Has Anyone Removed Front Door Panels by Yourself?

Has Anyone Removed Front Door Panels by Yourself?

I ran into a situation that I may need to remove my front door panels by myself.

I watched this youtube video many times:

I think the steps are:

1. Remove rubber from the door handle.
2. Remove the bolt.
3. Pop our the door handle plastic trim.
4. Remove the four bolts behind the door handle.
5. Pop the door panel.

But I'm wondering if I can really do it by myself, because:

1. I didn't find any info about how to remove the Model X front door panels on Youtube or forums (beside the video I posted), maybe it's too hard to DIY?
2. I heard that the clips that hold panel and door together aren't reusable. If that's true, I don't have the replacements.

lilbean | August 29, 2018

Just gotta go for it and ignore the scary sounds. I've seen it done. It's easy. But you have to commit once you start pulling. Can't you figure out a better place to hide the device?;)

shaneqi | August 29, 2018

@lilbean haha, that's a good one.

The short story of my situation is that there is noise that the doors make occasionally. The noise went away after the service center's first fix but came back later.

I wanted to fix it myself if I can so that I don't need to go to the service center again and again. I feel the tiny noise doesn't worth my time going to the service center again, nor the service center's resource (they need to drive the car around to reproduce/locate the issue first, but the car DOESN'T make the noise all the time).

@lilbean did you see the whole process of removing the door panel? Do the steps I figured sound about right to you?

Triggerplz | August 29, 2018

Getting Lilbean advise on removing and reinstalling a Tesla MX door panel
Awww Hell Naw :-)

lilbean | August 29, 2018

Hey T!

lilbean | August 29, 2018

Yes. The exact steps you listed above are exactly right. I must say that step three is the most difficult part. I would not recommend doing it on your own. I wouldn't do it myself even though I've seen it done. The part could be damaged as well as the clips like you mentioned.

The company that installed my cameras on my X and 3, Calibred Customs 310-654-0532, travels throughout the country and would do it an no charge to you. Where are you located?

Triggerplz | August 29, 2018

Hey Lilbean oops

lilbean | August 29, 2018
Triggerplz | August 29, 2018


shaneqi | August 30, 2018

I had some luck removing the door panel.

I can probably record and post a video when I get a chance.

lilbean | August 30, 2018


2015P90DI | September 4, 2018

It's easy, just a few bolts hidden that need to be removed. Then just have to pull on it with some strength to get it out of the clips. Can be nerve wracking, thinking you might break something, but as long as you got all the required bolts/screws out, then you won't break anything. I've had to take mine off. I just get one corner started and then the rest is easy.

rob | January 2, 2019

I've got a slight, intermittent rattle in my driver door too. I believe it started after getting the windows tinted, but I've only had my X for a few weeks so it's hard to tell.
Were you able to get the noise to stop? Any chance you made the video to help ease my mind before attempting?