Gilroy Supercharger Expansion!!

Gilroy Supercharger Expansion!!

Passed through Gilroy today and noticed the new construction. Looks like the expansion to at least 8 charging bays. Huge trench next to the existing Superchargers.

Bob W | December 17, 2013

@hsadler wrote: "We commute to San Jose from the Peninsula, but home charging takes care of that. However, once a week we need to commute to Oakland, Sacramento, or Vallejo. Then, we depend on Gilroy, with Fremont as a backup."

I don't understand. Which "Peninsula" are you commuting from? If you're commuting to Oakland, Sacramento and Vallejo from the San Francisco Peninsula, then Gilroy is way out of your way; wouldn't it be much more sense to take a bridge across the bay and super charge only in Fremont?

hsadler | December 18, 2013

Sorry, Monterey Peninsula

Brian H | December 18, 2013

Residents of every peninsula call it The Peninsula.

shop | December 18, 2013

Yes, and I live in North County...

Rheumboy | December 18, 2013

I live in the north Peninsula.

rdr1rx | May 26, 2017

Was 10, now a whopping 16 ... *WOW*

MS_Hapi | May 28, 2017

We were charging there late last night. Several cars in the now three areas: original 6 to left of enclosure (back ins), 2 new spaces (back ins) to right of enclosure along with the older 4 pull ins; and 4 new back in across from the 6. 16 total. All appeared working last night. Still some landscaping and enclosure wall restoring to do but otherwise done with the expansion.

BTW important to note now...the two closest left stalls to the enclosure are now paired to the two closest right stalls to the enclosure. Don't remember the order on the left but on the right it's 4b and 3b (L to R). Once the wall goes back up for the enclosure you won't even be able to tell without getting out of your car if someone is using a paired stall to your spot if you're in the 4b or 3b spots and vice versa on the other side.

MS_Hapi | May 28, 2017

Now that I think of it the order on the 6 stalls to the left of the enclosure is (L to R) 1a & 1b; 2a & 2b; 3a and 4a. So then the enclosure and (L to R) 4b; 3b; 5a & 5b; and then 6a & 6b. Didn't look at the new 4 section parking as someone was charging there at the time.