Great 1st Service Center experience in San Rafael (Marin County) CA

Great 1st Service Center experience in San Rafael (Marin County) CA

I've had my Blue Model S 85 for 1 month. I scheduled a service appointment to address a squeak in the AC when shutting off and moisture in one of the back-up lights after washing. I live 40 miles from the San Rafael Service Center so I drove myself in. First; I got to drive right by the Maserati and Ferrari service centers which are literally next door--nice to see the latest models and be happy about driving by them. Then; Tesla gave me a brand new (only 45 miles) P85+ as my loaner. Finally, I picked up my car 2.5 days later--as originally estimated--with the problems fixed plus a firmware update. Nice start to my maintenance relationship with Tesla. Thanks to Matt and Vince for their help.

Brian H | July 21, 2013

Did you beep-beep as you passed the M. and F. service centers?

JPPTM | July 22, 2013

BrianH--he likely lives NORTH of San Rafael, so won't pass Menlo Park or Fremont. Me, I live in the East Bay, choose to go to Fremont, but am awaiting new Walnut Creek SC opening soon.

ThomasK | July 22, 2013

I would agree; the San Rafael guys appear to have their game together, AND appear less overwhelmed with sheer volume compared to Menlo Park. I had the same great experience a couple of weeks back.