Headline: Tesla Model 3 delivery estimate is pushed to mid-2018 for NEW reservations

Headline: Tesla Model 3 delivery estimate is pushed to mid-2018 for NEW reservations

New orders for the Tesla Model 3 delivery estimate is pushed to mid-2018, unsure if this affect existing orders, in other words people who already placed an order.

akgolf | October 18, 2016

I don't think they know what they're talking about. New as in made today will ship mid to late 2018, nothing we didn't already know.

PhillyGal | October 18, 2016

Exactly. Elon said this out loud weeks (if not months) ago on a call or something.

dsvick | October 18, 2016

And water is wet ....

zanegler | October 18, 2016

Nothing to see here. The 400K~ existing orders are first and will take until mid-2018 to deliver. New orders come next. Website is just updated to reflect that reality.

leskchan | October 18, 2016

This is what happened when reporters misreport facts and others that spread the false news.

leskchan | October 18, 2016

This is what happened when reporters misreport facts and others that spread the false news.

leskchan | October 18, 2016


That meant you too by using a title "Headline: Tesla Model 3 delivery estimate is pushed to mid-2018 for new orders"

The title should have been "CNBC Misreported Model 3 Delivery Plan"

Red Sage ca us | October 18, 2016

I'll be blocking CNBC in my web browser now...

leskchan | October 18, 2016

Good idea!

What's worse is the CNBC update blames Tesla for the error.

"CLARIFICATION: This story was updated with Tesla saying that the new delivery date pertains to new reservations."

Tesla had the correct verbiage, it was that 'science" reporter that misread and misreported.

Octagondd | October 18, 2016

What I like about it is that 400,000 global Model ≡'s may be delivered by mid-2018 in order for new orders to take delivery by that time. I realize it says 'or later,' but it still sheds light on what they are shooting for as far as ramp up.

On a personal note, what I don't like about it is that my current lease goes until mid-2018 and I reserved Model ≡ mid-day on 3/31 in California which means I may need to return my lease early and pay some penalties.

KP in NPT | October 18, 2016

Idiots. yeah if you're #376,000 in line, you might have to wait until mid 2018. That should surprise no one.

Octagondd | October 18, 2016

I think many pessimists here assume mass production won't start until very late 2017 or early 2018 and that they wouldn't finish delivering the current queue until end of 2018 or early 2019. This is suggesting that as of today, Tesla still feels they are on pace to start mass production in mid-2017. It possibly means there could be a few thousand Model ≡'s produced in spring or early summer 2017 and delivered to Bay area employees and current Tesla owners.

I am all for updates that say they are still on target. It doesn't mean they will hit the target, but every projection that stays on course is good news to me.

akgolf | October 18, 2016

Me thinks Eagles wrote the article, its the type of misinformation he likes to push.

Linemanap | October 18, 2016

Sounds good to me didn't think I would be seeing my car until late 2018 now its like very early 2018

bj | October 18, 2016

@Linemanap - yes basically this is saying everyone who has reserved to date will get their car by the middle of 2018. That is exceptional news, it means Tesla is very confident on starting production mid next year and ramping up to hit 400k cars in 12 months. And the critics said it couldn't be done.

cars | October 18, 2016

What, even the RHD models made in the UK ordered to date?

Ross1 | October 19, 2016

Product announcement that most dont expect:

Model 3 to start shipping Jan 1. 2017.

JHB10 | October 19, 2016

I think you are optimistic.
If tesla can start producing 500k cars mid 2017, everyone on the list would get there car before mid 2018
100k model s&x + 400k model 3
Reality is they would only start ramping up production by mid 2017, and not be running flat out.
Meaning the last of the 400k would only be receiving their vehicles in 4th quarter 2018.
And RHD markets may even receive their vehicles after a US order placed today.

So new orders may be delivered by mid 2018, but non US orders already on the list might only receive their vehicles end 2018.
BTW, I am also waiting for a RHD model 3...

bj | October 19, 2016

@cars - yes, if my completely uninformed speculation is correct. Well not completely uninformed, but it's the logical conclusion. If Tesla is indicating mid 2018 for delivery of new reservations made today, with no caveats (i.e. not saying that is only for specific regions), then that implies they will deliver all the orders they currently have prior to then.

If however they are saying that is only for new orders in the USA, then that does change things a lot.

@JohanH.Botha - I like being optimistic. I guess you are in RSA?

leskchan | October 19, 2016

Tesla has already updated to "front-of-the-line" reservation holders that "delivery will begin late 2017". Back-of-the-line holders won't see the message.

Model 3 Reservation Page Updated

Of course the CNBC reporter doesn't have a reservation and made up stories to get attention.

