Hearing concerns about door alignment and overall manufacturing quality control at year-end?

Hearing concerns about door alignment and overall manufacturing quality control at year-end?

I have a P 90 on order and about to enter production. Super excited. Have probably watched over 100 YouTube videos both from Tesla and mostly from owners who have created some fantastic videos. I think I know more than the sales rep who sold me the car at this point.

In a number of the videos however there were comments posted below talking about quality control issues at Tesla manufacturing at the end of year, and specifically about Door alignment issues. And even pointing to some of the videos that even showed doors not aligned properly. For example the front door and the rear door height not being the same by at least 3/8 of an inch. Even visible in the video.

Any insight or concerns about this?

I will be taking delivery in less than a month and I was planning on pre-paying the day or so before delivery but now I'm thinking I will not prepay and I am wondering how much of a delivery day quality control walk around I should do. Just a bit nervous after seeing the comments about quality control.

Also wondering what happens if on delivery day I tell them I'm not going to except the vehicle because of quality control problems?

Silver2K | December 12, 2016

my dec 29th car driver door fell off! I wasn't concerned, because it was in the summer and I'm a UPS driver. we don't need no steenking doors!!

serious, some have had issues, but it's taken care of without question by Tesla service

Silver2K | December 12, 2016


tes-s | December 12, 2016

You do not have to accept the vehicle just because you pre-paid.

I have not seen even anecdotal evidence of correlation between alignment issues and when in the quarter/year a car was made. My belief is the factory is running at a constant speed - no rush at quarter-end. The rush is in getting the cars to the delivery location and delivered to customers.

Wprather | December 12, 2016

Thanks for the quick reply, I just got nervous seeing multiple comments about door alignment issues in these videos. And I could actually see them in the videos. Fingers crossed!

Silver2K | December 12, 2016

they have gotten much better is the best answer we can give you. the chrome trim can be an issue, but they do their best to fix those minor issues.

Bill_75D | December 12, 2016

Can't door alignment adjustments be made at the service center at delivery, or even after delivery? | December 12, 2016

I think most are actually talking about the chrome strip just below the window. I haven't heard of actual door alignment issues. Service can adjust the chrome strip if not aligned properly - it's just held on with adhesive and has nothing to do with the actual door alignment.

burdogg | December 12, 2016

Are you getting a P 90??? Or is it a 90D. I thought the only P's not where P100Ds? Just a little confused here :)

Wprather | December 12, 2016

Sorry my mistake, it's a 90 D.

burdogg | December 12, 2016

I figured - I was just curious :) I would hope that by this point, they have made a lot of these cars and they would have those woes all fixed by now.

Captain_Zap | December 12, 2016


Yes they can. Trim too.

mike_f | December 12, 2016

Just do not sign off for delivery until you have inspected the car at least for major issues. No need to spend 2 hours (yes that has happened), just make sure that it is the car you ordered and no major problems. After you get it home you can spend all the time you want looking for details, SC will take care of it with no problem. I have been through this four times now (five on Wednesday in Fremont) so I know the drill. Some of the Delivery associates will try to get you to rush through the paperword BEFORE you see the car, take your time and look at the car first.

Pungoteague_Dave | December 14, 2016

I don't think production issues are at all related to time of quarter. Our P85D was built in 12/14, rushed onto a truck, and delivered on 12/12/14. t was better constructed than our former S85, and had no fit or finish issues. Don;t expect paint quality up to luxury car standards, and you will be fine. As noted above, caveat emptor - so when they try to get you to sign the delivery papers before seeing the car, ask to go look at the car first, and be critical. They will prepare a 'due bill' listing any imperfections. Those items will be fixed to your satisfaction.

Haggy | December 14, 2016

I had the "door alignment" issue, which was actually a molding issue. It wasn't terrible, was noticeable and it didn't occur to me to make a big deal of it, but when I took the car in for something else, I asked them to fix it and they did. If things go wrong, they will fix them. Even things that a dealership would tell you isn't covered would be taken care of if the car came that way. For example, when I got my car, Tesla used different wipers from what they use now. I got my car in the middle of a drought. So it took a few months to notice that the wiper blades smeared. I told Tesla. They fixed it. While they had the car, they replaced the brake booster. Nothing was wrong with the one I had, but they switched to a better one, didn't put it on my car when it was built, so they upgraded me. They gave me a loaner, fixed everything, washed the car, drove it back to my home, took back the loaner, and nobody complained that wiper blades aren't covered by warranty. These days they aren't likely to drive the car home for you, but the rest of the service process should be top notch.

Mine was several years ago, and by all accounts quality has gotten better. I had my share of issues but nothing that affected my ability to use the car. Now everything is as good as new, or in some cases, better than new.

buickguy | December 14, 2016

Haggy's experience is my experience, too. In some cases my car is now better than new!

d.j.miller | March 12, 2019

New Model 3 in December. I am guessing that my issue is door alignment. The driver side door needs to be shut hard. When I shut it and go to drive the door ajar alarm goes off. But when I shut it when I am leaving the car the window may not go up. If I am not attentive the car will fill with the evening snow or get wet from the rain. I need to find time to get back to a service station to have it looked at.

SO | March 12, 2019

Make an appointment through the app. Maybe a mobile tech can fix it.