FSD Traffic Light Question

FSD Traffic Light Question

Purchased S100D new in Sept. 2017. Prepaid for FSD option (and all others!). Last week went to dealer who installed FSD upgrade. Have NVIDIA Tegra processor.
On Autopilot control screen The slider to activate Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control (Beta) is not able to be activated. And, yes , I have strong WiFi reception in the car.
Why can't I move the slider to the on position?
Thanks in Advance for help.! | June 25, 2020

@bhansen34 - I get my HW3 processor tomorrow. My understanding is the car requires an automatic calibration period of 50-100 miles. After that, the slider will be usable and you can activate the feature. Perhaps someone else can confirm.

spineeric | June 25, 2020

I have a November 2016 75D. Ensure you have the latest software version. As my car was being worked on yesterday, I received 3 software update completion notifications. I am currently downloading/installing 2020.24.6.1

You also need the latest navigation maps update. Check that you are on WiFi and there are no updates waiting to download (yellow arrow pointing down) next to the WiFi icon on your screen.

bhansen34 | June 25, 2020

My car has gone several 100 miles and calibration is complete. The slider is inoperable.My software is 2020.20.12 and it says the software is up to date.There are no navigation updates waiting to download (yellow arrow pointing down) Any other suggestions.???

Bighorn | June 25, 2020

The new map data takes a significant amount of time connected to WiFi. Its transfer is not advertised as is a firmware update—it occurs silently. Mine took a day, but others have taken several days for the toggle to become enabled.

spineeric | June 25, 2020

2020.24.6.1 allows you to enable Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control

DRFLGD | June 25, 2020

I have an 8/17 S100D and was able to enable traffic light and stop sign control immediately after getting HW3 using .20. Contact your SC.

EVRider | June 26, 2020

First question: Where are you located? The traffic light feature isn’t available everywhere.

Second question: Which version of the navigation data do you have? It shows that on the Controls > Software screen. Just because the car told you it was up to date doesn’t mean you have the latest version, it just means Tesla hasn’t scheduled your car for he update yet. Same for software updates.

Note that you have to be in Park to enable the feature. | June 26, 2020

@bhansen34 - I will ask the most obvious question: When did you last reboot?

info | June 26, 2020

I have a 75D from 12/2018. My car went crazy when I nearly ran a red light. It works !
No FSD, just enhanced autopilot..

Daisy the Road ... | June 26, 2020

I haven't tried running a red light, but I have yet to see enhanced autopilot pay any attention to lights. Do you see anything in the visualization?

amyjowaltz | June 26, 2020

Is the FSD upgrade REALLY worth the additional cost when I already have enhanced auto pilot? Just not really sure what I am paying the $3000 for? Can anyone clarify this for me?

EVRider | June 26, 2020

@amyjowaltz: Only you can decide if buying FSD is worth it to you, once you know what you're getting.

FSD doesn't give you much added functionality vs. EAP right now, but a lot of the new features will only be available with FSD. If your car has HW2.x, you'll also get an upgrade to HW3. If I were in your position, and I was planning to keep the car for at least a few years, I would buy FSD for $3,000 -- that's a really good price, especially if you get the HW3 upgrade.

amyjowaltz | June 27, 2020

That is very helpful. Thank you!

claytond | June 27, 2020

I had issues after my FSD upgrade. Here were the issues/fixes:

- My maps weren't updated (mine was stuck at NA-180906-xxxx, but anything < 2020 is a problem). You should be prompted to get on Wifi for an update. If it says maps are up-to-date, contact Tesla using chat (to avoid the wait for an SC to call back). They can "push" the update. The SC did it for me on my recent text chain. I wasn't at the car, but it was updated in <1h.
- Update software (on Wifi).
- Mine still was disabled with the latest of both. Google found an article where some folks waited a few hours. Near the end, they suggested Powering Down from the Safety and Security menu. When the car woke up, it worked!

Worth it? My used car had FSD already. HW3 is definitely better than HW2. I found HW2 a late/hard braker. The FSD features are promising but definitely not worth $3k yet. You can go >5 over using TACC (not autosteer) and the stop light/signs feature. You can go up to 5 over using Autosteer without stop lights/signs (what you get with EAP and e.g. HW2). You have to go the speed limit to use both. Where I live, going the speed limit is borderline dangerous so I won't use the combined features (which makes them even less valuable). But as other said, they'll eventually be worth $3k if you keep your car long enough.

bill | June 27, 2020

It took almost a week after I got my AP3 and MCU 2 upgrade for the traffic light slider to work, It took a long time to get the navigation maps because I had to leave my cell phone in the car so it could download over WIFI via the phone. Why Tesla does not do that for you while they are updating the AP computer. They had the car overnight so they could have started the download when they left for the day.

bill | June 27, 2020

The Stop Light feature has one big issue, It stops at every traffic light even if it is green. No so bad when you are driving through the light but when you are stopped behind a car at a red light it almost caused an accident a couple of times because the light changes to green, the car in front starts to drive which causes your car to drive but then it stops when it gets to the light causing the guy behind you to have to jam on his breaks not to hit you. I have had a couple of very irate cars pass me with the finger after a couple of these episodes. The solution is to put your foot on the Electric Pedal (i.e. gas pedal) once the car starts to move. That overrides the stop at the red light. But until you get used to it expect to piss some people off and hopefully not get rear ended.

Who ever the genius at Tesla that though this was a good safety feature until they get the bugs worked out should be fired!

Lets see before the feature the car would not stop for a green light so now lets have it stop for green lights as a safety feature! Seriously!?!?

akikiki | June 28, 2020

Well bill, they all hate us anyway, and for no reason. Looks like this firmware was designed to finally give them reason to hate us.

EVRider | June 28, 2020

The issues with FSD will all be fixed, and should not influence anyone’s decision to upgrade to FSD (or not). You don’t have to use the features you’re not comfortable with.

DRFLGD | June 28, 2020

Bill: I hear you on the traffic light issue. Apparently there’s a change with .24 but I haven’t tried it yet so I’m curious to see if they fixed that or not.

DRFLGD | June 28, 2020

The issue has been fixed with the .24 update.

Ohmster | June 28, 2020

@DRFLGD. So car no longer stops on Green Lights?

DRFLGD | June 28, 2020

Mine did not. And it started moving when the red light turned green, both with a car in front of me and without.

Ohmster | June 28, 2020

@DRFLGD. Sweet. Thanks for the update.

EVRider | June 28, 2020

Car still stops at a green light if there’s no car in front of you.

DRFLGD | June 28, 2020

OK, after trying it again, the car does still stop at green lights and you need to accelerate after it turns from red to green. Not sure what happened earlier but I was sure those didn't occur. But at least the issue bill had is no longer one.

EVRider | June 29, 2020

@DRFLGD: The car in front can be far away, as long as your car can detect it, so maybe there was a car ahead of you the first time but you didn’t notice. | June 29, 2020

The release notes on 24.6.1 state it will go through a green light when following a car. Nothing about going through if there are no cars in front of you. I haven't tried it yet myself.

DRFLGD | June 29, 2020

EV: could have been.

EVRider | June 29, 2020

This Electrek article includes a video of someone trying out the the traffic light feature with 24.6.x, showing the behavior at green lights: