Great First Week!

Great First Week!

Great First Week!

Took delivery of a P85 one week ago at the Van Nuys, CA service center.

Whole experience has been fantastic. Put the order in at the Toganga Mall. After confirming my order, I decided to change from black to white, and Tesla was very accommodating. Everyone I have dealt with, from the people I worked with to place the order, to the delivery specialists, to the financing people, to the young woman who handled the paperwork and gave me a tutorial on delivery—all were fantastic. Very high level/low pressure experience that is very unusual in the car business (even with high-end cars). I ascribe it to the Company-owned store approach and the quality of the people they hire.

And the car is even better than I expected. Truly like driving a car that is 10 years ahead of its time. (I tell people its like driving an iPhone.) Love the minimalist interior and the design both in and out, which I don’t think get enough credit. The huge display and well-thought-out software and design of the functions makes everything so easy and intuitive. Also the voice commands actually work—unlike every other car that I’ve had. It think it was a smart ideal to limit the voice functions to nav, music and phone, and that that has something to do with how well it works. Simpler is so often better. (Who needs voice to adjust the air conditioning?)

Also very happy with the options I picked.

P85. Though I don’t really need the longer range, I’m a sucker for speed and the acceleration and speed are worth the extra price to me.
Tech Package—a must have.
Upgraded stereo—I know others have written that they don’t see much difference, but I definitely do—especially in the bass.
21” grey wheels/black performance leather seats/extended leather trim—purely aesthetic and purely a matter of taste, but very happy with the way they look.
Carbon Fibre—I was a little disappointed at first—imo not up to the quality in a Porsche—but the design has grown on me.
Smart Suspension and Parking Sensors—Find them helpful and worthwhile.
Rear Facing Kid Seats—really a marvel—a lot of engineering went in to fitting these seats in, they are comfortable for kids, and you still have a perfectly flat space when they are folded down. If you have little kids (or grandchildren) they really add to the flexibility of the car—great with a sedan to be able to travel with 5 adults and two kids (up to 70 pounds).

Sunroof—didn’t get this—in all the cars I’ve had over the years, I’ve never used the sunroof. Its possible that this one—being so much bigger—would have been different, and this is one decision I might now go the other way on.

Hopes for future improvement--Really miss some of the bells and whistles available on Mercedes and other new cars—adaptive cruise control, blindspot warnings, lane holding, lane departure warning, 360 degree camera. I think all of these are safety features that should be included in a $100k+ car, but the car, as it is, is so amazing and such an incredible accomplishment, that its easy to understand that not everything can make it in to the first iteration, and I’m fine with these being added in the next few years (as I’m sure they will be).

Can’t ever see going back to a gasoline engine!

Captain_Zap | October 5, 2013

Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.
Did you name her yet?

elguapo | October 5, 2013

Congrats and enjoy! It only gets better!

NomoDinos | October 5, 2013

Congrats Steve! Don't forget to have the inside treads of your 21's checked every so often :)

Forty Creek | October 5, 2013

I'm one week in also... And loving it!

Captain_Zap | October 5, 2013

We coming up on our one year birthday. It has been fun.
We have bonded.

Barton.stl | October 5, 2013

Nicely summarized. Three weeks in to ownership and enjoying it more and more aside from all the way cool tech features, surprised at how much I like the regenerative braking.