Heated steering wheel not working, 2017 MS, winter package

Heated steering wheel not working, 2017 MS, winter package

This came preinstalled when the first owner bought the car, I am the second owner and never thought to ask him about the heated steering wheel. Does the custom steering wheel not work with the heating option? I've never felt it get warm at all. I've rented a 2017 MS before and the heated wheel was really nice...but my own doesn't heat.

My steering wheel looks like this one (I googled "tesla carbon fiber steering wheel"):

So am I just out of luck because I have the pretty steering wheel? Or is it broken and I should be asking service to repair it?


murphyS90D | February 9, 2019

Tesla service is not going to work on let alone repair a Tsportline after market steering wheel. Contact Tsportline and ask them if their steering wheel has heating elements built into it.

ben | February 9, 2019

There is my looks like that from the picture, but the first owner said since they have purchased 6 Tesla vehicles (and they sold this to make room for the new Roaster they ordered), this was a custom option offered to them when they bought the car. Its a maxed out P100D with every option...including this custom fiber glass steering wheel. Are you sure Tesla didn't offer this for some special customers? They said it was a 2000€ addon option when they purchased the car.

I only linked to that picture as I couldn't find a way to add a picture attachment here in the forum.

redacted | February 9, 2019

I've never heard of a custom steering wheel from Tesla. I'd think your seller had a memory lapse.

By the way, has he got a sister?

DRFLGD | February 9, 2019

Ask service to repair it. It should still be under warranty.

ben | February 10, 2019

Well...murphy, you're right. I finally reached the original owner and they confirmed it was aftermarket and not put in by tesla...which definitely contradicts what they told me when I was purchasing, but whatever. And they confirmed the heating aspect is not compatible with the third party steering wheel.

So that explains why its not getting warm, and its not going to. :(

Boonedocks | February 10, 2019

At least you “have the pretty steering wheel”. Lol

DRFLGD | February 10, 2019

Go back to the ugly steering wheel. At least it gets warm.

sr.smr | February 15, 2019

I'd change the steering wheel since it sounds like it is an important option for you. I love the comfort it provides for my hands on cold days and would never buy a car without it. In fact it was one of the first questions I asked when looking at a Model 3. Surprisingly, It does not have the feature.