Hello Everybody new to the forum and have questions.

Hello Everybody new to the forum and have questions.

I was one of those people who procrastinated over making a purchase or not 6 months ago. I wasn't worried about missing the the Fed tax rebate. I don't qualify! and it actually helped me in the beginning of the year. Got 2,000 off the sticker thanks to Elon changing pricing and finance rates to 3.75 on Jan 2nd. I went to showroom and purchased a 2019 build Model S 75D Grey metallic Paint, Grey metallic wheel upgrade, black interior, No advanced auto pilot.

I received confirmation on January 7, that the car is scheduled for production and received my Vin. I got a call from Tesla inside delivery advisor to set up paperwork,insurance, registration, etc.

I was thinking of trading my vehicle, they offered 15,000 and it's only off by about 1,800, with the tax break it's just a few bucks profit but no hassle selling it myself. now here is then it gets tricky..

When I placed order, The web said January delivery, the sales rep says 1 1/2 to 2 months delivery, the paperwork guy says hell let me know when I get a vin. (I already have it, but he can't see that?)
and lastly the internet only references the Model 3.
I've looked on the net for answers but they are very mixed and contradicting answers.

And yes, I test drove it with intentions to buying the top end model on that day I came in for the test drive. After the Model S test drive, It was clearly a very easy decision. Although the model 3 is very teched out for the X generation, to me it felt like I was in a futuristic Golf cart with a ipad attached that goes real fast, summary after the test drive, it's a cute toy.
The model S on the other hand actually felt like a real modern gentleman's car with plenty of room, style, comfort, power and still had more options and tech features than the model 3. Just my 2 cents. So that's why I purchased the S vs the 3. Just my 2 cents. lol!

Does anybody have any credible insight of when I can expect delivery too NYC?

Does anybody have or just recently made a purchases so I can compare delivery times?

Does anybody have any Tesla trade in knowledge to share?

Did you get a customary dealer gift at the delivery of your new vehicle?

Any insight will help.

Thank you all in advance and I look forward to swapping stories and experiences with you guys in the near very future.

PBEndo | January 11, 2019

Don't expect a customary dealer gift. That's all I can help with.

TranzNDance | January 11, 2019

I got a fob cover for each fob, back in 2017

cfishkin01 | January 11, 2019

Trade it in. It will lower the price of the car and you will pay less NYS sales tax.

murphyS90D | January 12, 2019

If the car is shipped by truck to NYC it will take at least a week to cross the country.
If the car is shipped by train it will take at least two weeks to cross the country mainly because it has to be transferred from Union Pacific to CSX at the Chicago interchange yard.

FreddyC10 | January 12, 2019

Take your trade in to CarMax and see what they will offer. Tesla will match it. CarMax was $1000 more than Tesla for me.

prust | January 12, 2019

Tesla tends to produce cars to maximize delivery each quarter. At the start of the quarter they produce cars bound for Europe because they have the longest journey. They then focus on Asia and lastly North America. Since you ordered right at the start of the quarter you will probably see delivery end of February for CA and sometime in March for East Coast. That was my experience when I ordered. The dates on the website are not realistic. Sales reps do not seem to have any insight into what happens at the factory either.

thranx | January 12, 2019

1) In July 2016 I traded in my 2013 60 for a 2016 75D. When my new car was ready, I drove to my local Tesla showroom, dropped off the 60, picked up the fobs for the 75D, and drove home. Did it cost me a few bucks? Probably. But the complete ease of the transaction and utter lack of hassle was worth it to me.

2) Gifts. I got a Tesla pen. I did not purchase a $100,000 car in the expectation of receiving a goodie bag.

dborn | January 12, 2019

I received my car at the Australian launch ceremony in December 2014. Things have since changed dramatically but I got a bundle of gifts spread out over a month or two, starting with a bottle of champagne and subsequently various key fob covers and including the current “teslakini “ cover which is my favourite. Also included pens at various times and one of the latest includes a stylus tip for my iPad. Good pen! Ymmv.

mir | January 15, 2019

I had a similar question and saw this thread. I ordered on the last day for the 75d (1/13) and obviously a January estimate. This seemed unrealistic to me. Has anyone here received their vehicle within 2 weeks? I live about 30 minutes from Fremont.
Side note: I received confirmation and Vin today (1/15)

talels | January 16, 2019

I wouldn't expect a dealer gift. I had my car delivered in September 2018, and there was no gift. The delivery date was about 1-2 weeks later than what the website estimated at the time of placing my order.

S75RedRidingHood | January 16, 2019

With 5 minute delivery scheduling, I would not expect any gift at delivery now. In 2016 Tesla gave out swag bag at delivery, I got a baseball cap which I already lost, a coffee mug which I already broke, but my model S is still working like the day I got delivered. :)