Got my electricity bill today

Got my electricity bill today

So I had solar panels installed by a local company last October and got my MS end of January (p85). So i was curious what my bill would be. Answer, -$400 plus change.

So not only am I not paying for gas but PSE&G owes me!


agiangone | March 24, 2013

Way to go!
I'm looking at doing the same.

bigez1 | March 24, 2013

+1 kalel65


DC@Tesla | March 24, 2013

Where do you live and what company did you use?

kalel65 | March 24, 2013

NJ - I used Geopeak. Very professional and they installed my 240 outlet in my garage - no charge for labor

Zelaza | March 24, 2013

And what was the cost of the solar panels, installation, and related incidentals?

kalel65 | March 24, 2013

I leased it for 20 years (~$20K).

DickB | March 24, 2013

What size system do you have?

I have 28 solar panels which give me a 5.3 Kw system.

kalel65 | March 24, 2013

30 panels - they guarantee a rate of 10.4-11.5 kwh per year

wonder | March 30, 2013

Have been growing my Solar array three years now and thinking about done. Array's from first two years produces enough on average to cover what I use plus enough to pay the fixed utility cost (if use any or not). December 2012 another 40 additional panels came online which should provide "on average" enough power for ~ 105 miles/day of Model S driving "on the sun's power". Bought a Chevy Volt for my daughter end of 2012 to take advantage of Federal Tax Credits and help get some of her High School driving off of gasoline. Estimate she is consuming ~ 500 - 600 kWh/month. I'm told my Model S will finally arive mid to late April and when that comes online will probably use most of the remainder resulting from the 40 panels added in Dec 2012. Hoping and expecting that for all but 2 months of the year will see no net consumption so amount due of zero or less and that the credit from summer will more than cover that. So will continue with no net power for house and majority of driving! Love driving on electric when I get a chance. Will love it more when can do it in the Model S.

wonder | March 30, 2013

Will love driving to the some of the local lakes for canoeing and drive costs of couple bucks vs. $20. I figure utility pays about 8 cents for kWh, around here, so even though Solar is paid off so figure cost of 8 cents since won't see the 8 cents if consuming it instead of putting on grid. Have 140 panels now after adding some each year starting in 2010 for total 33.7 kWh rated peak. Solar is a good thing and so is electric transportation ..., particularly Model S.

ziggy | March 30, 2013

I am so jealous of the people that can do solar. I live in the mountains and there is just too much shade! I am waiting for SCE to change my plan and they tell me it takes 2 billing cycles!

reitmanr | March 30, 2013

Holy electrons!
I am amazed at adding 40 panels- my entire panel count is 29 and our annual use with a M S still had us " true upped" at - $100, so we wound up just with the monthly connection charge of about $5.
We are in the SF Bay area.
I do love driving our S on solar energy!
We have been careful to charge at the right time, after 6pm, which should be even easier with 4.3 software timed charging feature.

gary0564 | March 30, 2013

Holy electrons indeed !!
We live on the Left coast, San Fernando Valley, and my rate from Edison at the top tier is 34 cents/kwh. 80% of my electrons are paid for at that rate. We are installing solar panels, but because we are doing that, we are prevented (by Edison) from adding a second meter for the, cheaper time of use, rate. We are taking del of our S car today, but I was told by Tesla that the timed charging was not currently available, anybody, yes or no ?

kalel65 | March 30, 2013

The latest version of the software allows for timed charging

Mark Z | March 30, 2013

Timed charging is available with version 4.3.

Got the second meter TOU rate when buying the Volt two years ago. I stay in tier 2 for the home and charge between 9 PM and noon for the Model S at the low TOU rate.

Check all the rate plans your utility offers. With solar, would the single meter TOU plan work for you? If you can cut weekday, daytime use to a minimum, it might be the answer.

I thought one could enjoy Solar and a second TOU meter for the car only. I will be checking with SCE and my electrician soon.

Mark Z | March 30, 2013

After reading the following thread, I think I now understand.

Here is the key paragraph:

"Added thought: Be aware that to get the benefits described above, i.e. to net your EV usage against your excess generation, you must meter your EV charging on the same meter as the rest of your house (e.g. where you solar generation is metered). If you opt for a separate meter for you EV, you can not net your generation against your EV usage."

