Help! Which paint option should I choose for my MS?

Help! Which paint option should I choose for my MS?

I can't seem to choose what color I want for my Model S.

My top choices are Blue and Pearl White.
The fact that the Blue can look like both black and blue really intrigues me.
After seeing Pearl White in person, I really like its appearance when the sun shines on it.

If you own a Blue or Pearl White MS, i'd really appreciate if you comment about how often you have to wash your car and about how easily the dirt shows on the car.
I don't like washing my car often so I want to choose the color with less maintenance.

In your opinion, which looks better, Blue or Pearl White?
Note: I chose the tan interior and contrasting pano roof.


johncrab | July 25, 2014

It depends on the color of the dirt where you live but I have had white cars forever in the desert and it's not a big deal. It hides the light tan desert dirt well. Also as a suggestion, buy a bottle of Griot's Car Wash and some microfiber towels and a car duster. You can lean a lightly soiled car in about five minutes in your garage without getting out a hose and other stuff. Just lift the grit with the duster first or blow it off with your air compressor.

socalsam | July 25, 2014

if you don't want to wash your cars often, don't buy blue. White is the only way to go.

Bobrrr | July 25, 2014


Billah | July 25, 2014

@johncrab Thanks for the cleaning advice. I live in California and my car mostly just gets dusty because I drive to chico many times a month.

MacDaddyDude | July 25, 2014

When we were looking, we had narrowed to a couple colors. We asked someone at the drive event who was at the service center for an experienced opinion of which colors were "better." "Black has a reputation for hard to clean, and it is, but I hate to prep a blue for delivery." It is more challenging to keep clean so we went with our other option.

melfont | July 25, 2014

With the tan interior and pano roof you can't go wrong with MC red!!!

George with SacEV | July 26, 2014

Did you ask strangers which woman you should marry? (Assuming the sterotypical male perspective)

P85D | July 26, 2014

MC White with black interior. Also when you go to sell it those choices will help with resale.

jordanrichard | July 26, 2014

I have the Blue/Tan combination and get compliments all the time. Yes it shows the dust and dirt easily, but so would any dark color. However it looks gorgeous when the sun hits it because of an almost shifting paint affect.

njelectric | July 26, 2014

I have had blue cars and a white car. Blue is an awesome color especially on the Tesla. There was another thread here last week though about how difficult blue is to keep clean. I would have gotten the blue but I am too old now to wash the car more than once a week so I got silver. You should take the white if you want the car to look good most of the time but do not want to wash it.