Great customer service, but you do need to work for it.

Great customer service, but you do need to work for it.

Picked up my P85+ on 7/18. After a day with the car noticed several small problems. Door handles not presenting was the most serious. passenger door didn't close quite right and there were also some annoying noises from the brakes at low speeds and from the rear end at high speeds.

Shop foreman took a test drive with me and agreed he could hear the sounds. Two days later, having had a blast with the Roadster Sport loner, they returned my car with the door handles fixed and pronouncement that the sounds were normal.

Asked to drive another P85+ to hear those normal sounds in another car. To my amazement they agreed. We drove both cars in succession and guess what. The other car DIDN'T have the noises. So they loaned me the other P85+ and took my car back.

One business day later they returned my car having replaced the entire drive system, and the front brake rotors.

a) amazing that they could basically swap out the engine and transmission in a day
b) amazing that they DID
c) also amazing they replaced the brake rotors

Okay - so they have some build quality issues that would be unheard of in a Honda or Toyota. And I had to stand my ground about the funny noises to get them to investigate. On the other hand their willingness to respond and put things right was SUPERB.

So still a very happy Tesla MS owner and pleased to have a deposit in an MX as well.

TommyBoy | July 29, 2013

Ugh, on the other hand your brand new car that you custom-made and waited two months to have built was basically taken completely apart and reassembled. I would not be happy with that situation but then again, maybe its different at Tesla and everything is modular.

I know on a conventional car you don't want them taking it apart and putting it back together. Rattles, rattles and rattles.

Good luck with yours!

Jolinar | July 29, 2013

with that flat Tesla architecture I guess it's much MUCH more modular than ICE car.