FYI: Lusk, WY inaccessible

FYI: Lusk, WY inaccessible

For road trippers heading into Wyoming and counting upon Lusk supercharger, keep in mind all highways to Lusk are currently closed due to flood damage. Bridge on US85 just north of Lusk has been washed out and there is no estimated re-opening date. Definitely check on road conditions in the area around Lusk if heading that way over the next several days. With the lack of superchargers elsewhere in Wyoming, planning in advance will be very helpful.

mathwhiz | June 5, 2015

Thanks for the heads up...

Bighorn | June 5, 2015

Thanks K-

I wasn't even aware.

carlk | June 5, 2015

I wonder if this kind of information is showing on the MS screen.

Bighorn | June 5, 2015

No--it's not.

skymaster | June 5, 2015

This story was on the news last night in Denver. It's the only time I have ever seen Lusk,WY on the news.

sbeggs | June 5, 2015

Well, it is a good thing we didn't plan on heading to Lusk this Sunday on our way to Helena, MT to visit our friend in his cabin!



Bighorn | June 5, 2015

You must not be familiar with the Legend of Rawhide!

Panoz | June 5, 2015

I have a proposal: Tesla hire me to be the Super Charger inspector. I'll drive around to all the SCs and update the map with what's working, what's available, what has the best hotels nearby.

Six figures a year should be OK for this job, oh and a free Model S to do the traveling. | June 5, 2015

I have got you beat. I'll do it for restaurant and motel expenses!

Plugged In | June 5, 2015

As I recall, Microsoft ran a series of ads years ago for whatever reason I do not know why, talking about Lusk, Wyoming as if they had done something to make Lusk super-internet-happening or something.

buchholtz3 | June 5, 2015

If/when somebody knows that all is well again, please start a new thread with the news! I need that SC on the 17th on my way to Sheridan!

Thank you in advance

Bighorn | June 5, 2015

You can go Cheyenne to Casper via I-25 and use the HPWC there. You'll undoubtedly go through there anyway and need a boost to make Sheridan.

Panoz | June 5, 2015

@bcimae: dang it, the bidding has started. I will do it for a Model S and expenses, salary negotiable.

Bighorn | June 6, 2015

Maybe this will spur on a much needed Casper or other I-25 supercharger.