FSD vs Enhanced Autopilot - Tesla Changed My Status

FSD vs Enhanced Autopilot - Tesla Changed My Status

My Model 3 was delivered on March 6, 2019. We paid for Autopilot before the ordering options were changed. FSD was not an option at the time.
On October 3, I saved a PDF of my vehicle details page which showed both "Full Self-Driving Capability" and "Enhanced Autopilot" as options.
Today, it only shows "Enhanced Autopilot".
I recall being told that I would get FSD at or shortly after delivery and the page at one time proved this.

Has anybody else noticed this change? It tells me I will not get FSD or HW3.

To add more confusion, the Tesla App -> Upgrades -> Purchased screen shows "Basic Autopilot" and "Full Self Driving".

I've been looking forward to getting HW3 for the visualizations and eventually FSD. I may stop by our SC to ask. Doubt anything they tell me will matter.

Magic 8 Ball | December 26, 2019

Take a screen shot of the PDF and host it on an imaging site and post a link here.

Sarah R | December 26, 2019

Be sure to redact anything you don't want to disclose to the world.

EVRider | December 26, 2019

Might just be an issue with the web site. If you can get a hold of someone at Tesla they can confirm. As long as you have proof that you purchased FSD, it will get fixed. I had the same issue with my Model S a few months ago.

AstroSteve | December 27, 2019

Sorry for the delay to get this setup. Link to screen images below. Redaction complete.
#1 is from the latest App where all looks good and swell. Probably safe to say I'm good for FSD. Yeah.
#2 is from 2019-10-03 when I checked and there it was proof I'm getting FSD.
#3 is from 2019-12-26 when I checked and had a panic attack. Truth is, this is what I was invoiced for. FSD was not an option at the time. Owners with this got FSD. I think. I was told. I expect.

Mostly, I want the HW3 upgrade for the joy of seeing traffic cones and stop signs I suupose.


vmulla | December 27, 2019

Your original page info was incorrect and was corrected. No reason to expect something you did not pay for.

derotam | December 27, 2019

But what did your MVPA that your signed say?

rdavis | December 27, 2019

I'm with you Vmulla... I don't understand what the OP is gripping about... they payed for EAP and got EAP, but somehow think that they should have FSD because of a system error ?

OP, did you pay for FSD upgrade? If not, they you don't get it. You should feel good that you get the chance to have EAP as that is not an option anymore for current cars. You still have the option of upgrading to FSD if you want 3.0 hardware and the new graphics.... just come off the cash and it's all yours.

yudansha™ | December 27, 2019

Can you tell me why people are covering their VINs? Isn't it displayed on every car's windshield?

EVRider | December 27, 2019

@tanya: The VIN is on your windshield, but that doesn't mean everyone on the internet has access to it. No need to publicize your VIN.

yudansha™ | December 27, 2019

Your name gives a lot more information, yet he left it unmasked.

AstroSteve | December 28, 2019

Look at the first image, a screen shot from my Tesla App. It shows: Upgrades --> Purchased and shows Full Self Driving. Also shows basic Autopilot for some reason. So, I think my EAP order was upgraded to FSD as the price for the two was the same $5000, only the order process changed as I awaited physical delivery. This issue and confusion is over the inconsistencies in representation by different software.

Until I have it and see it, I can't imagine having enough confidence in FSD to use it off the highway anyway. First time I tried Navigate on Autopilot it scared me on taking an exit. Lane changes to change roadways was sane enough. Phantom braking has improved over time as have directed lane changes.

I'll ask someone at the Service Center about it next time I'm nearby. Always fun seeing the responses here. Sadly, Fish didn't pop up.

My user name is from my email. I haven't changed it. I don't need to hide it. Hiding the VIN seemed like a good idea at the time for some reason as Sarah R suggested. | December 28, 2019

I have the same issue. Support told me that it’s their integration between customer portal and backend that has issues after the upgrade to allow purchase of boost upgrade. They are aware of the issues and expected fix coming early next year

pavanforest | December 28, 2019

I’m on same boat, when I brought my car in Dec 2018 brought all options available at that time, except performance package, they called FSD as Enhanced Autopilot at that point and now they split it and selling it in separate. They even said that Autopilot gonna cost 7k if I buy it later.

rehutton777 | December 28, 2019

@kutoroff: Unfortunately, the screens you posted don't prove that you purchased FSD (or even EAP). As suggested above, there can easily be errors in information in these screen details subject to subsequent change. You need to look at your sales agreement (Motor Vehicle Purchase Agreement) which will list all of the options which you purchased and how much you paid for them. If that document lists FSD as having been purchased, then you have it and Tesla will make good on it. If it is not listed, then you did not pay for FSD.

crmedved | December 29, 2019

There is a special period where FSD was given away "for free" and it is not reflected in the MVPA. Tesla did this after a 6% price cut across all M3s to prevent people from cancelling their orders / refusing delivery and making new ones for the discount. They'd rather give AP/FSD than give people 6% off (the cost of AP/FSD was comparable to 6%). If I recall correctly it was for orders placed before march 2019, but delivered after march.

