are sharing, they have a yellow tint that isn't super attractive either. it seems to me that grey footage with a red tint (AP2 cameras) is still desirable and useful to those of us with AP2 cars if thats the only concern. my bet/assumption has been that the AP2 cars just can't process the camera footage because they don't have the extra redundant chip that the AP2.5 cars have. Something HW3 would presumably address. anyways one can remain hopeful. someone in Tesla must know what the answer to this is. i'm a little surprised we still haven't seen anything definitive.

Mi75d | March 28, 2019

I asked Tesla earlier this week and was told the following about my HW 2 Model S:

“For the Hardware 3 upgrade for Full Self-Driving, we do not have any official timeline or plans for that upgrade... We do not have any planned retrofits [to upgrade HW 2 cameras to HW 2.5 cameras] for that currently.”

αл∂ӌ | March 28, 2019

I totally agree with @TeslaTap on the fact that reading between the lines of what Elon and Tesla have said does not look like a good picture for us AP2.0 owners, especially regarding features like the dash cam and Sentry mode.

What I find quite odd is that both videos released by Tesla where they featured a Model X driving around the neighborhood highlighting "Autopilot's Full Self-Driving capabilities" (the one that ended with the Model X parking itself on Tesla's HQ on Deer Creek Road and the second one which had the cabin shot as well as the three camera angles) all featured footage from the cameras in black and white, which looked and continue to look perfectly fine for a dash cam video... heck, they even proudly advertised the black and white footage on both videos, so I like to think there must be some minuscule hope for the AP3.0 retrofit hardware to be able to provide the processing power for us AP2.0 owners, in order to be able to get these and upcoming features to our cars.

Here's the link for both videos:

reed_lewis | March 29, 2019

Considering that three cameras can be swapped easily by replacing the front bracket, and the other four should be also easy to fix, I am still hoping that Tesla upgrades my 2.0 cameras along with the computer.

I was chatting with my Owner Advisor who no longer works for Tesla a few weeks ago, and in his experience, the 'take rate' for FSD was quite low. It was something on the order of 3-4% in his experience.

So while the people on this board might be more likely to have taken the FSD option, I do believe that the population as a whole of HW 2.0 cars with the FSD purchased before the 'fire sale' is more than likely in the under 10% range. Now of course this might be completely wrong, but using the data I have that is what I believe.

Remember using the numbers from here, or from any place where an owner can register their Tesla for monitoring of versions and config is not an accurate representation of the population. When you have a self selecting survey, typically those who self select are more enthusiastic about the product than the general population.

marshall | April 30, 2019

Okay, I am confused. I purchased a Model S 75D in March of 2018 with the $5K enhanced autopilot. I understand my hardware is 2.5. To get the full self driving do I have to pay more for this? If so how much? I have called Tesla customer support and I can NOT get a straight answer from the support folks.

Note: When I login to my account, where you manage your vehicle, I see an Auto Pilot upgrade for 5K to purchase "Full Self Driving. Shouldn't that upgrade be discounted to $2K or free for me. I sure hope that I don't have to pay another $5K for Full Self Driving, that does not seem fair since I already purchase the enhanced autopilot option at the time I purchase the vehicle. Can someone from Tesla or on this forum that knows what they are talking about please give me a call or respond back? Thanks for your help.

packpike | April 30, 2019

@marshall - quick answer is $5K for FSD if you buy today (Elon has said that it will go up next month). It was temporarily discounted to $3K then $2K a month or so ago. That ‘sale’ has ended. Will it come back, no one knows.

BCCA | April 30, 2019

Educated guess is price will increase $3K starting tomorrow, May 1.

cloudphytr | April 30, 2019

Nope. Chatted with support this afternoon. They said all North America will see an increase but not until May 10th.
Guess we'll see for sure tomorrow. (I did do a screen shot of the chat, just in case)

EVRider | April 30, 2019

@BCCA: Initially the FSD price increase was reported to be about $3,000, but more recently Elon said about $1,000.

@marshall: Since you have EAP, the only thing FSD gets you today is a guaranteed upgrade to HW3. Eventually FSD will add features that aren’t included in EAP, but that hasn’t happened yet.

RanjitC | April 30, 2019

FSD is 5K today 7K if you activate it later. Totally understandable since you either take a gamble on it now, or, wait to see how it works then buy it at a higher price.

Haggy | May 2, 2019

Tesla had said in the past that it would honor the upgrade price that people were given when they bought the car (i.e. upgrade later for $1000 more than the cost at the time of purchase) and you have to consider that this is an upgrade from EAP to FSD, not from AP to FSD, so make sure to ask Tesla about your particular car.