Green Charging Light

Green Charging Light

Is the green charging light supposed to keep flashing the whole time while charging? This is only my second day with my MS. It seemed to me like last night, the green light kept going (and the LCD behind the steering wheel stayed lit up with the charge status) all night throughout the charge. Tonight, all the lights turn off after a couple minutes, though the car says it is still charging.

nickjhowe | July 31, 2013

All the lights should go off when the car locks, even though the car is charging.

Steinwand | July 31, 2013

Green flashing and dash light will go off after a few minutes. Besides the obvious reasons of have no purpose to staying on, if you are charging in a public areas a flashing light only attracts people who might want to try pulling it out etc. If no green light less chance of them trying that.

mkh1437 | July 31, 2013

Perhaps you had the key fob close to the car on the night when you observed the light staying on? If the fob is within range, the car will remain unlocked, and the charging light/dash will remain active.

Brian H | August 1, 2013

Just slip it inside your handy foil bag that you keep in your pocket.

hamer | August 1, 2013

I slip it under the aluminum foil hat I use to keep the NSA from reading my thoughts and inserting commands into my head.

nickjhowe | August 1, 2013

@hamer LOL

Brian H | August 1, 2013

Bad news. NSA has perfected aluminum-penetrating rays. You'll have to switch to lead. At least 1" thick. | August 1, 2013

@Brian H The NSA knew you would say that....