Now back to the OP. I was granted FSD the same way... it still shows in my account. You may have better luck calling/chatting with Tesla than stopping by a service center. I chatted with them (live chat) several months ago and they opened an internal ticket to make the front-end show my FSD status correctly.

stingray.don | December 29, 2019

pavanforest | December 28, 2019
I’m on same boat, when I brought my car in Dec 2018 brought all options available at that time, except performance package, they called FSD as Enhanced Autopilot at that point and now they split it and selling it in separate. They even said that Autopilot gonna cost 7k
FSD will just have additional functionality that was never part of EAP. Also the current cost to upgrade from EAP to FSD is $4k. $7k is the current cost for FSD without credit for having EAP.

AstroSteve | December 29, 2019

Thanks for the affirming replies. Nice to know others are having similar experiences.
I may just call Tesla support to see how they respond.

anthony.carter | December 29, 2019

I had a similar but more nefarious thing happen to me. I was given the opportunity to purchase an ex-shop model over waiting for delivery of mine, it had Enhanced autopilot, was white on white etc. etc. I have the car description showing my VIN and all the options on the car.

When the change from EAP to only Autopilot/FSD occurred in the middle of my purchase, they delivered the car with only Autopilot. I questioned this both during and prior to delivery and was assured that I would be getting what was shown or a free upgrade to FSD over the air. It never happened.

Two weeks after getting delivery, Tesla corporate denied the free FSD upgrade (not that I wanted it free, but now I was also stuck paying $7k rather than doing it during the sales cycle). So now I have over-paid for a Model 3 compared to the sticker price and have received fewer features than what was shown on the sticker. Essentially, everyone in the sales cycle lied to me, and I have it all in writing.

In the end, my Tesla experience has mixed feelings: The car is great, I love it. The company is a dis-honorable.

guydude | December 29, 2019

To be clear. "Full Self Driving Capability" is NOT the same as ' Full Self Driving'. It means you did NOT pay for FSD but your car is capable (hardware ready) of activating the FSD features with an OTA update once you pay for it. You can do this through the upgrades section on your Tesla phone app.

guydude | December 29, 2019

Please ignore my previous comment. Looks like I am incorrect.

derotam | December 29, 2019

"they called FSD as Enhanced Autopilot at that point and now they split it and selling it in separate."

This is incorrect. FSD was never called Enhanced Autopilot. Also EAP never as some people say "turned into FSD" Tesla just got rid of EAP and and features specific to EAP either had to go up or down so they went up into the FSD option.

AstroSteve | December 29, 2019

Anthony.Carter - Between ordering/paying and delivery of my M3, the price was lowered and the whole EAP/FSD confusion started. I think because I bought in this donut hole time and that I paid $5000 for Enhanced Autopilot, I was upgraded to FSD as it shows on my App Update Purchased screen,That is why I stopped feeling bummed by the purchase experience. So, I basically overpaid too, as did anyone in the donut hole.

I was at a Winter Driving Boot Camp this morning at our Service Center and talked to a Tesla SC person. He indicates I should be getting HW3, but that S/X owners are first in line. Maybe by the end of the next quarter. Sure hope so.

I'd love to replace our other ICE car with a Model Y. But I'm gonna see how this plays out before I commit. So many other EVs in the pipe line.


calvin940 | December 29, 2019

You have to pay extra for FSD. You don't simply get it by purchasing EAP (when it was available) and there was never a free FSD option.

You didn't buy it so you don't own it.

joe | December 29, 2019

I took delivery in April 2018. Pretty sure EAP and FSD we’re both available distinct options at that time. I bought EAP a week after taking delivery, and FSD during the brief 2k fire sale they offered.

Frank99 | December 29, 2019

I took delivery of my Model 3 in May 2018. EAP and FSD were definitely distinct options at that time; I paid for EAP but not FSD. Like joe, I took advantage of the $2k sale on FSD after I took delivery. My car now shows "Basic AP" and "FSD" as its upgrades.