Homelink Programming for Distant Locations

Homelink Programming for Distant Locations

Does anyone know if all the Homelink buttons need to be programmed within close proximity of each other? I had no problem programming Homelink for my garage door while parked in my driveway. However, my gate is a little over half a mile from my home. I've driven down to the gate multiple times to program it into the Homelink, but the programming never works. If I park in my driveway and try to program Homelink with my gate remote, it programs in a snap.

I would be okay with this, but with the 4.0 update, it would be nice to have the Homelink menu automatically drop down as I approach the gate. I had assumed it programmed the GPS coordinates as you program Homelink, but it doesn't know the GPS coordinates of the gate if I'm programming it from my driveway.

Anyone else able to program Homelink for multiple distant locations?

zack5 | December 27, 2012

My circumstance is more modest, but equally puzzling. Gate is 150 feet or so from the garage. Followed the HomeLink steps and after many attempts, got the garage and the gate (separate remotes) to work.

That was yesterday. Today -- neither worked. Any HomeLink full-proof suggestions?