Gilroy Supercharger Expansion!!

Gilroy Supercharger Expansion!!

Passed through Gilroy today and noticed the new construction. Looks like the expansion to at least 8 charging bays. Huge trench next to the existing Superchargers.

Sgt Barone | October 11, 2013

Any updates on this?

ichong | October 11, 2013

@Sgt Barone - I recharged in Gilroy On Monday morning 10/7. The new charging stalls were still under construction and it did not seem there was progress from what you see in the latest pictures posted on this thread. I only got 76 mi/hr of charge so I hope the new charging stations will be much faster - otherwise I would be inclined to skip Gilroy and use other SC's.

Sgt Barone | October 11, 2013

Thanks for the quick update, ichong. Please keep us posted.

GeekEV | October 11, 2013

@Brian H - Wow, that took some doing...

Benz | October 12, 2013

Will the Supercharger station in Richmond, Virginia go live before Gilroy will be ready?

DNA | October 13, 2013

I was at Gilroy a couple of days ago and no change in status as ichong mentioned.

@ichong - I also had the same low charging rate (70 mi/hr) when I plugged into 1A but I just switched bays and it started to charge at 200 mi/hr.

Kleist | October 13, 2013

Let's cut the old Gilroy some slack please... it is an original installation - who knows what are the grid connections. I had 45 miles per hour sessions all by myself and trying multiple stalls and on the other hand also 90 kW charging sessions without a problem. Hope the new chargers come online soon.

TimV | October 14, 2013

I drove past the Gilroy SC Saturday (12th) on my way down to Big Sur. It looks the same as the last set of pictures taken and posted on the 5th. Also, there was only one Model S charging at that time.

ichong | October 14, 2013

@DNA good to know - thanks for the heads up. I will avoid 1A next time...

Sgt Barone | October 16, 2013

Anybody take any recent pictures of the Gilroy expansion?

Kleist | October 16, 2013

No change - I was there today.

Sgt Barone | October 16, 2013

Thank you, Kleist. Please keep us posted.

Benz | October 17, 2013

The first post in this thread was made on September 5th, 2013. It should be ready before November 1st, 2013. But that's just a guess.

hsadler | October 17, 2013


So basically the post on Sept 6 by @msochan that it will be done in "2 weeks" still stands.

hammy16 | October 17, 2013

Was just there...Nothing new on the expansion. Basic posts are up and conduits installed but no electronics yet.
1 Car there when we arrived and was gone when we got back from in-and-out
Charge rate was 150 mph (charger logo still 90 kw)

Benz | October 18, 2013

Thanks for your info, hammy16.

Have they taken a temporary (inbetween) vacation?

hsadler | October 18, 2013

Believe ball is in PG&E's court now

geucey | October 22, 2013

Charged in Gilroy 2x this weekend. Noticed there are two types of chargers, a 90 kW and a newer one (like the ones in Atascadero) that has no wattage listed. Anyway charging went smoothly. The 90 kW is a lot slower than the newer, taller, whiter charger.

Atascadero chargers are all faster chargers. Got close to 300 miles/hr of charge.

ir | October 22, 2013

geucy: Are the new stalls open yet?

KWTESLA | October 22, 2013

The Gilroy images look like a doubling of Chargers not a battery swap at all.
The footings are deep enough for the conduit runs but where would you store a whole bunch of
60-85 KW battery packs ?

Probably 16 chargers ?

KWTESLA | October 22, 2013

The Tesla Club website had a posted image from headquarters that showed Gilroy as Number 3 in usage etc. So expanding would make great sense.

Kleist | October 22, 2013

No progress - checked today.

Sgt Barone | October 22, 2013

No progress from when?

Kleist | October 22, 2013

still looks like this today

hammy16 | October 22, 2013

Same as it was on the 17th when we were there..

Benz | October 23, 2013

Have the construction workers gone on strike?

GDH | October 23, 2013

You guys and gals in Cali are so lucky you have these charging stations in metro areas.

Sgt Barone | October 23, 2013

Looks very good. The stalls are all in place. Just need the electric equipment and the white shells. I'd say 2 weeks away, maybe a little less.