So it appears a second TOU meter for the Model S could be installed, but it would be billed separately and not tied to the solar system credits for the home. If the electric vehicle puts you into a 5th tier with the solar system, IMHO, add more solar or consider adding the second TOU meter for the car.

JBMoney13 | March 30, 2013

I chose to purchase my solar system almost a year ago (SF Bay Area, PG&E), I used micro inverters so I could add on to the system anytime. About a month prior to my delivery in Feb, I added 1.25 kW (5 panels) to create even more cushion (Total system size of 6.64 kW).

The solar company I used did a fantastic job, no external piping, clean attic and electrical work. And for those concerned about upfront cost or pay back periods, they offered a transferrable 20 Year PPA (power purchase agreement) with a reduced cost per kWh as well as a fixed 2.99% unsecured financing option (12 year term). Both payment options were 40% less than what I was paying my utility company.

I chose ownership because the payback period was 4.5 years using the E6 Time of Use rate (sell power back to the utility in the middle of the day at peak rates, buy the energy back in the morning and evening at off peak rates). This eliminated my electric bill from the utility company (only $12 for a meter fee remained).

For anyone with PG&E I would caution against using the EV rate if you plan on having solar, primarily because the peak period is extended to 9pm, Solar won't protect you that late in the evening. The E6 rate or E7 for those that are grandfathered in have more ideal peak times.

PG&E as of my last statement owes me even with the Charging of my Model S. I drive 65 miles a day using 25kWh - 30 kWh a day depending on my style of driving that day.

Overall, my experience with being protected from gas prices and electric rates has been extremely empowering. If you own the home where you charge your Model S,and your average cost per kWh from your utility is higher than $.20 per kWh, I would encourage you to consider adding solar to your property, The process is simpler than you think, installation took 2 days, and the PPA or financing options allow you to limit your risks to none.

Mark E | March 30, 2013

Just out of interest - how much are you guys paying for solar panels in the US? A quality 250W panel here (NSW Australia) is around $250 installed - (of course you have to also buy an inverter etc and you wouldn't just buy one).

I'd love to add 29 panels - but its not cost effective - especially as the feed in rate is now based on Net, time of day and is only 7c/kWh. I have a 2kW system that we sized to match reasonably closely the general load during the day.

tommy-tesla | March 30, 2013

@JBMoney13 care to share who installed your system? I'm collecting quotes, but my ceramic tile roof is making costs explode.

wonder | April 1, 2013

Not sure if this would help with ceramic tile roof but I used these on my roof and they have been in place three years with no issue. I put in Decra Stone Coated Tile before installing Solar Panels back in 2010. Illinois State has good rebate program that matched Federal in 2010, 2011, but in 2012 they inserted a max of $10,000 which nailed me a bit this past year. But everything considered I think my costs are about 25% of system. Also have been able to sell SREC's using SRECTrade (can see on internet) despite Illinois not having a viable SREC market. Have sold most SREC's generated since began installing systems in 2010. This past summer/fall I signed agreement to sell all SREC's generated for the next 5 years at $20/SREC so that will help bring costs down even more. Solar is a great thing! Really "Seriously" looking forward to getting the Model S!! They say late April or early May!!

wonder | April 1, 2013

Oh, and yes I also like Enphase Micro-inverters.
100% uptime guarantee on inverters and they pay installer
to replace when they fail. Newer inverters come with 25 year
guarantee that matches what you tend to get with your modules.

Here is visitor link to Enphase Monitoring software for my system!
Don't be put off by Lifetime output being so low. This is result of step growing the system (the system was installed over a three year time but Lifetime output is based as though system was installed all at once). You might find this interesting if just beginning to look into solar.

Electron | April 1, 2013

Jbmoney- Can you elaborate on why the EV rate is bad? Wouldn't you still be selling power at a high rate during the day and charging the car at cheap rates at night?

FLsportscarenth... | April 1, 2013

Interesting that Florida Law does not currently allow solar leasing... Maybe why SolarCity has no presence here? Would love to repeat the OP's story, my house has the sun for it.

Hope they change the FL law soon. Ask your representative FL forum readers...

Bravo to the OP.

jchangyy | April 1, 2013

I've had the mode s for a month now. Drove about 1500 miles. Electric bill went up by $45 this month while I had the car. No solar panel. Visited supercharger 3 times and added 150 miles each time.