Has anyone with a Signature Reservation configured your Model S yet?

Has anyone with a Signature Reservation configured your Model S yet?

In order to deliver the 5000 2012 Model S vehicles in the 5.5 months or 169 days between 15JUL2012 and 31DEC2012 Tesla must produce 29.586 cars a day and to keep the 90 day "Configure to Delivery" timeframe documented on the Facts page of, Signature Model S Reservation #1 through Signature Model S Reservation #29 should have been configured on 15APR2012. So as of today, 03MAY2012 or 18 days later, Signature Model S Reservation Holder #1 through Signature Model S Reservation Holder #532 should have been contacted by Tesla to sign a MVPA, put up the non-refundable down payment and configure their Signature Model S with a Tesla Configuration Specialist.

Has anyone of the first 532 Signature Model S Reservation Holders signed your MVPA, made your deposit and configured your 2012 Signature Model S? Care to share your experience with the rest of us Reservation Holders so that we can know what to expect?

If none of the first 532 Signature Model S Reservation Holders have been contacted as of today, Tesla is already 18 days behind schedule and unless they can catch up, only 4468 of the 2012 Tesla Model S cars will be manufactured and delivered in calendar year 2012.

Charged_Up | May 16, 2012

I am Sig 92 and received my configure email late yesterday.

I am NOT a roadster owner, so this is a regular sig #.

ViewAskew | May 16, 2012

Now that is music to my ears. Sitting at 1101 that seems closer than I could imagine. Perhaps I'll actaully be able to enjoy the Sig late summer after all. Ty @Charged_Up

MarkV | May 16, 2012

S64 Received our configure e-mail yesterday as well and scheduled the phone conference for today (16 May).

Schlermie | May 16, 2012

davidcjones also reported to have S64 in the "Highest Signature # to be Contacted for Finalizing Order???" thread. He specified that he has a Special Sig Reservation, so that confirms that the Special Sig Reservations have their own reservation numbering.

Charged_Up | May 17, 2012

S92 (regular signature, not sig special) received config email 5/15.

MarkV | May 17, 2012


I noticed the same and came to the same conclusion. Delivery of S64 to Arizona is estimated as early September. Based on the registry of reservation holders in Arizona ( may be the first Model S in Arizona. It will be good birthday present regardless. Be prepared for the "sticker shock" when sales tax adds another ~$8000. The $990 delivery fee applies even if you take delivery at the factory so go ahead and follow Tesla's advice of taking delivery where ever it will make you the happiest.

Brian H | May 18, 2012

What delivery date estimate were you given?

MarkV | May 18, 2012

GGR et al: On my MVPA paperwork there is section 4 that deals with trade-ins and related credits. Section 4 has lines for year, make, model, VIN of your trade-in. There is a line for "agreed trade-in value", another for you to divulge any outstanding associated debt and then one for net trade-in value. Other lines include deposit (the $5,000 or $40,000 you paid a long time ago), cash, and other. These numbers are added up and then subtracted from the sale price to yield what is to be paid upon delivery. When I asked about the trade-in value, the salesman told me that the value would be determined by a yet unindentified third party. The quote would not be valid for very long, so will not even be offered until just before delivery of your car. I was referred to Auto Nation to get an "idea" of my car's value. Back in the fine print there is a complete section covering your trade-in and how you warrant that it is free and clear of any encumberences, that it has never been a taxi or police car, etc. In our case we have already arranged sale of our car so will just handle it as a private sale.

DallasTXModelS | May 18, 2012

Has anyone signed up for the web access? Is it 3G, 4G? Has it been determined? Can you choose the provider?

dave.rauschkolb | May 19, 2012

I'm Reservation #904 for the Tesla Signature S. I have had no contact yet about ordering my car. I have "saved a design"; selected colors, wheels and interior package on my personal page but I doubt that is anything but a tool to tee up the final order/configuration. I'm eager to get the email but no cigar yet.

Dave Rauschkolb

JoeFee | May 19, 2012

May be a little longer … I believe they are in the high 200's at this point. Soon zoommmm.

