Hardware upgrade to HW3

Hardware upgrade to HW3

We bought our Model S August 2019 but it was manufactured in March 2019.
We paid for FSd.

I believe it has HW2.5 now.

I want to know when it will be upgraded to HW3?

rox262 | January 2, 2020

. | January 2, 2020

No idea. It's not all that important right now. HW3 just gets you a couple of visualization changes. No FSD yet, and likely not before the end of the year (2020). Quite a few ahead of you for 2016-2018 cars, but HW2.0 cars have been delayed to work out some compatibility issues, so you may get it before others.

b4088a | January 2, 2020

i purchased a Tesla 2018 model s it does not have GPS is there a way to purchase it

rm760 | January 3, 2020

Make an appointment via the app to have the HW swap completed. Worked for my 2018 MS P100D with FSD

EVRider | January 3, 2020

@rox262: You can’t request the HW3. Tesla is rolling them out based on VIN and you’ll be notified when your upgrade is available.

@b4088a: All Teslas have GPS. What are you talking about?

Daisy the Road ... | January 3, 2020

Are all MS Teslas going to be updated to HW3, or is this limited to FSD cars?
2017 S75D in our case.

EVRider | January 3, 2020

@Daisy: Only FSD cars will get the free upgrade to HW3. | January 3, 2020

@Dasiy, to expand on EVRider - you can buy FSD and if you don't have HW3 AP processor, it will be added.