Heat from Sun causes Creaky Roof.

Heat from Sun causes Creaky Roof.

I took my car in to get the creaky roof fixed for the second time. They told me there are four places on the pano roof that expand causing metal to touch metal, but they reach only three of them. I picked my car up after a day of them working on it and it is true, one still creaks.

I am happy to wait until a proper fix occurs, but this cant be just me. If you live in the north where it is still cool you probably have not experienced this, but here in Texas it is now officially hot and Tesla needs to put this front and center.

PS Creaking does not happen at night if the car has been kept in the garage, only if sitting in the sun.

ddruz | April 26, 2013

@Shelmire, would you mind telling us where those four places are, what they did to fix the three and why they can't get to the fourth?

There have been multiple reports of creaky pano roofs. It appears to be a very widespread problem.

shop | April 26, 2013

FWIW, I've noticed that it seems to be sun heat related too.

rodf | April 27, 2013

I have a Lexus SC 430 convertible hardtop and had the exact same problem. The roof, when up, often creaks if the car was in the sun.

Shelmire | May 12, 2013

They seem to be burying this topic. I cannot be the only one

splitsec002 | May 12, 2013

I've had a creaky roof after about 3 weeks of delivery. Took to get fixed but after 1 week it came back. Now it's much worse. They know of the problem and they said they are using some shims now to hopefully fix the problem. My car will get ranger service around the 20th. I am also hearing creaky noises from passenger side dashboard or door. Not sure which. They said they will take a look at that too.

Seraph | May 12, 2013

I also have a creaky roof. I have found it is louder if the sunroof has been vented and closed or the car has risen to an internal temperature higher than 110 F. I have had the car since December and am waiting for a "permanent" fix.

wheatcraft | May 12, 2013

This topic is not "buried" and has been discussed at length. Use to do a search on "creaking pano roof", or the like.

My P85 has it too; taking it in to be fixed on May 22 (I live in Reno, taking it to Fremont). I have been told that the fix is permanent, but there is obvious evidence from the posts to this topic that at least some people are experiencing a recurrence, especially as the weather gets hot.

If I get any more "hard" information when I take it in, I will let everyone know.

eelton | May 12, 2013

I have the creaking sunroof problem. I was thinking of taking the car in for this and a couple of other minor things, but maybe it's not worth it if there's no good fix.

JohnFloyd | May 12, 2013

I have this on my car and the service center here in Austin worked on it for a couple days, ultimately saying yesterday they think they have it licked. They were working closely with the folks in Fremont and documenting everything they were doing, know it is an issue, and are working on getting it resolved for everyone. It's a work in progress though.

Pungoteague_Dave | May 12, 2013

There is now a standard fitment kit that every service tech should know about. Mine was terrible after delivery, but was fixed a couple weeks ago in my garage by a ranger, no more issues.

mcallaghan | May 12, 2013

I had the same problem with the roof after a few weeks of warmer weather in Chicago. The service center told me that they lubricated several points in the roof problems since the fix.

Pbfoot | May 12, 2013

I had mine worked on for this problem a few days ago, it went away but came back today after I vented the roof (had also opened it a few times over past few days). It was warmer today so that could have been it. They had said they replaced a part but clearly it's possible to get relapses. Will see if it is still creaky tomorrow morning when it is cooler.

Shelmire | May 14, 2013

Maybe it is not as hot where you are as it is in Texas. Mine is still creaking and I will need to take it in for a third time.

jinglehyme | May 14, 2013

I'm supposedly having the fitment kit installed and should have the car back tomorrow. I'll report back. I'm in SOCAL plenty of heat here. I've had the creaking since day one.

tomtta | May 14, 2013

I'll be taking mine in for the 3rd time next week. I originally brought it in for a loud popping noise every time the body seemed to flex (1 tire going over a speed bump, pothole, etc).

The first time they lubricated the roof. My car was in the shop for 4 days. Second time they removed the entire roof to do some work on the support beam - which I was told could only be worked on after the roof was off- eventually I was told they needed to rebuild the support beam entirely to fix the issue. It was in the shop for 8 days.

The loud popping has now been replaced by a regular creaking and ticking from the front and driver side of the roof that wasn't there before. It all definitely seemes to be worse when its hot outside.

I'll update once I get it back!

KendallPB | July 20, 2013

I'm glad to find this old thread. I'd only noticed a creak once or twice before, and hoped it was a fluke. But with temps in the 90s the past week, I've noticed it almost every day. I figured it must be heat related, and sure enough, I found this thread!

Thanks--how'd y'all know, two+ months ago, that I would need this info? ;-) Time to contact my local Service Center. It's not a huge big deal (car runs great, etc.), but I would like it fixed.

AmpedRealtor | July 20, 2013

SO who has had their issues resolved?

jjs | July 20, 2013

Fixed by Heather from the MPLS service center a week ago. Back to library quiet.

jinglehyme | July 21, 2013

My Pano Roof Saga -

When I picked up my care from the service center in Los Angeles after the first attempt to fix the sunroof I noticed a large scuff on the side of steering wheel - (I'm reminded of it every time I drive the car.) The plastic/rubber gasket that is exposed on the roof of the car was also gouged and damaged when the tech tried the stop the creaks and rattles.

The rattles and creaks returned soon after.

The second time I brought it in, they had the car for over a week. When I got it back, there were grease stains on the rear seat and new marks here and there. They replaced the entire gasket on the roof - it was sent to a body shop for this procedure. There were numbers written on the glass with some sort of grease pencil that I could not get to come off, I had to take it to a detail shop to have them removed.

Now, a few months later, the rattles and creaks are for the most part gone. The pano roof still creaks when in the venting position. Seems hopeless.

jinglehyme | July 21, 2013

And oh - one of the plastic pieces that covers the mounting points has now fallen off. I'll be taking it in soon for the 12K and hope to have it all looked at. Again.

Brian H | July 21, 2013

You sound like one of the cases Jerome will/should be following closely.

Brant | July 21, 2013

My pano doesn't "creek"; more like a tap or a snap. Thought it was a rear seatbelt buckle hitting the rear window at first. Occurs at any temperature and goes away if I vent/open the roof. I've had it in to Fremont twice but it persists to this day. Maybe 3rd time will be a charm.
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