Heated windshield

Heated windshield

I must say that one thing about my previous car - Ford Focus Ethanol - made me particularly happy: heated windshield.
In Sweden during 5 months of Winter half the population are standing with ice scrapers every morning, scraping and cursing away.
I just turned on the car, activated the windshield and drove away after about 1 minute. The ice melts where it had contact with the glass, and, after a very little time, could just be wiped away in big blocks. This is much more energy-conserving than putting the A/C on full blast.

The Tesla windshield with the Cold Package does heat up, but only the very bottom, where the wipers are.

What about the rest, Tesla???


NKYTA | October 25, 2013

That would be really nice for cold climes. I bet we see a software update to the phone app before heated windshields. Turn on the defrost 10 minutes before departure - Robert, if you are connected to your plethora of green power at the time, so much the better!

robert | October 25, 2013

Ah well, you see, Winter is the time when we hardly see the sun at all in my neck of the woods - therefore very limited solar power.

Anyway, at home this is a non-issue - I park it in my heated garage. But at work I don't have one and there I will be scraping and scraping...

I don't think my 1995 Nokia is app-friendly...


Roamer@AZ USA | October 25, 2013


I thought I told you to get a smarter phone. How can you pass on having all the worlds knowledge in the palm of your hand. AND you can post here using your smart phone while you wait for you windshield to defrost (:-)).

robert | October 26, 2013

You ALMOST convinced me. Keep pushing. :-)))


Brian H | October 26, 2013

Would you deprive robert of the bulk of the cardiac exercise he gets in the winter? Do you want him to die soon and fat?

robert | October 26, 2013

6"2 and less than 200 pounds, at least half an hour of hard table tennis daily - still got way to go before hitting the US average...(no offence intended).


Now off to Finland - breathe out - you're all rid of me until Monday. Enjoy that and the rest of the week-end. Can't wait to see the green face of my brother after having driven the loaner.

thranx | October 26, 2013

@Robert; how much would you pay for a replacement windshield that could be heated?

Now, how much to pay for a phone that can efficiently use the car app to turn on the heat?

Which is cheaper?

daoops | October 26, 2013

Got to say that I agree with Robert, must have been over 10 years ago I saw a ford focus with heated windshield an I thought it would be standard in all cars. Great against both cold and fog on the windshield. At that time it was around $1300 I think as an option, easily worth it if you live in cold areas.

J.T. | October 27, 2013

@thranx I'm not sure Robert has enough time in his day to own an IPhone. Just imagine how many hours he'd spend on the IPhone forum finding out why his battery doesn't make it through the day on a full charge. :-)

David Trushin | October 27, 2013

I suspect there is a reason why front windshields are typically not heated but rear ones are. I would guess that it is related to the damage rate on front windshields being higher yhan rear, cost of replacement and insurance rates. Anyway, the defroster should do just fine. It would be great if they put that in the app.

robert | October 28, 2013

Got an answer from Tesla HQ. No, not planned.



ebullio | October 28, 2013

You can pre heat the car, that would defrost the windshield, or am i missing something?

DickB | October 28, 2013

Running "VisibleTesla" on you computer will turn on or off your heat or anything else you want. Your computer must be on for it to work.