Brian H | May 21, 2012

Yeah, that will be an interesting number; if you get a call this month it would mean production will hit 1,000 by about the end of August! Please keep us informed ...

Teoatawki | May 21, 2012

Remember Sig reservation #s are over 1100, which implies there are at least 100 drops or downgrades in the first 1000. I'm both eager and anxious they will contact me this week or next (sig 703).

Soflauthor | May 21, 2012

@Teoatawki: Good luck, I hope you get the Tuesday email. I'm #422, but I don't expect contact until next Tuesday, 5/29. Let's hope we're both surprised.

Epley | May 21, 2012

S564--this forum is spinning me into a frenzy. Can't wait for that email!

Brian H | May 22, 2012

Your post assumed a flat "average" output, which of course is not the case. It will be heavily weighted towards the end of the year. At max say 1700/mo = 85/day for a 20-day work month, or 57/day for a 30-day work month, about double the "average" you calculated.

Carmine | June 9, 2012

Where are we in this configuration process? Have all the Founders ( I would imagine - yes) and Special Sigs been contacted? I realize some early regular Sigs have completed the ordering process; but, which regular Sig Teslaholic has has signed on the dotted line and relinquished the last remaining hold they had on their $40,000 deposit.

ggr | June 9, 2012

Me, months ago. But by federal law, only $10,000 is nonrefundable, even now.

Brian H | June 10, 2012

Actually, I expect all the Founders to be receiving their hardware before the 22nd. I think Elon indicated all those deliveries would be done before the public's reservations were filled.

jbherman | June 10, 2012

At the 6/6 shareholders meeting Elon said they would deliver 10 cars on 6/22. To satisfy the media, I agree with you that these will probably be for special sig reservation holders and not founders. That would make good on TM's delivery promise.

Carmine | June 10, 2012

Yes, we know that the Founders will have their S's by 6/22 & that
early Special Sig's will be starting to get their cars on that date; but, who wins the prize for the highest Regular Sig contacted for
configuration as of today.

Bill Tracey | June 10, 2012

sig #559 we configured our car on 6/5 we were told september delivery

Brian H | June 10, 2012

That probably means ~1,000 delivered by the end of Sept., leaving 3 months to do the next 4,000. Considering that the Plan is to be hitting at or above the ~1,600/mo rate by the end of Dec., that looks like a good bet.

Brian H | June 10, 2012

Keep in mind that quite a few test-drive demos will be cranked out, too, for all the stores around the country. About 100 is my guess.

Rod and Barbara | June 10, 2012

Not that it matters that much, but the 10 cars to be delivered on June 22 will be Founder Series cars. We are Special Signature #4. We asked the Sales Manager we are working with on Friday if we would get our car on June 22. He said that a handful of Founder Series cars would be delivered on June 22 and that we would get our car in early July.

Brian H | June 11, 2012


dahtye | June 13, 2012

I'm Sig #567 and configure mine last week (was contacted by email on 6/7/2012 at 9:30am PDT to configure). Delivery is in September.
The highest reservation number contacted on 6/7, according to another thread, was Sig #703. I imagine another "wave" of sig numbers will be contacted before the end of this week. TM contacted a number range of about 170 sig numbers (I don't know how many of those numbers were special sigs, so the actual contact number is likely to be lower than 170).

Teoatawki | June 13, 2012

I have Sig 703 reservation. The wheels at Tesla have been grinding very slowly this past week. I'm sure it was contacting people who ordered banana leaf or the 19" aero wheels and the early res #s about the added paint armor option that clogged up the works. I just got my MVPA to sign today.

Good news, it still says September delivery.

Brian H | June 14, 2012

yes, there's surely a disconnect of sorts between contact speed and production speed (not that the latter is yet really known). Lags in contact would perhaps require purchasers to take their cars before the projected date. I doubt there'd be many complaints!

Teoatawki | June 14, 2012

Since failure to deliver by the end of September would be a breach of contract, I expect they are being even more conservative than usual.

