Guess who stopped by with 99,610 miles on his MS odometer?

Guess who stopped by with 99,610 miles on his MS odometer?

I don't want to steal any thunder, but a well-known forum member stopped by yesterday to get a hit from our HPWC and spent a couple hours hanging out and catching up. We took a quick boat ride out to the bay while charging and I got to hear about his recent west coast swing to TesLive. He was driving a beautiful green MS 85 with 99,610 miles on it. Great guy, beautiful car that looks as good as new. I asked him how long he plans to drive the car and he pointed at our '52 MG that was sitting next to his charging car, and said "until it is as old as that one!"

So the first MS in the wild will go over 100k miles this week, showing no wear.

Remember when 100k was the useful life of most cars? When engines had to be rebuilt every 30-50k? When there were points, oil filters,and spark plugs to change very 3,000 miles? Congratulations on doing your part to change the world My5bAby! Amazing vehicle and a huge benchmark.

sbeggs | August 10, 2014

Hi Dave, wonderful report! We were very inspired. VIN? What maintenance items had been performed along the way?

Thomas N. | August 10, 2014

He's had a drivetrain replacement (I think only one though) and some ticky-tack little things but for the most part his car has been rock-solid.

So it's now comletely out of warranty then, correct? I mean the battery is covered for 8 years and unlimited miles but everything else stops at 100K miles I believe.

Living dangerously. ;)

J.T. | August 10, 2014

Worst guessing game ever!

Congrats to My5baby. A great trailblazer.

P.Mac | August 10, 2014

What is his range?

Car t man | August 10, 2014

Pictures? Stuff like this would be great to see also..

Thomas N. | August 10, 2014

It's still really good....I'm thinking 252 rated or something like that. He does milestone posts with great detail in them so we'll soon get the scoop.

Pungoteague_Dave | August 10, 2014

I asked about range loss and he's said about 5% but he hasn't done any of the balancing procedures that others have used to "regain" a higher statistical indicated remaining range. He believes the range loss is probably well below the 5% indicated. This is great to hear - just remember that it was miles accumulated in well under two years, so time and battery age is less of a factor than recharge cycles. Age may not matter much (my daughter's ten year old Prius with 185k miles doesn't seem to have list any battery capacity), but this is a special situation with charging and driving patterns that few of us will replicate. m5bAby did share that he is moving closer to a city and will have a much shorter commute to his new workplace, so won't be putting on miles nearly so quickly in coming years.

PBEndo | August 10, 2014

JT -
I think you were supposed to answer in the form of a question.

"Who is My5bAby?"

akikiki | August 10, 2014

Congrats to My5baby

jordanrichard | August 10, 2014

That is fantastic news, congrats. You are, as I am sure you know, the benchmark for the rest of us. You have gone into the unknown and the biggest unknown is how well the range holds up after that many miles.

PD, do you know what his life avg kWh is?

redacted | August 10, 2014

Now it's coming out of warranty. Just wait.

jordanrichard | August 10, 2014

Anything North of 100k miles, means you are on your own minus the battery pack.

Of course this is purely wishful thinking, but if his car was for the most part trouble free, perhaps Tesla will extend the warranties on the cars. They has a cash reserve to cover warranty work and obviously they are tracking what they are having spending on warranty items. With the increasing quality of the cars, what better selling point then say we will warranty the car for as long as you own the car. Elon has said that if a product fails, then it wasn't designed properly.

Anthony J. Parisio | August 10, 2014

Who is My5baby?

J.T. | August 10, 2014

@anthony. Go to and search.

Anthony J. Parisio | August 10, 2014

That didn't help at all.

J.T. | August 10, 2014

Really! I did it and found out that he has more miles on his MS than anyone.

Anthony J. Parisio | August 10, 2014

All I know is he wrote a book on Tesla MS. I guess that is enough.

JonathanL | August 10, 2014


I hope you treated My5bAby to some of your best oysters.

Btw, I am going to be headed south in the near future with stops planned in DC, and VA, going as far south as C-Ville and then heading back up through Shenandoah National Park. Any recommendations for great seafood/oysters in those areas? You can PM me at TMC - same screen name as above.


