Has anyone gone 'back' to an ICE vehicle?

Has anyone gone 'back' to an ICE vehicle?

Has anyone out there who has owned a Model S for a whole and used as their main car, sold it and 'returned' to an equivalent replacement ICE car? - i.e.- a like-for-like replacement; not a change - say back to a pick-up as it was required and the Model S was unsuitable.

If so, why?

GuyDormehl | July 20, 2013

Sorry obvious typo "used it for a WHILE..."

ORWA | July 20, 2013

I predict this will be a very short thread...

Equest | July 20, 2013

Not a chance. Had mine since Oct 1st.
My wife who was a real skeptic is not complaining that I didn't buy more stock instead of the car 9 months ago so she could have her own Tesla.

I am already convinced that I will personally never have another ICE car the rest of my life. I am lamenting the fact that my daughter is 16, and I have to help her get an ICE car.

eddiemoy | July 20, 2013

i don't even have mine yet, but i can't even think about buying another ice car. when you compare, even the 60kw, still better than the competition.

RZitrin1 | July 20, 2013

I do, when I am forced to drive my wife's 2012 BMW 3 convertible. I used to think it was OK, but now I am so put off by the fact that when I take my foot off the gas, it doesn't regenerate.

I like the top down, but driving it? Nah.

AlMc | July 20, 2013

I was going to start a thread about the pain and suffering Tesla has inflicted on me by periodically having to drive my SUV and having my daughter drive her ICE. Only cure is months OFF: swap the SUV for the "X" and get my daughter into a GEN III.

I have driven ICE vehicles for 40 years. Some real gas guzzlers.
I will not buy another one.

cloroxbb | July 20, 2013

Its going to suck when, come December, when I travel back to Michigan for leave, its going to have to be in the Prius instead of my (soon to own) Model S because the Superchargers on the route home wont be set up yet. But any other leave that I take in 2014 and beyond will totally be driven in the Model S!!!

So ill be "going back" to an ICE just for that instance. | July 20, 2013

I seem to remember someone sold a signature to a dealership as a trade in when his wife said she didn't like the car. This was in November of last year. I personally think the "object" of the trade-in was wrong at the time :o)

If anyone did actually return to an ICE after driving the S I would doubt that they continue to follow the forum.

ppape | July 20, 2013

We were told by a service center that someone kept bringing in their S to be worked on for noise. All service was completed and owner still said it made too much noise. Service center had specialty guy come down from Fremont and look over the car. It was in perfect shape. Center found out owner still thought it was too noisy and sold it and returned to his Mercedes..... Hard to believe.........


AlMc | July 20, 2013

ppape: Does not totally surprise me. While most people on this forum would never give up their S, no car is 'perfect' for everyone. As Kevin R pointed out: It is doubtful that anyone frequents this forum that traded in their S.

S4WRXTTCS | July 20, 2013

I'm sure there are because that's how some people are with cars. As far as I can tell the Tesla MS at least in the initial production was a fairly easy car to get out of. You weren't stuck financially in it for the typical time.

The other factor is there is a limited amount of choice if you're looking for an all electric car with a decent range, and high speed recharging. You're basically limited to one car choice. For me an MS isn't the ideal form factor. It's a little big for my long term taste. A remodeled Roadster would be a better fit long term. In the near term I'll most likely get a Tesla MS 60KW as an experiment and investment in the technology. I'll probably keep it for 3-4 years until something more ideal for my usage case comes along.

dougarcher26 | July 20, 2013

I have to drive an ICE for work and it's just terrible. I can't wait to get off work and hop in the S. It's night and day comparison.

bradslee | July 20, 2013

Vehicle has hundred types,
And the winner but one;
Yet the light of the driving life dies
When Model S is gone.

JPPTM | July 20, 2013

cloroxbb--maybe you can plan a route back using public chargers or RV parks...

jbunn | July 20, 2013

Wont go back. Tesla in Feb. Sold both ice this spring.

edcalis | July 21, 2013

Should Old Acquaintance be forgot, and never thought upon...

cloroxbb | July 21, 2013


No thanks, not with my wife and 2-3 week old child in the car. :)
Its fine, Im just going to miss it while Im gone, haha

jandkw | July 21, 2013

I still have my SUV as backup and long distance travel, but rarely drive her, sorry MDX. I will keep my MDX for a while until the superchargers take effect nationwide. My next car will be another EV, may be a Gen III sedan, Gen III SUV or another EV from other manufacturers if they can build one as good as Tesla, who knows?

rdalcanto | July 21, 2013

What kills me is that when my son goes to college in 4 years, I will probably have to buy him an ICE.

JPPTM | July 21, 2013

rdalcanto--depending on where he goes to school and how much he has to drive, maybe a Leaf or Volt??

rdalcanto | July 21, 2013

Yeah, we'll see. As a ski racer, he will probably need AWD. I have a few years to figure it out...

Tesla-David | July 21, 2013

You have to be kidding. There is no going back after experiencing the Model S. ICE cars, even our Prius are so OVER and DONE compared to the MS. No going back for me EVER!

nickjhowe | July 21, 2013

My wife won't give up her Lexus GS300. It was her first "expensive" car, and although she thinks the Model S is 'cool', she's perfectly happy sticking to ICE. Go figure.

tobi_ger | July 21, 2013

If you're lucky, the 4 years may be just enough to get GenIII then. :)

Brian H | July 21, 2013

Every once in a while, sniff a couple of times and ask if she's been driving.

If you dare.

JonathanL | July 21, 2013

Only when my wife wakes up before me and leaves me with the keys to the BMW.

petero | July 21, 2013

nickjhowe. Virtually the same thing happened to me. I bought our MS for my wife and she continues to drive her 2009 Subaru Legacy. My wife is a huge fan of the MS, TM, and EM.

She also has a 2003 T-Bird (baby blue/white top) but seldom drives it because it is the weapon of choice of our daughter. I reluctantly drive the ICEs when a gas run or servicing is required. I do love to drive my vintage, Alfa Romeo Spider. The best of both worlds.

Mathew98 | July 22, 2013

@Brian H - Don't ever ask a man to sniff a woman, even his wife. You never know when his nose or his manhood may end up...