On the one hand, I'm trying to keep from raising my hopes for a delivery before the latter half of September to keep from being disappointed. On the other hand, my inner 5 year old is hoping for an actual delivery in August sometime.

Right now, the 5 year old is winning.

Brian H | June 14, 2012

I'd put a small to medium wager on your 5-yr old being satisfied! I agree, TM is likely playing the delivery date promise game very conservatively right now. We'll get a feel during July for actual (early ramp-up) auto output, I think.

Soflauthor | June 14, 2012

@BrianH said: "We'll get a feel during July for actual (early ramp-up) auto output, I think."

I agree, but only if we extrapolate July's actual production into into August and Sept. As we've discussed elsewhere on this forum, TM will go slow early-on to ensure that there aren't quality problems in the first few hundred vehicles. I'm sticking with my guess of:

June - 100 vehicles (some customer/some demo)
July - 200 customer vehicles (produced/delivered)
August - 360 customer vehicles
Sept - 720 customer vehicles

If the July number is > 200, then we can extrapolate accordingly.

Brian H | June 14, 2012

Yeah, I'd like to think there could be more, but that ramps towards the projected 5,300 or so fairly neatly. (It also ramps to surpass the nay-sayers' 2,000 ceiling by late September.)

dahtye | June 14, 2012

My guess:
June - 50 (short time between 6/22 and 6/30)
July - 150 (first full month)
Aug - 300
Sept - 600 (estimate about 600 were contacted so far with delivery promised in September)

Based on email contacts to "configure your Model S" thru 6/7/2012 (as reported on a different tread on this forum). If TM is sandbagging on the promised delivery date, then Soflauthor's numbers could be closer.

Crow | June 14, 2012

I'm no lawyer but I recall that the terms and conditions in the contract say that failing to deliver by the given date does not constitute a breach.

Teoatawki | June 14, 2012

Only if the delay is due to circumstances beyond their control and not due to their negligence.

MandL | June 15, 2012

Sig #802. We just confirmed our configuration and are awaiting the final paperwork. Unbelievably, neither of us has peed ourselves yes!

Beaker | June 15, 2012

MandL: +1 on not having peed yourself, having got mine today (915) I know it's not an easy task.

Mike_ModelS_P457 | June 15, 2012

Note to self, get a box of Depends and some baby wipes to have on hand for when I get my email.

David70 | June 15, 2012


Then be sure to have the Depends on when driving the first time. You wouldn't want to soil your new Model S.

Brian H | June 15, 2012

Next stage after the Tesla Grin -- the Tesla puddle??

Doctor to patient: "Don't worry; it's just TTUI (Transient Tesla Urinary Incontinence), and should pass. Schedule a new appointment in a couple of weeks if you continue to have difficulty containing yourself. I mean your urine."

Teoatawki | June 15, 2012

You guys are so sick! But in a amusing way.

Teoatawki | June 15, 2012


Darn you missing edit feature!

Carmine | June 15, 2012

Glad to see that Sigs #802 & 915 got their their "ready to build" emails today. I'm Sig #718 (not Special Sig) and also got my email today. Is this a good sign that Tesla is ramping up production; or, does it mean that there have been lots of Sig cancellations?

Brian H | June 16, 2012

Probably means that production is anticipated to be ramping up quickly in late Aug./early Sept.

Tha's OK. 'A amusing' is amusinger than 'an amusing'.

pilotSteve | June 20, 2012

Sig #1199 - got my 'ready to build' email today!

ViewAskew | June 20, 2012

Sig #1101

Configured my Sig this evening. I was told on the phone that it would see my Model S early Oct. Hopefully the MVP says something different.

olanmills | June 20, 2012

What does MVPA mean?

I'm assuming it's some kind of contract you sign which says, 'yes, you are really now ordering the car and you are now obligated to pay for it; you can't back out now'

Captain_Zap | June 20, 2012

S 1136 Configured!

Teoatawki | June 21, 2012