Has anyone bought adapters from

Has anyone bought adapters from

This web site has all kinds of adapters for Tesla. I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. Thanks.

shs | August 2, 2013

There was a recent thread on this. Use to search for it. Lots of people had bought from them and were in general very happy.

nvjx | August 2, 2013

Thanks shs. It seems like shop had a good experience with their adapter.

AmpedRealtor | August 2, 2013

Are you sure that's the correct web site? When I enter EVSE.COM it takes me to - no adapters, just charging stations.

erickitain | August 2, 2013

believe the email is

nvjx | August 2, 2013

Sorry about that. It is

lloyds | August 2, 2013

what is their warranty? It looks like I'll have to send mine in to do this. Would like to know if anyone's had this done before

Beavertail S | August 3, 2013

I bought a 10-30 to 14-50 adapter from them and am very pleased. Well made. Fast delivery. They use a sticker to remind you to charge at 24 amps (80% of the circuit's rated load). I went back recently to find the product for a new owner and saw they have improved the 14-50 adapter. I plug this into a dryer plug when visiting friends or renting a house, then use camco 50 amp extension cords (Amazon) to reach the car. Works perfectly. Be careful to watch circuit tripping though. Last week I had to dial down the amps to 20 to avoid tripping - it was still fine for overnight charging. All other locations were fine at 24 amps.

Hodas | August 3, 2013

Is there any advantage to these over Tesla Store adapters for the ones that Tesla also sells?

shop | August 3, 2013

The sole advantage is that you can use an RV 50 amp extension cord with them to allow charging from up to 50' away rather than the 20' that just the UMC cord allows. The disadvantage is that you have to remember to manually dial down amperage.

shs | August 3, 2013

If Tesla makes an adaptor then by all means that is your best deal in that since the Tesla adaptors replace the 14-50 plug on your UMC they are very compact and the car recognizes the adaptor and sets the charging current appropriately.

Where EVSE adaptors come in to play is for outlets that are not supported by official Tesla adaptors.
The EVSE adaptors are a plug, a foot or so of cable and then a "surface" receptacle, making them much less compact or easy to store.m The EVSE adaptors are very much the same as one could make for oneself, but if you are in a hurry, or can't find the parts, or are uncomfortable making your own, EVSEadaptors are a good way to go and the pricing seems fair.

A while ago, I needed an L6-30 adaptor very quickly and EVSEadaptors had one, I believe to a 14-50R at the time and shipped FedEx that day. When I spoke to the owner I suggested that I would rather have an L6-30 to 10-30 adaptor that I could use with my Tesla 10-30 adaptor in that the car would sense the Tesla 10-30 adaptor 30 amp capability and act accordingly. He understood the logic and now that seems to be a standard option with automatic setting of charging current as the advantage.

shop | August 3, 2013

Also sells some adapters that Tesla does not sell.