Glitchy Slacker

Glitchy Slacker

Wondering if anyone else has had glitching with their slacker feed while in their MS? Mine just started today. Is this an equipment problem or just a problem with slacker? Thanks for your help!

MichaelN | September 12, 2013

Mine seems glitchy also - could be areas we are in - if I go up the hill into Oak Glen, I lose Slacker all together -

lspitzner | September 12, 2013

I've been using slacker and love it now. At first I really hated it as I tried to configure it to play exactly what I wanted. I've learned don't fight the system. Instead when I get in the car I simply ask it to play whatever song I feel like at the moment. It then creates a radio station on the fly based on that song. So for example, if I feel like 80s music I don't play the Slacker 80s channel (which is the pits). Instead I say "Play New Order - Blue Monday" and then it just rocks from there.

As for connectivity, no issues (live in Chicago area).

cwmenne | September 12, 2013

I've had some issues where it will load a song title, think about it for a few seconds, then skip and load the next song, think about it and skip it, over and over again. I think it is a Slacker server issue, not a car software issue. It's done it with full 3G signal strength.

Haeze | September 12, 2013

The stuttering, and inability to play songs is due to slow connection from the cellular provider (AT&T in the US). Every time I have this issue, I just pause the song for 15-20 seconds, then unpause it. This gives it time to buffer a lot of data, making it work fine from then on (until I skip a track, in which case I need to pause the next song to let it cache again). I wish Slacker would have built some error checking into their service so when it detects stuttering, it would do the pause/buffer/unpause automatically, instead of just getting stuck not being able to stream as fast as the song is playing, and never catching up, so it just sits there forever.

Also, @spitz's suggestion is a good one for finding good music. Also, have you noticed if you create a station based on a single song, that every time you get in your car, that is the next song in the queue (after it finishes whatever was playing when you left the car) ? It is great if you REALLY like that song, but otherwise it gets to be just like public radio where they play out all your favorite songs until you can't stand them anymore ;)