Heading cross country!

Heading cross country!

Drove from Kentucky to New York last week to pick up my daughter in Hoboken for my co- pilot. As I was exiting the freeway for JFK, I hit something in the road that blew out a tire and bent the rim. Called tesla service at 7:am Monday morning. They had a new tire and rim on by 9 am. Left JFK supercharger at 9:45. Stopped in Hoboken and on to Newark, De. Full range charge and left with 258 miles. Pulled into Somerset sc with 11 miles rang left. Somerset to Macedonia in 3 hrs. It was snowing so the leg to Maumee, Ohio was slow. Got in at 2:30 am and couldn't get to the supercharger because of the snow that hadn't been plowed. Went to a Hampton inn 1/2 mile away and called Tesla. The guy told me to get some sleep and he would see what he could do. I went back to the sc at 8 am and it was clear. Are these guys the best or what! Headed out to Mishawaka with temp at 6 degrees. I'll keep you up to date if there is interest.

ThorensP | January 23, 2014


You and your daughter are pioneers! Congratulations on making history. My wife and I are tuned in each day waiting for the next installment of your adventures. This is the best thread in the forum right now.

Our hearts are with you.

JZ13 | January 23, 2014

@myfastlady - This is a great story. Can I ask about the timing of your trip? It seems that when you departed there were still a few gaps in the Supercharger route. However, the Superchargers are now all open so you will be the first to complete the cross-continent journey using only Superchargers. Did you anticipate they would be open by the time you made it out West? Or were you planning on using public charging stations if they weren't open?

Either way congratulations. It's a lot of fun following your trek.

SamO | January 23, 2014


This is a monumental milestone. Please keep posting with details.

J.T. | January 23, 2014

I'm as excited for your next installment as I was when I heard, "Atomic batteries to power, turbines to speed."

"Tune in tomorrow! Same Bat time, same Bat channel!"

Safe journeys!

romainiacWV | January 23, 2014

This is an amazing thread! Keep the posts coming and keep enjoying this journey. We are all rooting for you. Agree that there is alot of beauty in what this company is accomplishing with this charging network.

Butch | January 23, 2014

Respect the Cheyenne to Silverthorne section. Do a range charge in Cheyenne and if you need some extra Watt hours, stop at Beau Jo's Pizza in Idaho Springs. Pretty good pizza and a couple of solar/wind powered J1772's (ChargePoint).

Sgt Barone | January 23, 2014

Awesome thread! Keep us posted!

STEVEZ | January 23, 2014

Someone asked about the minimum 'safe' speed on I-25 between Cheyenne and Denver. I drove that stretch in both directions last week, before the Supercharger went on line: 65-67 mph, temps 35º-45º F., and moderate winds only for the northern half of the trip. I felt perfectly safe in the right lane at 65, and I achieved better than Rated range for the round trip.

Thom EM | January 23, 2014

Oh! this is so much fun to follow! Bon Voyage!

STEVEZ | January 23, 2014

What Butch said, and remember that you'll actually need extra kWh to get to the top at the Eisenhower Tunnel: it's all downhill to Silverthorne from there, and you'll gain between 1 and 2 kWh from regen braking descending to the Supercharger.

AtlantaCourier | January 23, 2014

One of the best threads ever! Stay safe John and Jill!

SarahsDad | January 23, 2014

What an amazing 'First'.

I hope to tell my future grand kids in 20 years that "Yep, the first cross country trip on Superchargers alone was way back in January, 2014. And I followed along! I think we knew then what a milestone it would become'.

To which I expect my grand kids to respond to by saying - "Pops, everybody knows that! We learn about it in American History class!"

ferrari308driver | January 23, 2014

Have you had any encounters with folks on your trip where you've had the opportunity to share information about your car and Tesla in general? In 2011, I did a crazy trip in a vintage car ( and went equipped with an information sheet that I passed out to people who came up to look at the car -- I had my boys hand them out and talk with folks. :-) That was one of the best parts of the trip.

I am very very jealous that you're doing this first, as I've been looking forward to doing it myself. We have a trip planned to Orlando over spring break and that will be our first long trip with the car. Got it in August and already at 10,000 miles...

Tigerxml | January 23, 2014

Seen this post on insideEVs - becoming popular :)

EFusco | January 23, 2014

Well done and good on you, esp. taking on the trip in this most challenging time of the year. I hope you share a blog or photo set somewhere from your adventure.

drax7 | January 23, 2014

Congratulations and god speed, this is massive.

