A Glitch in the Matrix?

A Glitch in the Matrix?

I was doing a range limited drive home today and to experiment, even though I planned to Super Charge half way, I let the NAV calculate the full distance to see when it would give up and ask me to stop at the SC. It started out predicting 5% range remaining and it hung onto that for a long time while it started bugging me to drive slower in order to make it. This makes sense from a Super Charger systemic efficiency stand point but, obviously, it hasn't yet realized that I'm not a big fan of driving slowly.

So at the point at which it recalculated for the SC stop the screen suddenly made a weird buzzing sound and then shut down black! It didn't affect my ability to drive the car, which is a good thing since I was following a Porsche GT3 through thick freeway traffic, but it stayed black for about 2 minutes and then rebooted itself with nothing lost and a new NAV plan. But the reboot wasn't like a soft reboot that starts with the Tesla T showing. It just came back to life and put the tunes back on. Anyone else have a similar issue? 2019.8.5

joe.lynn.atp | April 19, 2019

That happened to: me once on this version. I have seen other people report it too.

joe.lynn.atp | April 19, 2019

I had a similar experience with the nav last weekend. I had a 130 mile trip home and the guess-o-meter read 137 miles. Nav said to drive on the PA turnpike with a 70 MPH speed limit, but said to keep my speed under 65 and arrive with 5%. The route would pass within 2 miles of a supercharger. I knew another route that was 20 miles shorter with a lower speed limit, and also knew that I would be going down hill for a good chunk of the route, so I switched the nav to Avoid Tolls, took the shorter route and got home with about 11% left. I thought it was strange that it would tell me to go slow when a charger was practically right on the route.

M3phan | April 19, 2019

Same here.

jjgunn | April 19, 2019


That's perfect for the cars displayed miles. I'm using that.

swanson21 | April 19, 2019

I just had the "buzz" and off screen for the 1st time today on 8.5 while driving. Maybe we all need the hw3 upgrade soon, FSD paid for or not, it seems like the computer is just overloaded and I think we all should get the new chip regardless.

swanson21 | April 19, 2019

BTW, I did not have any Nav set for any destination, was just doing my normal routine drive to work no AP or any other setting, never had the display reset while driving for past 6 months.

M3phan | April 19, 2019

@swanson21, interesting thought that hw3 might not be as glitchy. Perhaps. Hope so! Glad I got FSD...

M3phan | April 19, 2019

...of course, each iteration of the iPhone I’ve gotten hasn’t been glitch free... ; )

steve | April 19, 2019

I had the exact same glitch as OP on 8.5 today driving in the freeway. Longest black screen I’ve experienced.

rxlawdude | April 20, 2019

"Guess-o-meter" is a term used by Prius owners to describe the fuel gauge. That was 15 years ago, and it was due to the 2nd gen Prius having a plastic bladder in the tank that made measuring remaining fuel a challenge. :-)

joe.lynn.atp | April 20, 2019

@rxlawdude: yep, I ran out of gas twice with my 2007 Prius because I went from two bars to empty in about 10 miles. Finally learned my lesson to not let it go below two bars on a limited access road. I never ran out of gas with any other car in 45 years of driving

SalisburySam | April 20, 2019

Guess-o-meter, or rather the GOM, is also used by Nissan LEAF owners for the display showing remaining miles left in the traction battery’s charge. The name was applied early on in the LEAF experience, 2011 or so, because of the little bearing the display number had on anything to do with reality. Still used that way today.

marx48 | April 20, 2019
Frank99 | April 20, 2019

Frankly, I'm impressed with the accuracy of Tesla's remaining range estimate. On most road trips I've been on, the range remaining when pulling into a SC/destination has been within a few percent of what it estimated at the beginning of the leg, several hours previously. I normally drive at 5-10 mph over the speed limit, and it seems to take that into account. It also seems to take into account terrain - it's estimates for driving from Phoenix to Flagstaff (with a 5000 foot elevation gain) are as accurate as it's estimates for driving the other way. It's not perfect - rain or strong headwinds throw it off, but it's really good about keeping you updated when that happens (yes, you do need to pay attention to the "Drive 65 to make it to the next SC" prompts).

The Guess-o-Meter label is, IMHO, inappropriate here.

Sparky | April 20, 2019

It definitely uses topography for the range prediction, as shown on the trip calculation on the energy screen. I'm not sure if it uses data for temperature from SC's but it would be clever if it does. Wind is a wild card.

But when you look at the trip calculator on the energy screen it seems that both the grey line and the green line are dynamically adjusted so I don't know what input variables its using for the grey.