Gave five test drives today

Gave five test drives today

Well, three people at a time, then two. Had a meeting at my local neighborhood association board, and these folks are definitely in the target market. They had all vaguely heard about the Tesla, but really didn't know much about it. Everyone's first question is range (265 miles is my stock answer). Once they get into it, they love the touchscreen. They are impressed by the seat room and luggage capacity. Then they are BLOWN AWAY by the acceleration.

Look for opportunities to give people test drives, they'll think you're the coolest person they know :-)

mwojcie | March 25, 2013

Probably at 50 by now after just 16 days! and 4 people put down deposits after the drive that I know about!

Brian H | March 25, 2013

Tell your passengers to hold their arms out in front of them, and try to lean forward, as you hit it. They will rotate backwards around the pivot point of their butt.