Have Dec 2014 S and considering getting 2019 S

Have Dec 2014 S and considering getting 2019 S

Please can anyone tell me the advances the car has made since 12/14? I'm especially curious about the speed of the internet and the cpu also how often can the super air filter be used between cleanings please? Are the new model S plagued with the same challenges that the new model 3s are? Any other thoughts would be welcomed as well.

trident3 | March 4, 2019

One week with a 2019 S 75 D. First, sound system is terrible compared to my last Mercedes, but easier to use. Second, no or limited storage space; no storage pockets on the doors or seat backs. Other than that, I am enjoying the vehicle and for my purpose the 75D is enough for running around town. If I was doing it again, now with the price drop, I would purchase the bigger battery. I had a 2018 Mercedes S63, which ended up being a buy back. The Tesla is $100,000 less than the Mercedes and I enjoy the driving the Tesla much more.

EVRider | March 5, 2019 | March 5, 2019

@trident3 - On the UHFS sound system (which hasn't changed over the years), if you're not getting good quality, it's likely the source material. Source quality going from really poor to great:

Streaming (depending on channel)
USB MP3 384 Kbps
USB Flac

Try some non-lossy FLAC files on USB and you may be pleasantly surprised on how good it sounds. I expect it to be equal or better than Mercedes.

You might also check the equalizer and fader is not set at some extremes. You can also play with Immersive sound. For some source material it offers further improvement - but this is more to your personal taste.