My5bAby | August 10, 2014

I have NOT Authored or written any books about the Model S.

negarholger | August 10, 2014

But you inspired folk songs like "On the road again in my Model S..."

Brian H | August 11, 2014

RU getting him confused with nickjhowe? Another star.

J.T. | August 11, 2014

@My5bAby The mistake was probably from taking this description too literally: My5bAby wrote the book on setting the mileage record for the Model S. :-)

jdesmo | August 11, 2014

@My5bAb This is a great milestone to report 'real-life/actual' detailed list of all maintenance and repairs done thus far with corresponding warranty/or out-of-pocket costs and comments.

J.T. | August 11, 2014

@jdesmo Maybe he should write a book.

AmpedRealtor | August 11, 2014

Oysters? Ewww!

sperber53 | August 11, 2014

It would take me almost twenty years to rack up that kind of mileage!

NomoDinos | August 11, 2014

AR - Oysters Ewww?? Whaaaaaaaa? You're breaking my heart, man. Tell me you don't ban oysters from the Mayoral Mansion(s)!

Mathew98 | August 11, 2014

AR has been recalled as mayor due to recent revelation of his abhorrent disagreement with oysters.

qblack1 | August 11, 2014

Stats on the rated range he gets with a range charge would be greatly appreciated. My P85+ at 26k miles over 1 year gets 260 rated (started at 265 on day 1). I'm thinking this had a lot to do with one of the software changes. Still a spaceship!

JonathanL | August 11, 2014

Maybe Amped just meant "Ewww, eating oysters in August will make you sick. Only eat oysters in months with an R."

SCCRENDO | August 11, 2014

@My5bAby! was apparently getting 249 miles but has never tried to rebalance, At 42000 miles I am getting similar.

Bighorn | August 11, 2014

Someone driving that much is probably not in need of rebalancing, using the full range of the battery.

Pungoteague_Dave | August 12, 2014

He texted last night that the car just went over 100k. Congratulations again!

Oysters are now fine to eat year round. Aquaculture oysters are generally triploids, and don't spend the warmer months trying to reproduce, so stay plump and nice. We harvest every day. You'll find them at any east coast Whole Foods throughout the year.

amitb00 | August 12, 2014

Nice update and gr8 news | August 12, 2014

At 32K miles - on my road trip to Seattle, I max charged at an SC for the first time and it went to 264 - probably would have gone to 265 or higher but the last couple of miles are agonizingly slow and I lost patience (there was no one waiting at the SC).

@P_D: Good to know about the oysters

Haeze | August 12, 2014

I wonder what the record is for the EV with the highest mileage...

f-tal | August 12, 2014

I'm curious how many sets of tires My5bAby went through, and which ones he was using.

Pungoteague_Dave | August 12, 2014

He told me that the car went through five sets of tires, had the standard scrubbing on inside of rear tires, and he is now installing a modification (upper control arms from his description) to correct camber. Excessive tire wear has been discussed on TMC and in other threads here, with the conclusion being that incorrect and nonadjustable camber is the culprit.

moonfresh | August 12, 2014

Damn...5 sets of tires! Was he running the 21 inch wheels? As I stated before, all that money saved on gas and oil changes goes straight to the tires, which a lot of people seem to overlook when justifying the purchase of the MS. I guess I can never justify buying this badass car--not even a used one. Hope the model 3 will be an all around--tires included--economical EV.

SCCRENDO | August 12, 2014

Depends on how you drive. Have 19 inch Goodyears. 42000 miles. Changed my tires at 37000. $200 per tire. Still have to change tires on ICE vehicles.

EQC | August 12, 2014

Retweeted by Tesla: photo evidence of 100,000 miles in a Model S:

On the subject of tires: $200/tire every 37,000 miles is good for a big/luxury/sports car. But, if you go down market a ways, you can find tires for under $100 each (so ~$125 or less installed) that have a 90,000 mile treadlife warranty. Of course, YMMV...but "standard" type tires (higher profile, common sizes, not rated for ludicrous speed) have come a long way.

