GM EV Pickup w/Tesla Drive Train??

GM EV Pickup w/Tesla Drive Train??

jordanrichard | February 12, 2019

This is proven to be true, makes perfect sense and would be a "scoop" for GM over Ford. Ford has no real experience in making pure BEVs. If they source the drive train from Tesla, they can come to market with their EV truck before/at the same time at Ford. This would actually allow Tesla to make their own pick up truck a bit out on the edge styling wise but still have via GM a Tesla powered pick up truck on the market, for those traditional truck buyers.

jordanrichard | February 12, 2019

I meant, if this is proven to be true.

SO | February 12, 2019
NoMoPetrol | February 12, 2019

@SO: There's enough pushback in the link you provided to question either the pro or the con of the article in CleanTechnica. Anything that is a profitable move by Tesla is good for their long-term viability. If the article proves to be true, it's another step in that direction for TSLA.

SO | February 12, 2019

I hope it’s true that GM partners with Tesla. We shall see.

jimglas | February 12, 2019

GM would be smart to partner with Tesla if they want a viable product

Yodrak. | February 12, 2019

It would be another income stream for Tesla, makes Tesla money every time GM builds one.

kcheng | February 12, 2019

It's still just a rumor.

DonS | February 12, 2019

Seems particularly unlikely since GM would be direct competition. The Mercedes Sprinter van seems far more promising since there is no direct Tesla competition.

kcheng | February 12, 2019

New rumor at Electrek from Seth Weintraub, is that GM and Amazon are taking minority stakes in Rivian. And according to the same article the GM working with Tesla rumor has been confirmed false.

carlk | February 12, 2019

The game for those auto companies is no longer to kill Tesla. Tesla will still be here a decade from now but you can't say that for all current auto companies. The game for them now to be among the ones that survived and not ones that didn't. With that in mind to work with Tesla does make a lot of sense for them. Just last week Mercedes CEO said they are open to working with Tesla on electric cargo van. We'll probably hear more things like this.

blue adept | February 12, 2019


>>> "I hope it’s true that GM partners with Tesla. We shall see."

I do not see this happening in ANY foreseeable future, potential alternate dimension, or exoplanet/other world, especially given GM's developed infamy for self-sabotage.

They're (GM) a real disappointment to me given what all they could've been as opposed to what little they've made of themselves.

SO | February 14, 2019

@blue - it appears you are correct. Once again GM is making the wrong choice.

Geoff Shelley | February 14, 2019

hmmmm, interesting