Hello guys, first post to ask a question and share information.

Hello guys, first post to ask a question and share information.

Good day to all,
I am the proud owner of a 2015 MS 70D, the car is great and Tesla has also been great servicing the car. Yesterday I noticed a few noticeable bubbles on the top of my display. I know that this issue has come up before to quite a few owners, and that Tesla was/is replacing displays to remedy it. Here is where my experience has been different from others ( at least to my knowledge) Tesla said that the bubbles are a common issue, and that a new part is coming in early June to take care of it. He told me that they could replace the front screen but most likely the issue would return down the road and to wait for the new part coming out in June. Thoughts? My warranty expires at the end of July. I’d appreciate any guidance or perhaps any feedback from someone familiar with the new part coming in June to fix this. Thanks for reading.

evaandmarty | April 15, 2019

Even if your Mcu arrives in September Tesla will not screw you .Tesla is rather well known to always do the right thing just show patience to them.

GEMs | April 15, 2019

KNOWN ISSUE. When I had mine replaced in October and it went bad within a few months their response was engineers were involved and trying to solve the issue. It might take a while but solution will be found...I hope.
In the mean time no use in getting screen fixed until a fix is engineered.

antonio.varillas | April 15, 2019

Thanks for the replies, anyone aware of a new part or something related coming in early June? I am sure that they will take care of the issue, just curious if it is actually a whole screen replacement, MCU or applying a different type of seal, as I’ve read the problem is the adhesive leaking onto the screen. Thanks

drewjet | April 17, 2019

I have the same exact problem. Tesla told me the same thing, except they told me it would be August. They told me because I documented it prior to the warranty expiration, it would be covered.

p.c.mcavoy | April 17, 2019

antonio.varillas - Many owners have posted info since about first of the year that Tesla was starting to not replace the MCU screen due to an updated version being in the works, typically saying that would be available around middle of the year. Screens the past couple years (production since end of 2016) have not been an issue of bubbles that were common on earlier screens, but due to a yellowing border that shows up around the edge of the screen.

As for your warranty running out, provided you make sure you have it documented that it was an issue prior to your warranty expiring, and Tesla acknowledges that, you should be ok. If you are concerned, I would talk with your service center about this and request they document this for you if not already done on your last service invoice. | April 17, 2019

p.c.mcavoy - covered it well. I'll only add the bubbles don't affect operation - only a bit ugly. There is a fluid layer on top of the LCD to improve viewing angle. If the seal breaks, air gets in to this layer. I'd guess about 5-10% of the old displays develop this problem over 2-4 years (had it in my first S). The bubbles will very slowly grow in quantity and size.

Chunky Jr. | April 17, 2019

This has happened to me as well. In fact, I've gone through 3 different MCUs for various reasons and now on my 4th

Chunky Jr. | April 17, 2019

BTW - I have a 2013 P85

antonio.varillas | April 21, 2019

Thanks for the comments guys and happy easter by the way to those that celebrate. So any idea as to what the permanent fix will be? are we getting a new screen? new sealant? anyone knows? thanks guys! | April 21, 2019

New screen is in the works by the screen manufacturer (likely LG is the supplier). I'm sure Tesla wants to do some accelerated long term testing before rolling it out to be sure LG's solution works.