Here's to hoping that the base version of the Model III comes with a very common tire size on a smaller rim....maybe 16 or 17 inch wheels? For those who crave wide sticky low-profile tires on big rims, that highly-profitable option should most definitely be offered too.

Pungoteague_Dave | August 13, 2014

He has the 19s. Screndo, it doesn't depend on how you drive. M5bAby is a very cautious driver and obviously drives for range, having more miles today than any other S. It is a known design flaw that creates excess wear on the inside shoulders of the rear tires. My car does not have this issue, but many do, and it cannot be adjusted out through alignment. This is one reason that tire rotation is important - not because of the rotation benefits, but because most people would not see the wear-through to cord by casual inspection. The tires look fine on the outside tread, bit are worn through on the very inside edge.

My5bAby | August 13, 2014

@moonfresh "As I stated before, all that money saved on gas and oil changes goes straight to the tires, which a lot of people seem to overlook when justifying the purchase of the MS. I guess I can never justify buying this badass car--not even a used one. Hope the model 3 will be an all around--tires included--economical EV."

Respectfully, I just bought the 5th set, as others have stated I have altered my style of driving and each set is lasting progressively longer as the previous one. My last set lasted roughly 30K miles. Tires and charging at home are the only expense I have had with this car.

How shall I say this, if MONEY is your ONLY concern, I suggest you use public transportation or walk. Most of us have purchased & use this car because of its many advantages. It's possible that this car and probably no other non ICE vehicle will be a good fit for you.

Best Regards,

To all the rest, please pardon my tone, I just get exacerbated. Following moonfresh's logic there would be no sales of Low MPG BMW's/Mercedes etc, Hummers, SUV's anything other than public transportation or sub compact economy ICE vehicles. I'm tired of Tesla being held to standards that no other ICE car is held to. Further as anyone who has owned this car for over a year has realized the costs are significantly lower than with our previous ICE vehicles.

Mathew98 | August 13, 2014

@My5bAby - Congrats on hitting the 100K milestone.

One can easily tell who is looking from the outside and spreading FUD. The MS is a blast to drive and the safest sedan on the road. For those who solely consider the car on price and saving alone should consider riding a bicycle instead.

Sure the electricity vs. gas saving and lack of maintenance is beneficial. It may not be ever enough to offset the cost of a luxury car. These are just some side benefits of owning the marvel which just happens to be a rocket on 4 wheels.

Perspective MS buyers should focus on safety, performance, space, cost savings, design, and overall excitement factor.

Who in the right mind who like to drive 50K miles a year unless you are riding the Tesla beast?

J.T. | August 13, 2014

I couldn't agree more with My5bAby and Mathew98. Those of us who have worked hard to afford the nicer things in life finally have a nicer thing as a reward. Until now, every other nicer thing was a compromise, especially when it comes to automobiles.

SCCRENDO | August 13, 2014

@PD. There are mixed reviews on tire wear. The 21" tires don't seem to last. I see mostly positive reviews on the 19" tires. My driving is mostly freeway and despite living in SoCal very little stop start driving. I am a fast driver but don't necessarily race off from starts. Previous experience with ICE vehicles is over 40000 miles with each set of tires so my personal wear and tear on tires is close. The tire price I quoted is the Tesla price and I prefer to deal with them as my one stop shop but after a flat did need to purchase a tire from Amercan tire and it cost me $135. That tire is now my spare. As per My5Aby tires could cost more in a Tesla, although even his wear and tear is improving. Even so @Moonfresh needs to take into account all aspects when purchasing a car. Compared to the price of the car tires are a relatively small expense but if tire cost is make or break in his decision to buy a car we need to respect that. Although this is pretty much your only expense, particularly if your electricity comes from solar panels. Unless My5Aby has something to tell us over his next 100,000 miles.
@My5Aby. How many services have you done. How many times has you car been in.

PV_Dave @US-PA | August 13, 2014

@My5bAby - Congrats! We're all looking forward to hearing your rated miles on your next full range charge!

Haeze | August 13, 2014

Congrats on the milestone !

You may want to look again at your use of the word "exacerbated" though ;)

Bighorn | August 13, 2014

And Brian in 3....2....1

Yes--I'll add my congrats on the milestone. You're a great advocate for the brand.