Good old rock stuck in the rotor shield bit

Good old rock stuck in the rotor shield bit

Good morning all.

I got a little adventurous over the weekend and went up Angeles Crest Highway. Beautiful this time of year. Lots of pebbles though.

I pulled out of the garage this morning and almost headed to work but the all too familiar noise was waking my entire neighborhood and scaring dogs. I tried reverse for a good while and it still wouldn't come undone. When I was much younger, I managed to get a rock out of a Honda with some minor tools. I looked at the wheel this morning but it's been so long I didn't know where to begin. Has anyone had luck with any other strategies to dislodge a rock?

I did drive it home from the mountains Saturday and around town yesterday without issue, so maybe it simply dropped this morning.

JAD | February 11, 2019

The rock will quickly wear down and fall out on its own if you use the brakes. Nothing to worry about.

surfpearl | February 11, 2019

It is interesting that the pebble problem showed up two days after the adventure. I experienced a pebble issue once while actually driving on a road with lots of pebbles. Which wheel location was doing it in your case? Little pebbles will get lodged by all wheels, but in the front those that bounce high can fall onto the undercarriage composite tray. They get "stored" there for later "use" as they roll around while you drive and can fall into the front wheels and get caught in the brakes when you make sharper/faster turns.

On a different note, I was XC skiing at ACH yesterday but took my wife's car since I'm waiting for a new set of wheels for my winter tires. Curios what your energy consumption was getting there, whether you went all the way to the closure gate, and the battery SOC if you left the car in the cold for an extended period. I came back to the car after 5.5 hours, the temperature had dropped from 27 F to 22 F (and the car was stuck in a rut in the parking lot :)

mikes | February 11, 2019

Drove thru a parking lot one morning and picked up a pebble or ice and it got stuck between the shield and rotor. Got everybody's attention! Luckily it dislodged itself after a couple hundred yards of driving.

rxlawdude | February 11, 2019

Sounds like that rock's in a hard place.

Jlomb436 | February 11, 2019

I drove about a half mile and it was astonishingly loud. I tried hitting a few speed bumps as well to mix things up. I'll keep at it.

chuckbarnes | February 13, 2019

i had the ranger come by - he took the wheel off and fished out my rock

jjgunn | February 14, 2019

Rock: Who you calling old?
Jlomb436: YOU! You POS!! GTFO of my wheel!