JohnGlenney | January 23, 2014

Made it to lusk with no problems. Those who think the country is overcrowded need to visit South Dakota and Wyoming. When you watch a cell phone commercial, they show a map of coverage of the United States. Notice the lack of coverage in the Rapid City to Lusk area. With 2i-phones, an i-pad and a PC in addition to the connected Tesla, we were disconnected for about an hr. This must be what the pioneers in covered wagons felt like. The nav map was off until we got to Lusk. My youngest daughter, Claire, is 6 and she has the Tesla app on her I-pad so she can follow us in real time. She is putting stickers on a big laminated map of the country to track our progress. By the time she is my age you may be able to take the trip in a hydrogen powered car!
The Supercharger in Lusk is in the parking lot of what looks like the Bates Motel. I don't think I will disturb them.

john | January 23, 2014

Congrats on the epic journey! Following along with you guys from Australia. Left my Model S tucked in and plugged in back in my garage in Atlanta.

Captain_Zap | January 23, 2014

Is this trip using Superchargers exclusively?

STEVEZ | January 23, 2014

Hey, let's give Lusk a little love: it's quintessential small town America away from the Interstate, where the big chains throw up modern boxes and give you the same experience no matter where you are. The first owners to visit the Lusk Supercharger reported that while their S was charging and they were having a bite to eat in the place across the street, the motel's owners came in, all excited, just to meet them and have a little Tesla time. Don't forget, the motel owners signed a contract with Tesla, it's not like the Supercharger just appeared in their parking lot: they've got a stake in this thing, too. Besides, the Covered Wagon Motel actually gets quite good reviews online.

d_kaufman | January 23, 2014

I think that if I had been driving since Monday, including in some foul weather, I might also forget to be an ambassador on this record-setting trip.
Best of luck.

skymaster | January 23, 2014


I talked to the owner of the Covered Wagon on the phone when the Supercharger was under construction. HE was excited to have the Supercharger there, and seemed like a great guy! I can't wait to get there in a couple of months and thank him again.

redacted | January 23, 2014

@myfastlady, Hydrogen is so...

Captain_Zap | January 23, 2014

The City of Centralia, WA was so excited to get the Superchargers. They rejoiced about being the "Hub City" again in a full page newspaper article. They had that nickname but lost that status and stagnated when traffic shifted from Hwy 99 to I-5 in the late 1950's.

Now they have a new neon sign across the street going into their old downtown saying "Hub City". I think that most of the Tesla drivers just hang out at the I-5 interchange and they don't get to see it. If you make it there, you can wander east into town and find antique shops, a historic pub and a nice café. I think the train still stops there.

It was heartwarming to see all the enthusiasm in a small town full of big trucks that was almost forgotten.

Andre-nl | January 23, 2014


Unless it's hydrogen fusion ;)


Enjoying the story!

JohnGlenney | January 23, 2014

Didn't mean to disparage any community that is partners with tesla. We are all here on the same journey and need all the help we can get. Any friend of Tesla is a friend of mine. Acautionary note to future travelers down this path. Rapid city to Cheyenne is off the beaten path and I saw many signs that said road closed ahead if yellow light is blinking. This must be a common occurrence in winter and I would hate to get caught short, especially with no cell phone service. Roads today are good and we made good time. Cheyenne to silverthorne next. If at all possible I would like to use only Superchargers. You guys are making me a little nervous about this leg but I appreciate the heads up. I will let Jill drive and will try not to micro-manage. Pulled into Cheyenne into charger 2b and got no power. Pulled over to 1b and got full charge. If someone could give a shout out to Tesla so they can check it out. Also reports of Silverthorne being iced at night. If someone is nearby later, let me know, or save me a spot and I will buy you dinner. ETA is 8-8:30 in Silverthorne. See you there!

TheAustin | January 23, 2014

"SarahsDad | JANUARY 23, 2014
What an amazing 'First'.

I hope to tell my future grand kids in 20 years that "Yep, the first cross country trip on Superchargers alone was way back in January, 2014. And I followed along! I think we knew then what a milestone it would become'.

To which I expect my grand kids to respond to by saying - "Pops, everybody knows that! We learn about it in American History class!""

I love that :)

hillcountryfun | January 23, 2014

I'd suggest a group of folks show up in Silverthorne and buy them dinner! Congrats adventurers!

J.T. | January 23, 2014

@SarahsDad I agree with the Austin, fantastic comment on this amazing trip.

