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Google Application

Okay, I heard that there was some Google car's, I guess is what they call them, that track the car infront of them. If the cruise control is set, the car slows down because the car infront of it is slowing down. Does this feature come with the Model S and future models?

While on the topic, could we get a list of some of the features that are affected by Google's operating system "Android."

olanmills | September 17, 2012

The Google car you're talking about is automatically driven car that Google is developing and testing.

It's more than just smart cruise control. There goal is to have it drive from one location to another without the need of a human driver. That means navigating intersections properly, reacting to traffic and weather, etc.

I don't think there's any timeline for commercilization of this technology.

mrspaghetti | September 17, 2012

@jbeen, android is an operating system for phones. It really has nothing to do with the model s.

The confusion arises because both android and the OS for e model s touch screen are both based on the Linux kernel.

I suspect future premium cars of all kinds will eventually have the "auto adjust cruise control" you're describing.

Michael23 | September 17, 2012

My 03 Infiniti already slows down,speeds up, and breaks to a stop while in cruise. Not that new really.

Volker.Berlin | September 18, 2012

jbeen, I think you are actually talking about adaptive cruise control.

The "Google cars" are completely driverless cars. They slow down when the car in front slows down, yes, but they also do many other things on their own. It's a car on hands-free autopilot. Elon Musk said on some occasion that he's very interested and that there may be some use for that technology at Tesla in the future, but more like in the 10-year time horizon, not today or tomorrow.

sergiyz | September 18, 2012

Not just Infiniti, although it's probably one of the best implementations of the adaptive cruise control on the market.
Of all the fancy features though the car in the blind spot alert is probably the one I'm gonna miss.

mrspaghetti | September 18, 2012

I think things like the blind spot alert are dangerous, personally. If you learn to rely on them it will get you in trouble when you're driving a car without it, like a rental or whatever.

There's no substitute for turning your head and looking with your own eyeballs before you change lanes. I don't even use my side mirrors - I forget they're even there.

jerry3 | September 19, 2012


Properly adjusted side mirrors leave no blind spots. (use the head wobble method).

Michael23 | September 19, 2012

Don't rely on alerts, but they can help for sure! E.g. You are changing lanes. Look over and it's clear so you enter. A car changes into the same lane as well. It was all clear when you checked, but the beep let's you know to move out.

weeandthewads | September 19, 2012

I believe this function where it monitors the car in front of you is called "adaptive cruise control". Given the specs call out cruise control you have to believe it is the traditional cruise control.

Volker.Berlin | September 19, 2012

Given the specs call out cruise control you have to believe it is the traditional cruise control. (rtesta)

It is. More about cruise control in this recent thread ...

... and in this blog entry:

TV | February 27, 2013

Article: "Google being sued over Android Location Tracking." (See link) Those who are not willing to protect their freedom and privacy deserve to lose it>>

jat | February 27, 2013

@TV - that article is nearly 2 years old and has nothing to do with Tesla. Please stop spreading FUD.