Help needed

Help needed


Suddenly the door chime, seatbelt chime, and park distance chimes have gotten much louder than normal. Is there some way to adjust it? Did I accidentally change a setting I didn't know of?
Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated

Tâm | September 15, 2013

There's only volume to the stereo and GPS. Otherwise, I can't find volume for the rest like turn lights and others.

Could it be that you are now used to the quietness, so the chimes seem to be more noticeable?

CalabasasKid | September 15, 2013

Thks Tam

No, I'm plenty accustomed to all of the car's subtleties. The chime volume has merely increased dramatically overnight. I even hear a slight reverb in the speaker as a result. I might have to take it into the SC to look at which will get added to my punch list

Captain_Zap | September 15, 2013

You might just call OE first to see if they have recieved any other inquiries about it.

There may have been an adjustment to the sounds since they are still working on optimizing the 5.0 firmware version. (I'm assuming you have 5.0 since you have parking sensors.) If there is a few inquiries about, it they might just send out a silent fix or adjustment. It could be a bug or they might be just tweaking it because of the newness of the parking sensors.

They are very receptive and responsive to feedback, especially when it comes to newly released features that are starting to get exposed to real world conditions and situations.

CalabasasKid | September 15, 2013

I'll just take it up with them when I bring it in for service. I have my own little list for them to take care of including the 65 MPH hum and some tire issues.

Brian H | September 16, 2013

Some complained the Parking audio feedback was too quiet, and was more important than the visual display. Maybe a wee OTA update went too far?