The great AUTOMATIC wipers problem

The great AUTOMATIC wipers problem

Anyone notice ANY improvement?

.... Maybe not as much as having the music buttons being small or somethings being monochrome... Or gd forbid backup camera dual screen! But up there.

Uncle Paul | November 1, 2018

Understand it is still in beta.

After several OTA updates it seems to be working much better for me. Turns on with just a little mist, and goes faster as the rain increases.

Still need to switch it on/off manually from time to time for my personal preferences.

markcohen | November 1, 2018

My auto wipers work quite well - during the day or if I am in a well lit area at night. What DOESN'T work is auto wipers when it is dark. That's kinda a miss in the design point of using cameras to "see" the water.

Uncle Paul | November 3, 2018

Before getting too critical about the Automatic windshield wipers and headlighs brights, I remember that I got these FREE with an OTA update.

Don't want to be accused of looking a gift horse in the mouth.

Tdreamer | November 3, 2018

Most cars come with these features FREE with the base price of the car, and not after the fact. I'm a glass is half full guy, and I do appreciate that they were added, and hopefully will continue to improve over time....

paul | November 3, 2018

@Cuttin Its slowly improving, but a long way to go to match
the performance of the auto-wipers on my wife's Leaf.

Cuttin | November 6, 2018

Slowly improving? I absolutely disagree.

This is latest and greatest update. 42.2. See my previous video which kinda looks the same.... Sucks horrendously!

Agree with comments that basic cars have this and it works very well. Very very frustrating.

@markcohen can you please watch both of my videos and tell me yours react differently? If yes maybe something wrong with mine? Maybe my camera is not focused, idk.

markcohen | November 8, 2018

@Cuttin, I watched your video and it is totally different than what I’ve experienced. For me it works reasonably well in daylight and is worse and worse with reduced levels of light. I’m not sure that I have any good suggestions for you as to what the difference could be between our cars. Mine is a 2017 X100D with AP 2.5. I have used rainx on the windshield but don’t know that it impacts this at all.

Cuttin | November 8, 2018

@markcohen. Thank you. Now that is VERY useful commenting.

Maybe the wipers need AP 2.5 extra computing power? Weird.

I'm gonna stop by dealer and see what they say. Maybe something faulty? Camera.out of focus?

Nuts4MS | November 10, 2018

I have a 2014 S85 and am getting an X delivered next week and thought this was odd as well. Main reason being is that I have the rain sensing wipers on my S and they work flawlessly but when I had a X on load it was iffy at best and said it was still in beta. Part of fun me wonders what changed from 2014 to now that made it worse or even that it’s in beta again...

Cuttin | November 19, 2018

Nuts. Would you say your current ones work like mine do in the videos?

Any other people have their wipers working well? If yes a video would be helpful...

Enzodriver | November 19, 2018

Cuttin. My X too, since V9. Noticed you were turning wipers on and off to clear screen, just press washer button momentarily for 1 swipe of the wipers.

Cuttin | November 19, 2018

Enzo, do you mean you have the same problem?

And do you mean it's WORSE in V9? Meaning it worked well before?

I know about the button. Not sure why I like the twist action but I do.

bonhari03 | November 20, 2018

Weird thing about living in SoCal. I don’t know if my wipers work at all. The one day we expect rain is this week and I’ll be out of town.

wmyers | November 20, 2018

I just turned off auto wiper the other day when I realized I was constantly turning the wipers faster and slower because the auto wasn't working at all. Just more stuff on a Tesla that doesn't work but they get away with it by calling it beta.

NobelPrizeforMusk | December 27, 2018

The problem is that the air flow across the windshield keeps the rain off the area around the camera located at the rearview mirror. It's just the aerodynamics of the car and the placement of the camera. Its going to be tough to fix with software. Look for it when you are driving in the rain.

Tdreamer | December 28, 2018

Just thinking the same thing myself today while driving in a very light rain...

tcfila | December 28, 2018

Instead of switching it on/off, I leave it on and push the button if it needs wiped. Not ideal, but it works...

Hudsonbob | January 2, 2019

Both low and high sensitivity settings perform very poorly on my X I’ve had for 6 months. Works fine in heavy rain at any speed, but in mist or light rain I am forced to turn them on or operate them manually. This would be a great area to forgo innovation and license another manufacturer’s proven technology.