ThorensP | January 23, 2014,

Don't panic as you are ascending the mountains toward Silverthorne. It always seems like you won't have enough range to make it to the next supercharger. Then you hit the crest and suddenly your range extends to the infinite (or so it seems on a long downhill).

Loving your posts. Keep them coming!

assaf.oron | January 23, 2014

@myfastlady to the pioneering dad & daughter pair, I'm just a lowly Leaf driver here :)

Heard about your trip via I am really excited to be following it in real time.

Thank you for taking the plunge, and for sharing your experiences live.

Wishing you all the success in the world, drive safe!


JonathanL | January 23, 2014

If the major news networks are not at the final supercharger to meet you, then there is something seriously wrong with what they consider news.

Tiebreaker | January 23, 2014


ian | January 23, 2014

+1 JonathanL!

Best of luck John and Jill!


STEVEZ | January 23, 2014

Silverthorne won't be ICEd at night; Glenwood, however, is almost guaranteed to be.

Pricee2 | January 23, 2014

Anyone else wonder if Broder & the Times will have anything to say about this trip.

I am guessing not, unless they can put a negative spin on it.

My5bAby | January 23, 2014

Go Go Go ! ! !

Tessnme | January 23, 2014

We are watching. Go! Go! Go! We will be trying the reverse trip in the spring! You are amazing!

Hart | January 23, 2014

I live in Fort Collins, CO. I have made the trip to Silverthorne SC a number of times. In cold weather (as right now!), you will get appr. 65% efficiency going at an average speed of 72mph (in my case 120 road miles in 1hr 40 min, using 180 range miles) going into the mountains. I just returned from the Cheyenne SC this pm (55 mi road mi, 75 range mi). Very cold, however, and I am a fast driver (avg was 80mph). So if you take it considerably slower, you should be fine. Silverthorne SC was never full (8 stalls!) when I was there. I have consistently been the only one charging there.
Good luck, and I envy you. What a great trip!
And, btw, with both Kingman and Hagerstown opening today THE FULL TESLA CEOSSCOUNTRY HIGHWAY IS OPEN!!!

CalDreamin | January 23, 2014

EVTripPlanner is really helpful. Select the Advanced button, and you can adjust all sorts of parameters that affect Model S range.

logicalthinker | January 23, 2014

This is SOO incredibly exciting... I literally am about to go buy a Model S and try this route myself. But I want a Model X.

Webcrawler | January 23, 2014

Thanks for sharing this historic moment....

dramingly | January 23, 2014

Love this, especially with the live posts. Elon himself should greet you at the final Supercharger!

JohnGlenney | January 23, 2014

We made it to Silverthorne with 35 miles of range left, not including the 17 miles Tesla hides from us for emergencies. As a guy it is my responsibility to drive and I feel out of control in the passenger seat. As a parent, I want to tell my daughter what to do. I remember 10 yrs ago when Jill was just learning to drive and as she got on the freeway with me in the passenger seat, I literally thought I was about to die. Tonight with Jill driving through the mountains in the dark, the same feeling washed over me and I had a comforting thought. If I die, it would be in the pursuit of a noble cause, so I kept my mouth shut and we were fine. After the build up, this leg was anti- climactic. I foresee a time in the not too distant future when you pull in to a supercharger, select your next destination and the car factors in the temperature, wind speed, elevation, terrain and driving speed and automatically computes the charge time and when you can leave. The superchargers tomorrow are all closely spaced and we may get to try the approach of a quicker charge and blast off to the next one. I'me looking forward to it.

CalDreamin | January 23, 2014

Fantastic :-)
Safe travels!

Rocky_H | January 23, 2014

I got to watch the live Facebook postings as Terry Hershner was doing the first cross country trip on an electric motorcycle several months ago. It's cool that I'm getting to follow along on this first as well. My Model S is due in March, and I am very excited! Good luck!

And I also second the idea from earlier in the thread that ending at the Tesla HQ would be a perfect place to finish.

oildeathspiral | January 23, 2014

Enjoying your posts, hope you'll continue on the return trip.

triss1 | January 23, 2014

Congratulations, John and Jill. The rest of the trip should be routine. Enjoy it.

Brian H | January 24, 2014

Yeah, definitely repeat this on the return leg. Faskinatin'.
How 'bout a post or two from Jill?

Brian H | January 24, 2014

Plz make your entries as long and wordy and detailed as you can bear. You have no idea how much interest there is in these trips! Especially this one.