Help With Tires

Help With Tires

I recently had my Tesla service center replace four original Goodyear tires with new Goodyears, specifying that I wanted tires with the "Sound Comfort Technology." My ride quality has degraded from glassy smooth to rough and bumpy. I suspect that the new tires do not have the sound tech. Can anyone confirm that the OEM Goodyear tires on a Model S 90D manufactured in March of 2017 had the "Sound Comfort Technology?" Thanks.

Bighorn | February 20, 2019

You may have a balance issue. No way you could feel the foam unless it had come loose and is banging around inside. Mostly a sales gimmick with no impact on ride quality.

lucas11 | February 20, 2019

Maybe so, but I'd still like an answer to the question.

hiimphilll | February 20, 2019

foam sound damping shouldn't impact ride quality. in theory. what is your cold inflation pressure? Try lowering tire pressure to 43-45psi all around. as well... try turning range mode off.. the PD rides great with range mode off 8)

hiimphilll | February 20, 2019


MilesMD88 | February 20, 2019

@Lucas..How many miles have you put on your new tires?
I don’t have any insight to your question, just a story. My wife’s 2000 Buick Regal GS came OEM with Goodyear Eagles and they started out very smooth & quiet. After a few thousand miles, they were rough, & noisy, basically shot.
Looked at Tire Rack reviews & buyers came to the same conclusion. Swore I would never buy Goodyear’s...
On a positive note, don’t recall any forum complaints about the Goodyear’s. I didn’t know Tesla switched from the Michelin Primacy as the OEM tire.

RAR | February 21, 2019

My S90D was manufactured in December 2016. It has the Goodyear Eagles with foam. I recently had my two year service (Jacksonville FL) and new tires are suggested fairly soon. They said new Goodyears from them would have the foam.

acegreat1 | February 21, 2019

Man I love the Michelin primacy tires that came with my model s. I just swapped out (75 thousand miles on them) to the 21in arachnids (referral prize).

wlhnlh | February 21, 2019

My March 2017 Model S 75D build did in fact have the 'Sound Comfort Technology.' For what it is worth; I switched to Michelin Pilot SuperSports with no insulation, but have not had a chance to determine ride quality as I still have my winter tires and rims installed. My current winter set-up does not have the foam either and I did not discern any noticeable difference.
My suspicion would be a bad balance, defective tire, or something going wrong with suspension.
Good Luck.

AERODYNE | February 21, 2019

Acegreat +1. Good deal on Tire Rack

jbrain | February 21, 2019

In August 2017 we purchased a MS100D, manufactured in March 2017. It came with the Goodyear Eagles. Those tires wore out in less than 30,000 miles. We had them replaced with Michelin Pilot Super Sports which had given us 45,000 miles on our previous 2014 MS85. (This car came with Michelin Primacy which gave us 44,000 mile. I liked the Michelin brand) I told the tire shop that I didn't care for the sound dampening foam of the Goodyear's because it rendered my Tesla goo pump useless. The goo pump and a supply of plugs is my emergency tire repair kit when no road service can be contacted.
This tire shop didn't notice that the Michelin Pilot super sports they installed on the MS100D did indeed have the sound dampening foam until I asked them to repair one for a nail puncture in the middle of the tread area. They told me that they couldn't repair these tires with the foam. A repair usually done with a plug. And that the tire needed to be replaced. That meant at least two new tires since this car is all wheel drive.
Two new tires for a nail puncture! Something's wrong here. I am a long time customer at this tire shop and they promptly swapped out all four tires with some Continentals with no foam.

From all three brands, I have not noticed any extra road noise, or bumpiness. I think the noise dampening foam is purely a marketing thing.
I suspect @lucas' ride and noise problems are a result of suggestions made by other posters on this thread. Like: improper balancing, loose/defective foam, suspension in need of repair.

BTW, the correct tire for the MS100D is 45psi cold, posted on the drivers door post.

I have made similar remarks about the foam in Goodyear and Michelin tires on previous threads of this forum.

In those threads there was some disagreement as to whether or not a simple nail puncture in the tread area of the tires with the foam could be repaired with a plug.

I still opted for no foam.

bish | February 21, 2019

SoundComfort tires have a logo on the side wall.

lucas11 | February 21, 2019

I appreciate the input/advice. I'm taking it back to the service center for evaluation next week. The car rides like a stiff-sprung sports car transmitting every bump in the road into the cabin.

NRGrin | February 22, 2019

@Muddy: I have a 2018 MS 100D that just had a nail hole too. Costco tire center cut out a very small piece of foam and plugged the tire. Went ahead and balanced and rotated all 4 while they were at it. $32 total.

MilesMD88 | February 22, 2019

@NR....Cool! Kudos to common sense!

rm760 | February 23, 2019

I have the Michelin with the sound dampener foam on a MS P100D with21 inch twin turbine rims. Very happy with the sound levels.

bish | February 23, 2019

What are your tire pressures? As others have stated, over inflated tires will result in the ride quality that you describe.

ColonyGolfer | February 25, 2019

Muddy, you should not quote pressure to others unless you include your tire/wheel size...I recommend to all to not go with 21" wheels unless it is a pure macho trip for you. Continentals, Hankook, then Michelins 21" gave me a total of 42,000 miles. Paid $1200 to go to 19" Tesla new wheels and Michelins...smoother, quieter, and hopefully longer life for my 2012 MS Sig with air susp.

bish | March 4, 2019

Lucas------ what was the cause of your ride quality degradation?

A-Wimoweh | March 5, 2019

I suspect run flats were installed?

lucas11 | March 11, 2019

Update: Took the car into the Palm Springs SC and three different technicians test drove it. All three claimed they could detect no problem with the ride quality. I'm calling BS on this with the guess that they simply don't want to deal with it. Next step is to take it to a Goodyear dealer and get the definitive answer about what kind of tires they sold me.

bish - tire pressure always 45psi

bish | March 29, 2019

Lucas----- any news from your Goodyear visit? A-Wimoweh makes a good observation. You might have run flat tires