Has anyone tried BFGoodrich G-FORCE COMP-2 A/S tires?

Has anyone tried BFGoodrich G-FORCE COMP-2 A/S tires?

i've been buying set of 2 19" OEM Goodyear tires (245/45R19) for my 2013 Model S from Tesla every 18 months for the past 6 years at a cost of just under $500. The tires last about 30,000 before being replaced with 1 rotation at 15,000 miles and have very even wear.

i am contemplating getting BFGoodrich G-FORCE COMP-2 A/S tires from Costco because Tesla has raised the cost of the tires to $550 for set of 2 Goodyear tires; am told mostly due to cost increase of labor rather than cost increase of the tires themselves.

Debating on getting my next set of tires from Costco not only for cost considerations but also because Tesla charges approx. $45 for flat repair to plug a nail hole, where as Costco has free flat repair (if repairable) and free tire rotations.

i am contemplating on the Michelin Energy MXV4 ($265 each), Michelin Pilot Sport3 ($240 each), and BFGoodrich G-FORCE COMP-2 A/S ($195 each).

Leaning towards to BFGoodrich G-FORCE COMP-2 A/S because of cost factor and also it was rated as one of the top performance tires back in 2016 for superior handling on wet, dry and snow traction, and are rated. None of the reviews i've searched on-line had discussed road noise factor on those tires, which would a primary consideration for my purchase decision.

All opinions and feedbacks on recommended tires will be appreciated.

Thank you all in advance.

mizunosan | July 21, 2019

I'm looking at the Pilot Sport 3 but will be using Discount Tire as their warranty (~$25/tire) has been invaluable for my other cars, especially when I had my BMW with run flats. It's not just a free flat repair, but also a replacement if it can;t be repaired. Model S100D 2018 -- will have close to 20,000 miles on it soon.

mikefa | August 12, 2019

Love my new BFGoodrich G-FORCE COMP-2 A/S tires on my Tesla Model S.

i have been driving almost 2 weeks on my new tires, replacing the OEM Goodyear tires, and they are noticeably smoother and quieter with softer rubber yet it is rated for 45,000 miles. The thread design is a bit more aggressive than i like it to be, but the tire bead design is wider and thicker protruding slightly over the rim which protects the rim to minimize any accidental rim rashes. I recommend them and would buy them again.

I have Michelin Pilot tires on my 2009 BMW X5 and i really can't tell the difference between them.