The future of truck stops/rest areas is in CT

The future of truck stops/rest areas is in CT

For those that travel a lot are very familiar with the mega truck stop chains like Flying Js, TA, etc. There is another truck stop chain called Pride and it was just recently discovered that they are building a truck stop/rest area here in CT just outside of Hartford, right off RT 91. Here is the Tesla connection. Unbeknownst to anyone except Tesla obviously, they have installed 12 superchargers at this yet to be opened truck stop. This was not on Tesla's map of future charging sites.

The reason I say it is the future of rest areas is because the truck stop covers all "fuels" for road going transportation. Several gas pumps, several diesel pumps for the truckers, a hydrogen filling station and again, 12 Tesla chargers. I have not personally seen the site (thought I do live 15 minutes away) but I have seen pictures. So, I can only imagine that there will also be chargers for other EVs.

This is a very smart move on the part of Pride. I and others have been saying for a long time that it would be a smart competitive move to covering all types of "fuel".

With this newly discovered site, this makes CT have a very dense population of superchargers. 15 mins. west of Hartford is an 8 stall site, in downtown Hartford are 6 "urban chargers", 15 minutes east of Hartford there is a 16 stall site in Manchester. Now just 1 mile north of where RT 84 and RT 91 intersect, we have this 12 stall site.

Word has it that the Hadley MA site is also at a Pride property, so perhaps Tesla worked out an agreement with them.

Anyways, just thought I would put the word out for those traveling through CT, especially on RT 91.

roger | February 11, 2019

Interesting thoughts. I am sure we will see more of this going forward, also adding a new form of charging units for Tesla trucks. They have been seen charging at regular Superchargers and using several connections, I suppose we will see a variation that trucks only will use.

jordanrichard | February 11, 2019

I am sure Tesla has plans to add a semi charger to locations like this, but it will be a long time before that happens. Tesla said during the earnings call that the first batch of semis they built will be for their own use, to haul cars. So, in other words, it's going to take a couple of year before we see any Tesla semis rolling down our highways here on the eats coast.

jerrykham | February 11, 2019

Yes, this makes sense. For a few years now (opened 2016) there has been a place called Allied Fuels in Napa, CA (name on the sign says "Allied Clean Fuels Plaza" that has all different types of things to power vehicles. There is a Tesla Supercharger which opened with 8 stalls but has expanded to 12, there is a Chevron gas station, a ChargePoint setup, hydrogen fueling, LPG, and propane. All in the same complex. They seem to do a good business there too.

TranzNDance | February 11, 2019

One of the benefits of a Supercharger stop is getting outside to breathe fresh air. Being in close proximity to gas/diesel pumps and large trucks would ruin that. It's better to have Supercharger stops than not, but I don't think there should be conscious effort to put the disparate types of "fueling" near each other.

Bighorn | February 11, 2019

This is what they've done in Texas. Sheetz and WaWa are thinking the same thing, though not catering as much to long haul truckers.

jordanrichard | February 11, 2019

Here is the real fun part of this, there is a line of dealerships, VW/Jag/Caddy/Maserati nearby. So as those respective customers are looking say a VW, will see Tesla's going by all the time.

dougk71 | February 11, 2019

Gas stations and truck stops make little money of selling the fuel. Big oil has that revenue stream. They often make most money on the snacks. It could be that independent stations could be profitable exclusively offering electric charging. The charging takes longer so they have more time with the customer and if there was some small profit in the charging and EV ownership grows from 2% of cars to 10% of cars independent stations may drop gas entirely leaving big oil with their gas station chains to a declining market. Tesla had to take the lead but ICE car makers don't invest in refueling their cars so in the long run Tesla could divest to independent EV stations.
( I know VW invests in EV charging but that was court mandated).

Silver2K | February 11, 2019

Kingston NY superchargers are located in a large chain gas station. I have kicked out trucks that like to park across all the stations while they get breakfast in the morning. I've had customers pumping gas usually cheer me on. :)

Silver2K | February 11, 2019


Pilot truck stops are good locations also

kerryglittle | February 11, 2019

Electricity and gas fumes. I can hear the media now. There was a giant fireball at a truck stop last night and Tesla is to blame. :-/

jordanrichard | February 11, 2019

Kerryglittle, thrown in some hydrogen and then you will have a real news story.........

Dougk71, that is why this is a very smart move on Pride’s part and something others should follow. As time goes by, as the number of ICE cars goes down, the number of EV’s goes up and rest areas like this one win out. They will make more money off of us than they will of gas customers. There is a greater possibility of us going inside to buy something than that of someone buying gas.

kerryglittle | February 11, 2019

thrown in some hydrogen and then you will have a real news story.........

Thats true jordanrichard. Get out the lawn chairs for the big event. LOL.

jordanrichard | February 11, 2019

But wait there is more. Right behind the location of this rest stop is a 10-15 story tall hill that is a landfill. So, break out the hot dogs and marshmallows, once that methane ignites.........

jordanrichard | February 11, 2019

BTW, the landfill is completely covered in grass and dirt.

kerryglittle | February 11, 2019

Methane too??? Maybe better move those lawn chairs about 10 miles back from the fireworks. It blowed up real good. :-)

jordanrichard | February 11, 2019

Well, I assume that is what all of the pipes sticking out of the hill are collecting....

kerryglittle | February 11, 2019

Yes it would be fo that purpose. We have one of those hills not far from us, Its huge and they turned it into a skiing hill. Its now called mount trashmore. I think they burn off the methane gas from it.

Sailfast | February 11, 2019

Silver2k. But the food options at Kingston are nothing to write home about.

MySin_AZ | February 11, 2019

The SC station on I-17 in Cordes Lake (Arizona) has a similar concept (not the landfill part)...Subway for a snack, minimalistic hardware store, clean bathrooms, and fossil fuels...

And never a line to get some electrons.

nwfan | February 12, 2019

@kerryglittle, you Canadian's are copying your southern neighbors.
Since the 70's Mt Trashmore in Virginia Beach, VA.

Landfill reuse into a city park.

tes-s | February 12, 2019

They are smart. They know with the New Green Deal, there will be no more petroleum fuels sold in 10 years. All the current petroleum cars (including PHEVs) will go in the crusher in 2030.

Bill_75D | February 12, 2019

Sarcasm, tes-s? Because you can't be serious, right? Crushing all of Jay Leno's collection, too?