Help with Model X for Wedding Car

Help with Model X for Wedding Car

Hey everyone! I usually stick to the Model 3 pages, but today i'm seeking something different.. I met with another forum member last weekend to check out their new Model 3 and its really shown how helpful and generous people on this forum can be, which got me thinking..

My fiance and I are getting married in January. I've been looking on Toro to rent a Model X, but most people want it booked out for multiple days and the driver to be over 30 (which I totally understand). Since I will more than likely be in no shape to drive off from my wedding anyway, I was hoping to see if any owners in my area (Daytona Beach, FL) would let me pay them to drive us off from the venue?

I should have my M3 by then, but still think it would be so much cooler to leave in an X.

Still a long way from the date, but were getting excited and I wanted to see if there is any interest or better ideas :)

johnse | April 9, 2018

You might look to see if there is an Uber or Lyft Model X in your area. I know there is at least one in Seattle. I think both Uber and Lyft have upscale categories into which the X fits. If there is one there, you could hire them for the ride.

pjalan | April 9, 2018

@johnse what is a reliable way to find contact info for a MX Uber or Lyft driver?

johnse | April 9, 2018

I ma not sure on that. I met the one here in Seattle because he had his Model X also listed on Turo. I was looking at a longer rental and contacted him via Turo. That’s when I found out he purchased the X specifically because it met the requirements for Uber X (I think that’s the name) and Lyft’s equivalent service. He’s paying for his X via ride sharing.

I’ve never used either the Uber or Lyft services, so I’m not sure how to contact a specific driver.

I’ll email the guy here in Seattle and see if he has any ideas.

johnse | April 10, 2018

I contacted the guy here in Seattle. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be a way to contact a specific driver/car via those services.

jamespompi | April 10, 2018


Rumi11 | April 10, 2018

Congratulations! An X would DEFINITELY be the way to leave with an impression. Post pics if you do!

burdogg | April 10, 2018

Might want to change your title a little to reflect, I almost didn't pop in here :)

Something maybe, like, Need help with Wedding and Model X.

That shows you are searching for help and most of us want to help, so would at least take a look at reading what you need help with.

If you were doing this near me, and it worked with my schedule, I would do it :)

Tropopause | April 10, 2018

How about Brooks from DragTimes? He'll give you a quick getaway.

jamespompi | April 12, 2018

@Burdogg thanks, i'll change the title up.

jamespompi | April 12, 2018

@Tropopause Hes about 3 hours away from me, but his videos are awesome!

pjalan | April 13, 2018

@james have you looked into some friend or family member over 30 book the MX on Turo for you. Incase you don’t find a Uber/ Lyft or owner locally available to help?

jamespompi | April 13, 2018

Pjalan There’s one on turo pretty close to me for 200 a day, which I feel is pretty fair for a car priced as high as an X. So I was going to message him to see if he’d waive that age requirement if I got additional coverage or maybe if I explained to him I’m a reservation holder he’d let it slide :)

lominov | September 30, 2018

For myself at the wedding, I first I rented a cabrio in the company Hertz through the service
Then friends gave me the contact of the person who gave his x lease on the day. I paid $ 200 for this.
Great car. I dream to buy this one.

raffidesigns | October 1, 2018

I’m no Uber or lyft, but I do have a soft spot for newlyweds. In all honestly, I’d be more then happy to help your dream of driving of in a Model X come true. I don’t live in FL though.

bonhari03 | October 4, 2018

If you switch your locale to SoCal, I’ll drive you!