Kleist | October 23, 2013

@Benz - construction is done. Install we are waiting for... probably PG&E hold up. How long did Harris take? 6 weeks.
@GDH - Gilroy is not metro area. Fremont yes.

Sgt Barone | October 30, 2013

Can someone please provide an update and/or pictures of the Gilroy charger? It has been over a week since the last update. Thanks!

jjb94941 | October 30, 2013

Was there on Monday October 28. No further progress... Picture taken on 10/22 post still current. I'll be there again tomorrow and will post an update.

hsadler | October 30, 2013

Wife there Tuesday - no prog.
KPIX there to interview because of Mex fire.
They wanted reactions to a video of it- some were severe. Not hers.
She said it didn't change her feeling of being safe in the car - then she got to show off her MC Red.

jjb94941 | October 31, 2013

No change as at 2 p.m. Thursday October 31. Same as the picture posted by Kleist on the 22nd.

Brian H | November 2, 2013

TM gnomes working underground? Or 'crats working (?) in offices, elsewhere?

Benz | November 2, 2013

The first post in this thread is from September 5th, 2013. And construction was already underway at that time.

hsadler | November 2, 2013

I'm beginning to think that these are not Superchargers, but sequential signs along the road (like "Burma Shave" - dating myself) to advertise for Tesla.

Brian H | November 2, 2013

Highlights of road travel! They are missed.

james babb | November 2, 2013

What looks interesting in this installation, is that there are 6 charging connection points, and it looks like conduit and slab with room for 6 supercharger cabinets. Could be that these new bays will not be shared, or else it is a new variety of supercharger that does the sharing in a different way.

Benz | November 2, 2013

@james babb

We will know when people will start using them I guess.

hsadler | November 5, 2013

11/5 10 AM
No activity on the addition.
No one charging.
Thought I saw a few tumbleweeds blow through.

Rheumboy | November 5, 2013

Not tumbleweeds.........that was garlic!

stuberman | November 5, 2013

I charged yesterday, Monday. One charger was out of service. When I visited at around 11:15AM two other cars were present while I was charging. At 5:30 PM one other car was present while I was charging. The new stations are definitely badly needed. Just look at how busy they are during the slow times.

Benz | November 7, 2013

What could be the reason of the delay? | November 7, 2013

As of Wednesday night 7-Nov metal Supercharger sub-frames are now in place, but no wiring yet.

Possible reasons for delay:

1) Waiting for 135 KW model
2) Electronics went to other Superchargers to allow west-coast San Diego to Vancouver run.
3) Demand doesn't warrant a priority
4) City inspections
5) Missing parts
6) Crews are busy elsewhere

Sgt Barone | November 7, 2013

At least the frames are up now! Looks like they're back on track, because even a couple days ago there were no frames up.

johnanniegibson | November 13, 2013

Has anyone seen any progress regarding the expansion at gilroy since the 7th. I was there on the 3rd of November. My wife will be going back on "Black Friday". I am planning the mileage/charging portion of the trip for her (I enjoy this). My thought is the chargers will be busy, she says and (this is what I'm trying to avoid$$) she will have to stay longer until the car is charged. ;-)

Benz | November 14, 2013

I just saw this post in another Supercharger thread here on this forum:

reitmanr | NOVEMBER 12, 2013
The Gilroy expansion seems to be on hold. I was there last night and it looks like they are waiting for the transformers etc. I am guessing it is not a high priority item compared to new sites. I have seen that many people use Gilroy on a daily basis for their commutes to San Francisco and elsewhere where some distance is involved. Money saving? Or they just don't have a charge facility at home. Not sure. Oh well. Patience is a virtue, right?

Benz | November 18, 2013

Has anyone been to Gilroy lately? Any update? Any visible change at the site?

gill_sans | November 18, 2013

Here's what Gilroy superchargers looked like on 11 November 2013 around 3PM:

Gilroy 11Nov13 3pm

Hard to see the new construction, but there were six parking spots with red structures in the back, next to the four already operational superchargers. (They were all being used by [front to back] black, blue, brown, and grey Model S, heh.)

terryd | November 18, 2013

I haven't see any work done to the stations being added in the last 6 weeks did they stop it all together or will it resume next spring. only see 3 available out of 4 looks like a cone sitting in one of them for about a month.