Linemanap | October 19, 2016

@cars Elon has said in the past that he will look to maximize the US fed tax credit by hitting the 200k car sales mark at the beginning of a quarter. This could mean switching to rhd production for a month or more in order to get the timing right and ensure as many customers as possible can get the full 7500$ credit

bgbythsea | October 19, 2016

I was told at the Tesla showroom in San Francisco this week that the first vehicles off the line were going to employees, who would be more understanding during the work-out-the-bugs phase, then they would ramp up to start fulfilling the orders. It takes a long time to gear up production and build 400k cars, and I don't expect to see my Model 3 until late 2018. So I placed an order to lease a Model S in the meantime. It seemed the logical thing to do.

EaglesPDX | October 20, 2016

@bgbythsea " It takes a long time to gear up production and build 400k cars, and I don't expect to see my Model 3 until late 2018."

Especially now that standard build includes the self driving hardware and software and a 250+/- mile battery built in but disabled. It will add to engineering and production time.

I'm about 200,000 in the order line but I would not expect being offered delivery until late 2018.

And the fact that optioned out T3's get delivered first so the $60K maxed out T3's will always be at the front of the line pushing even those early in current 400,000 que to the back to the point that a the first $35K T3 will likely be looking at 2019 delivery.

akgolf | October 20, 2016

Just keep repeating the same lies and someone on this forum will believe you. Maybe then they'll buy the homely Dolt.

WormtownKris | October 20, 2016

Every day some more people will be purchasing loaded Model 3s, especially once they start seeing final reveals and then the actual production car on the road. So I guess poor Eagles and I with our non-loaded Model 3s will NEVER get our cars, since they will build every loaded-to-the-max Model 3 before they get to the poor masses. Poor us. Right Eagles? Race you to the Chevy dealer! LOL!

akgolf | October 20, 2016

And let's not forget if the Chevy dealers have a limited number of Dolts and they will, you won't be able to purchase at the base price. The competition between franchises that the dealers say will save you money will end up making the dealers money. I saw this in California back in 1978 when the Honda Accord was highly sought after. I paid $400 above list price and they didn't even want to look at a trade in. Every dealer had a list of customers, and I believe I waited six months to get my Honda.

In the case of the Dolt the initial numbers are so low, they shouldn't have any trouble pawning them off to Chevy fan boys at a premium.

dsvick | October 20, 2016

@Wormtown - Keep in mind that people will be configuring based on their region and when they placed their reservation, not everyone all at once. So if you configure your car with limited options it will get placed in the production queue and you'll be given a delivery estimate. Yes, that can change but they are not going to keep repeatedly moving your date as other people configure.

jordanrichard | October 20, 2016

At some point Tesla will have to abandon this "fully option cars first" approach. Just a quick recap of the roll out plan for the M≡. West coast, Midwest, East coast, so on and so forth. If they stuck to just delivering fully optioned cars, then they would never get to delivering to the Midwest because there will always be people on the west coast ordering fully optioned cars.

WormtownKris | October 20, 2016

dsvick: Yes. That was my point, stated sarcastically. Of course all the early reservations are already in some sort of queue. And we know they will go Employees, Freemont area, Cali, Regions West to East, and then abroad. There will also be some preference to existing owners. But at some (unknown) cutoff points, very early reservations, and also pre- Oct 18 reservations, will fall before a current Model X owner in Freemont, CA who orders a loaded Model 3 next month or next year. And there has never been any indication that "loaded" 3s will be built before "basic" 3s. That is all in the head of one poster based on the fact that several years ago a VERY production constrained young Tesla Motors started mass producing Model Ss grouped by selected options, most $$$ to least $$. That is not the case today. If any existing owner or "loaded" 3 order ever made went to the front of the line, they would never get around to non-loaded, or RWD cars. That was my sarcastic point.
The other misconception I keep seeing repeated here AND in media articles is that they won't be delivering cars until mid-2018. That, of course, is NEW orders. Which implies that Tesla fully expects to deliver EVERY one of the ~400,000 already ordered Model 3s by July of 2018. That would include $35k base models with no options, and driver-on-the-right cars for abroad.
Sorry if I confused you. We are on the same page! :)

SamO | October 20, 2016

They are delivering all the SDC hardware to the entry level and "loaded" so the order of delivery:

1. Tesla/SolarCity/SpaceX Employees - think Beta Testers for SDC

2. Gegraphy: closest to production/service in CA - Bay area or LA first?

3. Previous ownership of Tesla R/S/X

4. Place in line - 3/31/16 in the store, first. Then online orders.

So, I think an online order in CA will take precedence over a delivery to a SpaceX employee in Brownsville, TX.

Octagondd | October 20, 2016

dsvick - one minor correction. Configuring will occur based on date of reservation per the My Tesla page. Once you submit your configuration, how they make the production and delivery queue is the special sauce we don't know other than employees are first and current owners have priority in each region. Nobody knows what is meant by the term region since later in the reservation blog post he referred to RHD areas of the world as other regions, so it is possible that all of the US is a region. I think some believe the US is split into regions, but I am not so sure about that.